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The Best Wine Bar Stands in 2023

The Best Wine Bar Stands in 2023

Jonas Muthoni

Looking for a stylish way to both display, store, and serve your wines?

Then you need one of our Best Wine Bar Stand options in your home!

Best Wine Bar Stand

These wine bar stands are ideal for keeping your wine essentials at-hand and double as perfect serving areas for wine tastings, dinner parties, or other get-togethers with friends.

To help you navigate your way towards the Best Wine Bar Stand for your home, we’ve bundled some of our favorites in this in-depth overview. Rated highly by other wine enthusiasts, they are budget-friendly, functional, and don’t compromise on style.

From simple streamlined stands to opulent globe-shaped serving carts: there’s something for every preference in this list. Explore the top-rated options below and find out why every wine-lover needs a wine bar stand in their life…

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Best Wine Bar Stand

1. Industrial Wine Bar Cart Stand

O&K FURNITURE Industrial Bar Cart on Wheels for Home, Wine Rack Cart with Glass Holder, Vintage Brown
  • VERSATILE BAR CART -- The top shelf can be used for placing trays, wine buckets and snacks. The stemware holders and open storage compartment provide plenty of room to fit your wine glasses and wine...
The Industrial Wine Bar Cart Stand by O&K Furniture is a multi-purpose choice for your home. Not only does the stand allow you to serve wines in style, but it comes with additional spacious storage for your bottles and glasses.

You might wonder, why have you listed it under ‘stands’, when it is a cart with wheels? Well, here comes the best part: you can use it as stand as well as a movable serving station.

Product Details

  • The design features four small wheels, allowing you to easily move it to your desired location. When you want to secure it in place, turning it into a stand, simply lock the two casters in place and voila: it is a sturdy, stable serving station.
  • If you only want to use it as a stand, simply remove the wheels to customize it to your own liking.
  • This Industrial Wine Bar Cart Stand measures 29.3″ wide by 16.1″ deep by 32.7″ tall; making it streamlined addition to your home.
  • The design features a built-in wine rack attached to the bottom shelf, which holds up to 15 regular-sized bottles.
  • The top-tier is mounted with a hanging wine glasses rack, which fits up to 6 average-sized stemmed glasses. We love the inclusion of a wine glasses rack, as it means you can keep all your essentials in one place, ready to serve.
  • The solid top shelf doubles as a serving area or simply storage space for your decanters.
  • Do note that the Industrial Wine Bar Cart Stand by O&K Furniture is not made of solid wood. To keep it affordable and budget-friendly, the manufacturer has elected to use MDF boards with grained detailing for the shelving.
  • The frame itself is made of black metal, which adds a trendy, industrial twist to the functional design. The use of MDF boards does mean this product is not premium quality, but for the affordable pricing, we think it does offer excellent value-for-money. And makes a great choice to store and serve your wines in style.

Customer Reviews

Consumers are mainly positive about this product, mentioning easy assembly; decorative appeal; and handy storage.

The only minor complaints are about the quality of the design, as some report it to feel a bit on the flimsy side. However, if you want a sleek wine bar stand on a budget, we think it’s unfair to expect a premium quality standard. As long as you take that into account, this Industrial Wine Bar Cart Stand by O&K Furniture should not disappoint!

2. 3-in-1 Wooden Wine Bar Stand

Giantex 3-in-1 Wine Rack Wooden Wine Stand Display Shelf Bar Serving Tray w/Wine Bottle Storage, Glass Hanger & Wood Wine Holder
  • 🍷【Three-In-One】This wine rack gathers triple purpose in one, including 4 wine storages, 4 arrays of glass hangers and a wood holder, which can really entertain you and guests with this dining...
The 3-in-1 Wooden Wine Bar Stand by Giantex is one of the most affordable options on this list. This budget-friendly choice in Best Wine Bar Stand designs offers 3-in-1 functionality, for a price affordable to every wine enthusiast.

