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The Best Vinotemp Wine Coolers in 2021

The Best Vinotemp Wine Coolers in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
Vinotemp Wine Cooler


Vinotemp Wine Cooler

A quality wine chiller is an ideal way to keep your bottles tasting fresh, longer. By storing bottles at the perfect temperature, you’re able to prevent oxidation, spoilage, and preserve the flavor and integrity of your labels. With so many options on the market, picking the right product for your budget and needs can be tricky. Which is exactly why we’ve created an overview of our favorite Vinotemp Wine Cooler options.

Vinotemp is one of the leading manufacturers of wine chillers. This brand is well-known for its premium quality standard, innovative techniques, and durable designs. These wine chillers come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

From small, 2-bottle tabletop chillers to luxurious 110-bottle fridges: there’s a match for every wine lover.

Listed below are some of the brand’s best-selling chillers, each capable of keeping your bottles at optimum temperature.

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Get informed about the options and find out how a Vintotemp Wine Chiller can enhance your wine drinking enjoyment!




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Best Vinotemp Wine Cooler

2-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler 

Vinotemp IL-OW002 Chiller Refrigerator with Open Countertop Freestanding Design Electric Wine Cooler with Adjustable Temperature Control, 2-Bottle, Black
30 Reviews
Vinotemp IL-OW002 Chiller Refrigerator with Open Countertop Freestanding Design Electric Wine Cooler with Adjustable Temperature Control, 2-Bottle, Black
  • UNIQUE & CONVENIENT: The Vinotemp 2-Bottle Wine Chiller is an innovative addition to your countertop. This open, freestanding design can effortlessly accommodate two bottles of your favorite red,...
The Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler is the most compact model of the brand’s collection. Small, yet functional, it is a great choice for those wine lovers that have minimum space requirements, but want maximum quality.,

The contemporary design keeps your wine perfectly chilled, ready to be served. It is easy to use and features very user-friendly controls. Select your desired temperature via the digital, touch-screen control panel and let this device work its magic.

The Vinotemp 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler has a range of 41-66° Fahrenheit. The coldest settings are perfect for whites, whilst the upper-temperature settings are ideal for reds. Though, we do recommend to double-check the ideal storage temperature of your labels prior to stocking the cooler – as each wine variety has different needs.

This sleek wine cooler by Vinotemp features an open design, meaning there’s no lid – allowing for instant access to your bottles. The freestanding device does include special thermoelectric technology to chill your bottles evenly, and quickly.

If you’re looking for a premium tabletop wine chiller with great functionality, sleek design, and a trusted name in wine accessories: this futuristic Vinotemp 2-Bottle Wine Cooler may be the one for you.


12-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler

The Vinotemp 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Mirrored Wine Cooler is an excellent, mid-budget choice in wine fridges. This premium cooler has enough room for 12 regular wine bottles and features a special dual-zone thermoelectric function.

The dual-zone thermoelectric function enables you to alternate temperature between two different, independent zones in the cooler. This feature gives the design optimum functionality. Store your white in one zone, reds in the other. Or mix and match labels based on the advised cooling temperature. The design has a range of 45-65°Fahrenheit, sufficient for nearly every wine type.

The Vinotemp 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Cooler doesn’t just offer amazing functionality, but this fridge also looks very stylish. The manufacturer has ensured the design’s aesthetics match its futuristic settings. The cooler comes with a dual-pane glass window, a chic mirrored trim, and soft-glowing interior lighting. Wooden shelves add an extra touch of contemporary design.

This choice in Best Vinotemp Wine Cooler options also comes with an easy-to-use digital control panel that constantly displays the compartments’ temperature.

This design also comes with an authentic product warranty, which can be activated after purchase via the manufacturer’s website.


34-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VT-34 TS 34 Bottle Cooler Refrigerator, Freestanding Wine Fridge with Touch Screen Adjustable Temperature Control, Dual-Paned Glass Door, and Safety Lock, Black
51 Reviews
Vinotemp VT-34 TS 34 Bottle Cooler Refrigerator, Freestanding Wine Fridge with Touch Screen Adjustable Temperature Control, Dual-Paned Glass Door, and Safety Lock, Black
  • 34 BOTTLE STORAGE: This wine refrigerator comfortably houses up to 34 bottles of your cherished red, white, or sparkling wines. Accommodating up to 34 bottles on six sturdy wire shelves and a compact...
The 34-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler with Touch Screen Controls is a high-end, luxury choice in wine coolers. This sleek fridge takes wine preservation to the next level, boasting impressive functionality. We particularly love the sleek touch screen control panel with LED lighting. Which makes the cooler easy to program, plus adds a futuristic touch – literally – to your chilling adventures.

The spacious 34-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler is built to last. It features superb durable aspects such as wire shelf racking and a premium quality dual-pane tinted glass door with a recessed handle.

