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The Best Wine Bar Stools in 2021

The Best Wine Bar Stools in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
best wine bar stools


best wine bar stoolsLooking for some stylish furniture options to spruce up your bar area, kitchen or patio? We’ve got you – and your behind – covered with this great selection of Best Wine Bar Stools. In this overview, you’ll find 5 of our favorite, top-rated designs, with something for every style preference.

From sleek and contemporary, to rustic and industrial: there’s a right match for every home. We’ve ensured all the products are highly-reviewed by other consumers, scoring top marks for quality, easy assembly, and durability.

The best part? You’ll be surprised how affordable some of these picks are. Yes, we’ve also included slightly more pricey options for those looking for something extra special. However, there are also fancy steals for those on a stricter budget. Discover our top picks for the Best Wine Bar Stools below and find your perfect pick to perch on whilst sipping vino. Cheers!


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Best Wine Bar Stools




DHP Luxor Metal/Wood Stool Set

DHP Luxor 30' Wood Seat, Set of 2 Bar Stool, Antique Gun Metal
3,494 Reviews
DHP Luxor 30" Wood Seat, Set of 2 Bar Stool, Antique Gun Metal
  • Industrial design with distressed wood seat and sturdy metal frame. Sold in a set of 2
The DHP Luxor Metal/Wood Stool Set is a very on-trend choice in Best Wine Bar Stools. The design combines rustic and industrial design elements in one, sleek and functional stool. Ideal for bar areas or wine nooks with a contemporary, urban feel.

The set by DHP includes 2 stools. Each stool measures 17.5 x 18.5 x 45.5 inches. We really like the combination of materials used to produce this design. The stool has a solid, steel frame, combined with a distressed wood seat. The contrast between both materials gives the silhouette a trendy boost. And we’ve seen similar bar stools showcased in high-end furniture stores, yet not for this very affordable price!

The DHP Luxor Metal/Wood Stool Set is also highly rated by other consumers for its value, style, and ease of assembly. Though the product arrives flat-packed, according to others it is simple to put together in just a few easy steps.

Limited weight capacity

A minor downside is that these stools are a bit on the ‘petite’ side, not in height, but in seating surface. Some consumers complain about having to squeeze a bit to fit their behind on the stool, which means it might not be the most convenient option if you need a bit of room. Also, be aware that each stool has a 200 lb weight limit. As too much pressure might bend the frame.

Overall, if you’re looking for a modern take on the classic bar stool silhouette, this DHP Luxor Metal/Wood Stool Set may be your match. Rustic yet contemporary, stylish and function, and affordable – it gets our seal of approval. Though, if you want something more comfortable instead, you might be better off with a padded stool instead!


Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools

Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools Bar Height High Backless Stools Indoor Outdoor Stackable Kitchen Stools Set of 4 (Yellow)
  • High Quality Materials:This bar stool is made of scratch and abrasion resistant high strength metal with an excellent polish. Superb welding creates the perfect bar stool. Each metal bar stool has...
The Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools are so bright and sunny, that we couldn’t resist adding this vivid yellow set to our Best Wine Bar Stools list. Yes, we know the hue might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to add a splash of color to your decor, why not do it with these affordable stools?

And, if you like the design and price-tag, but not the color, you’ll be pleased to know the 4-piece set is also available in green, orange, or a classic black version.

This set includes 4 modern, sleek bar stool. Yes, they might not have all the bells and whistles such as padding or adjustability: but, they are great as a budget addition to your decor. Each stool is made of solid steel and includes non-mar foot glides to prevent them from sliding on the floor.

The bar stools measure 30 inches when assembled, and include hand-holds to make it easy to pick them up and move them around. Another bonus: the set is stackable, meaning you can pile them together when not in use for space-saving storage.

Super sturdy design

Though the stools are very lightweight (only 11lbs each), they are durable enough to hold a weight up to 330lbs. Which is very impressive, compared to the previously listed DHP stools that only have a 200lbs capacity. If you, or your wine-loving friends, need some extra support, these stools might be perfect for you. Not only do they have a large weight capacity, but they also feature a special X-brace support under the seat for extra stability and durability.

The Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools are highly-rated by other consumers, with over a hundred 5-star reviews. The set is praised for its great quality, smart stackable functionality, value, and vivid color options. There is only a single negative review, but this was an issue during transit, not regarding the quality of the set itself. So, if you want an affordable set that offers excellent value-for-money, durability, and possibly a pop of color: this may be the one to spruce up your home decor!


DYH Metal Bar Stools Set 

DYH Metal Bar Stools Set of 2, Swivel Chocolate Kitchen Counter Stool, Adjustable Industrial Round Barstool, Brown Bar Chairs, 24 or 29 Inch for Counter Pub Height
  • 24" Counter Height And 29" Pub Height Compatible: There are 2 sets of long leg and 2 sets of short leg. Assemble with the long legs, you get 29" height barstools; Assemble with the short legs, you get...
The DYH Metal Bar Stools Set includes 2 trendy bar stools with an adjustable height of either 24 or 29 inches. Unlike the previous 2 sets on this Best Wine Bar Stool list, this set features a rounded seat, which is both comfortable and stylish.

