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The Best Sangria Glasses in 2021

The Best Sangria Glasses in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
Best Sangria Glasses

One of our favorite indulgences in the summertime? Sangria! This delicious wine cocktail adds some Spanish flair to any occasion, treating your taste buds to a delicious medley of sweet, fruity notes. But, to truly serve in in style, you’ll need one of our Best Sangria Glasses picks.

These special Sangria glasses have a larger, rounder silhouette than traditional wine stemware. The larger capacity bowl allows you to not only pour in the cocktail but also ice and fruit: creating a yummy fiesta in your glass.

We’ve sourced the web for the most highly-rated, best quality designs. Plus, we mind have chucked in a not so practical, but very fun, suggestion with big gift-appeal. From renowned brands to budget knock-offs that offer fantastic value-for-money. There should be a perfect match for every cocktail-lover in this Best Sangria Glasses overview. Cheers!

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Best Sangria Glasses

Libbey 19.25oz Sangria Glasses Set

The Libbey Sangria Set is a great-value choice in cocktail serveware. The set includes 4 large glasses with a 19.25oz capacity each. The silhouette of the glass is inspired by traditional Sangria goblets: wide-topped and large-bowled. This shape not only allows you to stack it with ice and fruits but also helps keeps your drinks chilled longer.

We like the rounded, short-stemmed shape of the glass. The design is well-balanced and the sort stem reduces the risk of tipping it over. Another bonus is that the 4-piece set is made by a renowned brand in glassware: Libbey. The company’s origin dates back over two centuries, starting with the founding of the New England Glass Company in East Cambridge, MA in 1818. With over 200 years of expertise in glassmaking, Libbey is one of the market leaders, adhering to high-quality standards and producing sleek, stylish stemware for every occasion.

Genuine quality

Though, let’s make one thing clear: we don’t mind buying products from unknown or upcoming brands. But an established brand does offer some piece of mind about the quality and integrity of the items you’re ordering. Reducing the risk of receiving glasses that don’t live up to your expectations. And that is exactly why we rate this Libbey set highly and included it on this Best Sangria Glasses list.

The Libbey 19.25oz Sangria Glasses are made of lead-free glass with high durability. This material is dishwasher safe, ideal for a quick clean-up after parties or dinners. The 4-piece set comes shipped in a sturdy box, keeping your glasses safe and protected during transport.

If you’re looking for a traditional, short-stemmed sangria glass by a trusted brand in glassware: this may be your match. Plus, if not filled with sangria, they also make the perfect size to serve delectable desserts during dinner parties. Granted, we’ll admit it might not be the fanciest-looking set around, but we can’t deny its value and great functionality for everyday usage.

Schott Zwiesel 23.5oz Sangria Glasses Set

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Barware Bar Special Sangria Margarita Glasses (Set of 6), 23.5 oz, Clear
  • 6 each bar special sangria glasses, 23.5 ounce capacity, 6-inches tall, 4.6-inches wide

Another Sangria Glasses Set by another renowned brand in glassware. This 6-piece set by Schott Zwiesel offers exceptional quality, though it does come with a slightly higher price-tag than other options on this list. That said, we think it’s worth the splurge if you’re a regular sangria or wine cocktail drinker.

The Schott Zwiesel Sangria Glasses Set include 6 very large, 23.5oz glasses with a sleek stem, wider base, and rounded bowl. The silhouette is functional, yet still sophisticated, and adds a touch of flair to any drinking session.

What makes this really stand-out though, is the material used to create the designs: Tritan Crystal Glass. This special material is lead-free and contains a durable blend of titanium and zirconium oxide. The result is crystal-clarity glass that’s scratch-proof, dishwasher-safe, thermal-shock resistant, and less prone to chipping, breaking, or shattering. Now, remember that it’s still glass – so if you drop a glass on the floor, it might still break. However, compared to other glass tumblers, the Tritan material is much more resilient for everyday usage as long as you handle it with a bit of care.

A rich heritage

When you’re buying a Schott Zwiesel set, you know you’re choosing an authentic name in glassware. Just like Libbey, the manufacturer of the previous set on this list, Schott Zwiesel has a rich heritage in the glassmaking industry. The company originates from Bavaria, Germany, a region where glassmaking has been an artisanal craft for over 600 years. The company itself was founded in 1872 by Anton Müller as a small sheet glassworks in Zwiesel, Germany, and quickly grew into a worldwide name for premium glass designs. As one of the leading international brand in the industry, Schott Zwiesel is a solid choice for your own collection.

That said, it is a pricier option and we know not every wine enthusiast might be able to afford the set. We would have loved to see it listed cheaper, but if you want the quality and branding, you, unfortunately, need to fork up. We also wish the set was available in a 2-pack, as this would also help make it more affordable, but once again: that is sadly not the case. But, if you are able, it may be worth saving up to secure yourself of this fancy set of sangria glasses. Their excellent durability and large, 23.5oz bowl make them ideal for everyday usage, and we think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of them – with or without the alcohol!

