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The Best Wine Candles in 2021

The Best Wine Candles in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
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A wine candle is a perfect way to get the mood for a night of vino fun or to simply indulge your senses without risk of a hang-over. There are many wine-inspired scents available: from dark and earthy to sweet and floral. Just like wine varieties, there is a wine candle match for every taste.

To help you determine what candles are worth spending your money on, we’ve made a list of our Top 5 picks – all available online. Though each has its own unique appeal, all the candles in this review are rated highly for their scents, quality, and decorative charm.

Find out more about our favorite wine candles below and gift yourself, or the wine lover in your life, with one of these quality options…



Our Top Wine Candle Picks

Rewined Pinot Noir Signature Candle

Rewined Pinot Noir Signature Candle
  • Fig, earth tones, leather, cranberry, violet
The Rewined Pinot Noir Signature Candle is a delicious choice for fans of this popular red variety. The Pinot Noir-mimicked scent has notes of fig, earth tones, leather, cranberry, and violet. Combined, these create an indulgent aroma that perfectly compliments any dinner party or just a lazy date night on the sofa.

The Pinot Noir Signature Candle by Rewinded is made of natural soy wax and has a 11oz content. This translates in an approximate burn time of up to 80 hours: offering plenty of luxurious enjoyment from your purchase. We love that the candle comes in a glass casing, similar to a wine bottle with the top cut off. The green glass adds a beautiful glow to your decor when the flame is lit.

Please note that the manufacturer does mention that the top edge of the glass may be sharp/have sharp edges, so be careful when handling the candle.

The Pinot Noir Signature Candle by Rewined is also a great gift idea for your wine-loving friends, and – though slightly pricey – is definitely worth the indulgence if you ask us!



Wine bottle-style encasing

Long burn time


Glass container might have sharp edges

Slightly pricey




Rescued Wine Cabernet Candle

The Rescued Wine Cabernet Candle is one of our personal favorites. This candle doesn’t just smell amazing, but you’re also doing a good deed by buying this candle. Why? Two reasons: firstly, each candle comes in a repurposed, recycled wine bottle (minus the neck). Secondly, a portion of the proceeds of sales is donated to Animal Rescue Groups.

So, by indulging yourself – or a loved one – with this great gift idea, you’re helping the environment, animals, AND your own decor. It’s a win-win situation. That said, the candle itself is already enough reason to splurge. Made of 100% soy wax, it burns beautifully and emits a delicate Cabernet-inspired aroma.  

The blend contains notes of dark chocolate and sweet cherries, with a rich finish of herbs. Or, to put it simply: it smells luxurious and enticing. But, if you like ‘lighter’ scents, this long-lingering Rescued Wine Cabernet Candle might be a bit heavy on your senses.

The Rescued Wine Cabernet Candle has an 11oz content and an approximate burn time of up to 80 hours. We love that no candle looks completely identical, as all are cut by hand and repurposed from existing bottles – meaning you’ll truly receive a one-of-a-kind design. The brand also offers other wine-inspired scents, including Pinot Grigio, so if Cabernet is not your thing, do check out the entire Rescued Wine assortment!



Repurposed, recycled wine bottle container

Part of proceeds go to charity


Glass container may have sharp edges




Deco Glow Merlot Wine Candle

The Deco Glow Merlot Wine Candle lets you savor the delicious taste of Merlot, without taking a sip. This fancy soy blended candle emits a delicate bouquet of floral touches enhanced by fruity aromas, luscious and feminine!

The Deco Glow Merlot Wine Candle comes in a green glass container that mimics the bottom of a wine bottle. Its Merlot-inspired scent opens with smooth notes of blueberry and grape, blended with floral raspberry blossom and rose, finished by subtle notes of vanilla.

The candle has an 8oz content and an approximate burn time of 40 hours. We love the vintage-looking label on the glass, which adds an extra decorative touch to this already appealing candle.

An original gift to yourself, or a wine enthusiast in your life, the Deco Glow Merlot Wine Candle is an affordable choice to spruce up your decor, and set the mood for a night of wine indulgence! Other wine-inspired scents that are available by Deco Glow include Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Champagne.



Decorative wine bottle-style container

Vintage label


We wish it had been larger than 8oz



Cabernet All Day Candle

Malicious Women Candle Co - But First.Wine, Cabernet All Day (Sweet Red Wine) Infused with Long-Ass Days, All-Natural Organic Soy Candle, 9 oz
  • Are you a Malicious Woman? Do you know or love one that needs just a sprinkle of snark in their lives? Then you're our people! A portion of proceeds donated to empowering women in need.
The Cabernet All Day Candle by the Malicious Women Candle Co is a real eye-catcher due to its unusual, cheeky label. This candle is made by women, for women (though men can enjoy it just as much), with a part of the proceeds donated to empowering women in need.

The Cabernet All Day Candle is handcrafted. The scented soy wax is hand-poured in vintage-style apothecary jars, which can be recycled or reused after the candle is finished. This product by Malicious Women Candle Co. offers a burn time of approximately 45 hours.

The scent of this wine-inspired blend includes sweet notes of wild grapes, enhanced with hints of strawberries. It is also enriched with a light alcohol background and more sweet, sugary notes, to fully capture the essence of luscious red wines such as Cabernet.

This 9oz candle might be one of the more expensive options on this Best Wine Candle list, but we think it’s worth the extra dollars. You’re not just indulging yourself with a hand-crafted, quality design, but also supporting women in need with your purchase.

Plus, the kooky, very expressive label adds big gift-appeal to the product, making it an original present for the wine loving girlfriend in your life.



Stylish apothecary jar packaging

Part of proceeds go to charity


Slightly expensive for everyday use




California Vineyard Candle

No products found.

The California Vineyard Candle by Bath & Body Works is a highly-rated 3-wick candle inspired by the delicate scent of merlot. This luxurious product is made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, meaning just a little goes a very long way. Light the wicks and your room will be filled with a luscious, merlot-inspired aroma that lingers beautifully.

The 14.5oz candle by Bath & Body Works has 3 wicks and has a burn time of approximately 25 to 45 hours, depending on how many you light simultaneously. The premium soy-based wax ensures the candle melts consistently and evenly, dispersing enough fragrance to fill an entire room of your choice.

The fragrance is inspired by merlot wine. The aroma is rich and luxurious, with hints of dark cherry and black Raspberry – mimicking the sumptuous bouquet of this wine variety. Made by a quality, established brand, the California Vineyard Candle is an authentic, genuine choice in wine decor.



Burns evenly and consistently

Made with high concentration fragrance oils


The container is a bit generic compared to others

Limited burn time when using all 3 wicks







All 5 options on this Best Wine Candle list will fill your home with delicious aromas. It is therefore difficult to pick a favorite. If hard-pressed, we’d personally splurge on the Rescued Wine Cabernet Candle or the Cabernet All Day Candle.

Both are made of quality soy wax, have high ratings, and – most importantly – support a charity cause (animals, and women in need). This means that not only are you spoiling yourself with a luxurious scented wine candle, but you’re also doing a good deed. And you can’t fault that win-win situation.


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