Cheap and cheerful, it may just be the compact addition to your home decor that you’ve been looking for…

Product Details

  • The Giantex design has a triple-function purpose.
  • The serving-tray silhouette features a 4-bottle store option on the lower tier. Simply place your wine-bottles in the allocated openings, and enjoy secure and stable storage of your favorite label. (Though, on a side note, we would have preferred horizontal storage, as this is claimed to be better for the preservation of your wine’s quality – as sediments settle more gently. That said, if you’re planning to drink the stored bottles within weeks, this should not be an issue.)
  • Also included in the design is a hanging wine rack, located under the serving area. This rack is perfect for keeping your favorite glasses close.
  • Do note that the hanging rack features 4 slots, 2 of these measure 1.2” in width, the other 0.9” – allowing you to mix and match your glasses to fit any type of stemmed variety.
  • The top shelf of the design has a tray-like shape with elevated rims on 3 sides. Ideal for storage of glasses, plates, snack platters, and more: this top serving area comes in handy for a whole range of wine-themed activities. Tastings, parties, or simply a night on the sofa with a partner; this tray keeps your vino, and other essentials, close at hand.
  • The 3-in-1 Wooden Wine Bar Stand is made of MDF wood, with a dark brown finish.
  • According to the manufacturer, assembly is done in a few easy steps thanks to the simple, functional shape of the stand.

Customer Reviews

We can’t judge if other consumers agree with this, as the reviews of this product are limited.

Though, for the price listed, we say: take the risk and find out yourself. Cheap and cheerful, you can’t really go wrong with this budget choice in Best Wine Bar Stand decor.

3. Bamboo Wine Rack Bar Stand

No products found.

The Bamboo Wine Rack Bar Stand by Homfa is a streamlined, simple silhouette with great functionality. This sleek option in Best Wine Bar Stand options maximizes storage space in one, tall silhouette. With plenty of shelving for all your vino essentials.

Product Details

  • The design by Homfa measures approximately 18.5” x 11.5” x 40”, ideal for slotting into narrow spaces. This bar stand might be slimline, but it still offers plenty of versatile storage for bottles, glasses, wine accessories, and more.
  • The multi-tiered bar stand features 4 horizontal wine rack shelves, which holds up to 16 regular-sized bottles.
  • The slotted tiers keep your bottles secure and safe, even if you might bump into your new stand after one too many drinks.
  • The top tier of the unit has double functionality. Attached to the bottom of the tier is a hanging wine glass rack, which can hold up to 9 stemmed glasses depending on their size. The top of this shelved tier allows for extra storage of books, tumblers, wine accessories such as corkscrews or stoppers, and more.
  • The unit is topped by a solid serving area.
  • The Bamboo Wine Rack Bar Stand is made of bamboo. The manufacturer has not compromised on quality, choosing solid natural bamboo wood for the stand.
  • The wood has a dark brown spray-painted finish, which gives it a chic, classic aesthetic to blend in with any type of decor.

Customer Reviews

The Bamboo Wine Rack Bar Stand by Homfa is highly-rated by other wine enthusiasts. The product is praised for its spacious storage options, easy assembly, elegant decorative appeal, and value. Do note that some consumers state the design is smaller than they expected, so take note of the dimensions to not be disappointed.

What makes this multi-tiered wine stand really stand out from the crowd is its solid construction.

4. Silhouette Wine Rack Stand

The Silhouette Wine Rack Stand by Kings Brand Furniture is certainly one of the more original choices in Best Wine Bar Stand options.

Whilst other stands are streamlined, or shaped like traditional cabinets, this fun design thinks outside the box, an into the glass. The unique silhouette is an eye-catcher in any decor and allows you to add some wine-style to your home without compromising on functionality.  

Product Details

  • This design measures 15″ W x 12″ D x 33″ H.
  • It features a metal frame, shaped like a wine glass, with a solid top serving area.
  • The frame is further enhanced by a built-in wine rack, which holds up to 11 regular-sized bottles of vino.
  • The stand’s upper shelf measures 15″W x 12″ D.
  • It is made of wood with a marble veneer top accent.
  • Stylish, durable, and luxurious looking: we really like the way the manufacturer has incorporated marble into this design.
  • It might look like a pricey purchase from a fancy decor showroom, but this unique stand is surprisingly affordable.