The temperature range of this wine cooler is also more versatile than comparable designs by other brands. This Vinotemp product has an impressive range of 39°-65° Fahrenheit. The cooler offers plenty of space for most wine enthusiasts, storing up to 34 regular bottles on its 6 shelves.

Another feature we like is the safety lock option. This function allows you to disable control panel access so that you – or perhaps your children – don’t accidentally adjust the temperature.

Do note that the 34-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler is designed as a freestanding unit only. It is not suited for built-in installation. Which, due to its larger size, might be something to consider if have limited free space.

58-Bottle Vinotemp Wine Cooler 

No products found.

Bigger isn’t always better, but we have to admit: the Vinotemp 58-Bottle Wine Cooler does make it very tempting to size up. This premium design offers space for a whopping 58 wines, spoiling you for choice with bottle placement options.

This high-end option in the Vintotemp assortment has all the bells and whistles imaginable. Its innovative compressor technology helps keep your wines at optimum temperature at all times. This model has a temperature range of 45°-65° Fahrenheit – sufficient for most types of wine varieties.

The Vinotemp 58-Bottle Wine Cooler comes with a durable, insulated glass door to maximize energy efficiency and ensure optimum temperature control. Stylish accents enhance its visual appeal, such as a stainless steel trim on the door. The makers have also included a soft blue interior light: giving you an instant overview of the stored bottles. The light also adds a beautiful glow to your wine display, making this cooler an elegant eye-catcher in your decor.

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Under-counter and freestanding

We also like that this Best Vinotemp Wine Cooler has a front exhaust. This makes it suitable for both under-counter or freestanding usage. As this is quite a large model, storing it under a counter in your kitchen is a handy way to save on space.

The Vinotemp 58-Bottle Wine Cooler is easy to use with a push-button temperature control panel. Adjusting the settings is quite simple, even for those that might be a bit technically challenged when it comes to modern technology.

We do wish this premium fridge would come with dual-zone cooling compartments, which would allow different temperature settings for white and reds. It is a bit surprising the design doesn’t include this feature. Nevertheless, this durable, spacious fridge is a great investment. However, the lack of dual-zone technology is something you should take into consideration when deciding on which cooler matches your needs best.

110-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VT-122TS-2Z Cellar Cooler Refrigerator,Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Fridge with Adjustable Temperature Control, Glass Door and Safety Lock, 110 Bottle, Black, 24-Inch
  • 110 BOTTLE STORAGE: This wine refrigerator comfortably houses up to 110 bottles of your cherished red, white, or sparkling wines. Accommodating up to 110 bottles on Gliding Ouzo style wine racks with...
The super sleek 110-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler offers maximum space for all your wine storage needs. Who said you need a basement to have your very own wine cellar? This sleek fridge has all the capacity of classic wine cellars, but also all the contemporary, high-end perks.

This top-end model in the Vinotemp assortment is the ultimate indulgence in wine coolers. The design features a special seamless, dual-paned glass door; sophisticated and ideal for maximum climate control.

The large, versatile wine cooler does come with Vinotemp’s innovative dual-zone technology. Two separate zones allow you to store red and whites at separate, optimized temperatures. The top zone has room for 44 bottles, whilst the lower zones stores 66 wines. Both zones have an impressive temperature range of 40°-72° Fahrenheit. And that is the biggest margin of any Vinotemp wine cooler on this list.

Big and beautiful

The 110-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler comes with many premium features, including gliding metal shelves with a black wooden lip for easy access to your bottles. The device has intuitive digital controls on the exterior of the frame, meaning you don’t have to open the fridge to adjust the temperature. Another bonus is that the interior houses soft blue LED lighting, illuminating your bottles with an elegant glow.

Big, bold, and quite beautiful: the 110-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler is a premium choice for wine enthusiasts who are serious about starting their own wine collection. Yes, we do realize this design might be too expensive for most amateur wine lovers, but we simply had to include it on this list as its too good to ignore.





Vinotemp is an established, renowned brand in wine accessories, coolers, and storage systems. When you’re buying one of the brand’s products, you know you’re getting an authentic design, created by and for wine lovers.

If we had to pick a favorite from the collection, the 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler would be our recommendation for amateur wine enthusiasts. As it is large enough to comfortably house 12 bottles, it should offer enough space for your everyday wine needs.

That said, of course, we would not say no to the 110-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler if it magically showed up on our doorstep. But its expensive price-tag, not the mention the amount spent on filling it with labels, makes it more of a ‘one day’ than ‘today’ purchase.

This is why the 12-Bottle Dual-Zone Vinotemp Wine Cooler would be our top pick. Because it’s stylish, features the dual-zone cooling technology, and is compact enough to fit in even smaller houses or apartments.




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