How does the adjustable height work? It is quite simple. The set includes 2 sets of long legs and 2 sets of short legs. Pick the configuration that works best for your home and assemble them in a 24 inch or 29-inch silhouette.

Another bonus is that the round seat is able to swivel 360-degrees. This adds big functionality to the design and allows you to turn every direction required, without having to move the frame of the seat. Face the bar area, face your friends, or simply swivel around for fun. The brown, faux-microfiber upholstery gives the seat an extra soft, comfortable appeal. Plus adds a touch of sophistication to this already stylish set.

Comfort and style

The frame of the DYH stools is made of sturdy steel, with a weight capacity of 250lb each. We like the dark chocolate brown finish on the steel, which makes the design slightly more original than a standard grey or metallic. The frame also features a built-in footrest for extra comfort.

The DYH Metal Bar Stools Set has great ratings, with other consumers praising the product’s style, handy swivel feature, and easy assembly. Though be warned, some reviewers did mention the quality was slightly disappointing based on the items they received, though really negative reviews are scarce.

That said, the set does come with a ‘Worry-Free Guarantee’ by the manufacturer. The makers promise that if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, they offer a full refund within a month of purchase. Which does make it a risk-free choice: either you love the set and get to enjoy its great value, or you get a refund. That seems like a pretty solid deal to us.



VINTAGELIVING Industrial Swivel Bar Stool 

Industrial Swivel Bar Stool Counter Coffee Kitchen Dining Chair Backless Footrest Extra Height Adjustable 24.8-30"
  • ✔【Extra Height】360 degree swivel from 24.8” up to 30” to meet your needs. Easily adjust stool height just by spin the seat to meet counter height. No matter at your kitchen island or bar.
If you’re looking for a design with the wow-factor to enhance your bar area or wine nook, the VINTAGELIVING Industrial Swivel Bar Stool may tickle your fancy. This stylish stool combines industrial, urban design with a vintage, retro vibe. Resulting in a bar stool silhouette that certainly catches the attention in any home decor.

Though very outspoken, we think this bar stool works well in a variety of decor styles. From trendy lofts with exposed bricks to farmhouse style traditional furniture: the mix of styles in the stool means it blends it with many types of homes.

Swivel seat

The VINTAGELIVING Industrial Swivel Bar Stool has a 13-inch diameter seat, and stands 31 inches tall. It has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs and is extensively quality tested on performance.

The design comes with a footrest for extra comfort. The feet are also covered in rubber to prevent them from slipping and scratching on the floor. Another bonus is that the steel frame is rust-proof, making it extra durable and ensuring long-term enjoyment out of your purchase.

Do note that the manufacturer mentions that there might be a slight color difference between the photo and the actual product. Though you’ll still receive the same silhouette and quality, the graining of the seat and color might vary a bit, which is normal when it comes to natural wood.

Slightly more expensive than other options on this Best Wine Bar Stools list, this VINTAGELIVING product does require you to spend a bit more. However, if you want something a tad more unique, and special, than standard steel bar stools: this may be the one for you!



The YOURLITEAMZ 3-Piece Bar Set doesn’t only include 2 sleek bar stools, but also comes with a bar table: making it a comprehensive set for those that want an all-in-one option. The set offers great value, and is a simple, yet stylish addition to any home. You might think: wait, but I only need the stools. Well, just consider this: next time you have a party, just crack out the included table as an additional serving area for snacks, wines, or even a neat little cocktail area. You never know when it might come in handy!

Both the stools and table included in the YOURLITEAMZ 3-Piece Bar Set are adjustable. You can adjust the table height between 27.5’’-35.8’’. The bar stools can be configured to a height of 25’’ -33’’. The table and stools also have 360 swivel technology, meaning you can turn them, or yourself, in any direction desired.

The table has a lightweight, chrome-coated steel frame and stable disc base. The matching bar stools also have a chrome base, with a rubber anti-slip bottom to prevent them from moving and scratching floors. If, in the heat of the moment, you happen to spill your drinks on the set. Simply wipe it clean with a wet cloth and voila: it is as good as new.

Multiple color options

We like that the YOURLITEAMZ 3-Piece Bar Set is available in a range of colors and styles. If you want a splash of color, you might love the set with red bar stools. Or perhaps you want a white version? Great news: that’s also available. We’ve chosen to include the black version as it’s a neutral choice that works in any decor, but we like the fact that the manufacturer gives you lots of options to choose from.

Overall, the YOURLITEAMZ 3-Piece Bar Set is a solid choice for your bar area or any type of wine tasting. It might not be the fanciest or most decorative option on this Best Wine Bar Stools list. But, for the price listed, we think it’s still a steal for those that want an all-in-one set, not just the seats!






It is impossible for us to judge which is the Best Wine Bar Stools option for your own home. As this depends on your criteria, budget, and – of course – decorative style. If you’re looking for a functional set of stools to spruce up a bar area, the Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools Set is a solid, great value-for-money choice. However, if you want something more unique, we’d say the VINTAGELIVING Industrial Swivel Bar Stool may be a better match.

We also have to mention the YOURLITEAMZ Bar Table Set. Not only does this affordable set include 2 stools, but you also get an adjustable bar table in the set. And for that price, that really is a great deal. You might not necessarily need a full set, but if you are looking for an option to instantly kit out a bar area, wine nook, or patio: this makes a great choice.



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