Customer Reviews

Other consumers love the Silhouette Wine Rack Stand by Kings Brand Furniture, with over a hundred 5-star reviews for this unique design in Best Wine Bar Stand products. The stand scores top marks with other wine enthusiasts for its original, fun shape; easy assembly; and great value.

See Also

According to consumers, it is an eye-catching statement piece that will have your guests demanding to know where you bought this stylish stand.

If you’re looking for a bar stand with a bit more personality and unique style, this may be your perfect match. Affordable, highly-rated by other wine-lovers, and neutral colored to blend in with any type of decor – we can’t really fault it on any of our main criteria.

5. Wood Globe Bar Stand

Goplus Globe Bar, 17.5” Globe Bar Liquor Cabinet with Wheels, Bottom Shelf, Old World Map, 16th Century Italian Replica Bar Globe, Retro Wine Stand, Globe Bar Cart for Dining Room Living Room Home
  • 🍷【Retro & Classic Old World Map 】Designed with an old world map outside and retro patterns inside, the decorative globe makes this liquor bar cabinet full of old world charm to add a retro...
The Wood Globe Bar Stand by Goplus might not be to everyone’s taste, but we are confident some of you will absolutely love this eye-catching choice in home decor. The ‘Italian-Style’ Globe Wine Rack is opulent and extravagant, but also surprisingly functional for everyday usage.

We’ve seen this type of globe-silhouette bar stand before, but admittingly: this was whilst touring opulent castles in France and museums in Rome. So, when we stumbled upon this very affordable version online, we simply had to include it on this Best Wine Bar Stand list for its flamboyant appeal.

Though, let’s clarify one thing: this is not the same quality as those globe wine bars enjoyed by royalty. It might look similar, but you should be aware that this budget version does compromise slightly on material choice.

Product Details

  • The frame is made of quality eucalyptus wood, and the globe bar serving area is actually plastic.
  • The product’s main selling point: its decorative value. The Wood Globe Bar Stand by Goplus features endless stylistic details to catch the eye.
  • Both the exterior and interior of the dome are enhanced by vintage-style painted prints. The outside features a detailed world map, the interior has frescoes reminiscent of domed chapels in Italy. There is more vintage-style painted detailing on the bottom tier of the stand, whilst the edge of the serving bar area also boasts decoration.
  • The bottom two tiers offer additional wine bottle storage, holding up to 6 regular-sized labels.
  • The serving area inside the globe features the same type of rounded storage mold. This can hold additional bottles or wine glasses. Do note that you cannot remove the tray mold inside the globe, which slightly limits your storage options to regular-sized glasses and bottles only.
  • This decorative bar stand might look large, but it is actually quite compact, measuring 7.5″ X 17.5″ X 35″. However, this does make it easy to slot into smaller spaces.
  • The design does come with 3 handy rolling caster wheels for maneuverability. But these are removable if you wish to use it without.

Customer Reviews

Overall, consumers are very positive about the Wood Globe Bar Stand by Goplus. They do comment that the design might not have the highest quality standard. That said, it definitely makes up for that in charm and decorative appeal.

If you want to add a touch of very extravagant style to your home, this may be the perfect globe to rock your world…


We couldn’t possibly pick a favorite in this Best Wine Bar Stand list, as each product has its own unique appeal.

The Bamboo Wine Stand is streamlined and spacious, slotting into narrow areas and any type of decor.

The Goplus Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand , on the other hand, is opulent, outspoken, and oozes personality. However, it might not be to your taste.

However, we can say that every option on this list offers convenient storage, value-for-money, and style serving options for every wine enthusiast. Whichever matches your needs best, is completely up to you. But with great consumers reviews, low price-tags, and trendy appeal, we reckon you can’t really go wrong with any of these stylish buys!

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