Royalty Art Vintage Highball Goblet Glassware Set

Royalty Art Wine Glasses Goblet Glassware Set of 8, 10oz, Tumbler Glasses, Decorative Chalice Kinsley Design for Beer, Liquor, Wine, Water, and Beverages, Party and Event Serving…
  • Vintage Wine Goblets – These elegant Kinsley glasses feature bold cut lines and a thick, well-balanced finish that enhance the look of your beverage while adding a trendy touch to your party or...

If you are looking for a fantastic set of sangria glasses, then you’d be thrilled to hear more about this set of glasses by Royalty Art. Each glass from this set features a bold cut line and a well-balanced thick finish that enhances your beverages’ overall look.

Every set comes with eight stunning goblets. It is a great choice to serve beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, whiskey, or virtually any other alcoholic beverage.

Each glass consists of a short base that maintains its stability. Thanks to the glasses’ individual design, they offer excellent strength and resilience against accidental damage though keep in mind that they are still made out of glass.

All of the goblets within this set can hold 12 ounces of your favorite drinks, whether that be luxurious wine or a cold beer. The heavy-duty glass that these glasses are made out of further enhances the luxury feel as the glasses themselves are quite heavy to the touch.

The Clovelly glass design also creates more depth on each glass, making it an excellent choice for personal use or a gift for a wine lover.

With this set of sangria glasses, Royalty Art have focused their attention on providing elegance and beauty for enhancing the look and presentation of drinks and beverages.


  • Bold cut lines and a thick, well-balanced finish
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Hand and dishwasher safe
  • Solid construction


  • They are made out of glass, meaning that they can easily break

Epure Cremona Collection Set

The Epure Cremona Collection Set might be marketed as ‘water goblets’, but bear with us: because we think this silhouette is also ideal for serving Sangria. The 4-piece set is also, by far, the most affordable on this list, which gives you more reason to read on why this set might be your perfect match…

Now, let us explain something. When it comes to types of wine glasses, there are many different names and dimensions floating around. Don’t get put off by the term water goblet, because it’s just another term for describing this type of glassware. As you can see, the silhouette of the Epure Cremona Collection Set mimics that of a traditional sangria glass closely. A larger, rounded bowl, a short stem, and a sturdy base. The silhouette tapers only slightly at the top, which should still allow you to scoop out fruits from the glass if desired.

Small but sufficient

Do note that the glasses in this set measure slightly smaller than other options on this list, offering a 13.5oz capacity each. However, if you have a big dispenser or container of sangria nearby, and don’t mind the occasional refill, this size should still be more than sufficient for most wine drinkers. The glasses are made of quality, lead-free material that is dishwasher-safe, ensuring an easy clean-up after use.

Also good to know: Epure, the brand behind this set, has already been an established name in glassware for over 35 years. Supplying both restaurants and hotels, as the regular wine enthusiast, with quality products from their hub in New Jersey. Adding to the credibility and authenticity of the set, and giving you a little piece of mind you’re not buying a fluke product.

There is a minor downside: the set is not yet reviewed by other consumers. We’re not able to determine why, but it does mean we can’t say what others thought of this set. We would have preferred some user-ratings as an indication of the quality. But, considering it comes from an established glassware brand, we’d say it is worth the risk. Especially for the budget price listed!

‘Sangria Too’ Glass by Lolita

Though maybe not as functional, or traditional, as other options on this list, we still wanted to include the ‘Sangria Too’ Glass by Lolita for its style and gift appeal. Maybe it is more of a novelty buy than an everyday essential, but that doesn’t mean we want it any less!

This unique 15oz glass is hand-blown and hand-painted, turning it into a true piece of art. The colorful, sangria-inspired design makes it bright and cheerful, and definitely adds a bit of Spanish sunshine to your drinking fun. The design’s painted surface features wine-glass silhouettes, colorful fruits, and a vivid red-swirled pattern.

Lolita, the brand that creates the handpainted Sangria Too’ glasses,  originated from the beliefs that glasses should be as colorful, and fun, as the drinks inside. The brand’s collection features a plethora of styles and designs, all hand-crafted to add a one-of-a-kind appeal.


Another bonus is that the Sangria Too’ Glass by Lolita comes in a luxurious gift-packaging. This sturdy, cylindrical-shaped container makes it instantly ready-to-gift for the sangria enthusiast in your life. And makes it feel like a luxurious collector’s item, jazzing up your cupboards with its Sangria-themed artwork.

We’ll admit: it is not the ideal choice for easy sangria drinking. Preferably you want something with a shorter stem, rounder bowl, and wider rim. This is simply a classic wine glass with a sangria-themed print. However, you can still fill it with sangria and fruit, as long as you handle it with care. Plus, you’re not really buying this for its functionality: you’re buying it for its fun, one-of-a-kind decorative appeal or as a gift for a loved one. And for that purpose, it’s one of the most original designs around!


Which is the Best Sangria Glasses choice, depends on what exactly your criteria are. If you want a set by a renowned brand in glassware, we’d recommend the Libbey or Schott Zwiesel sets. Libbey is a US-based brand with a rich heritage in the industry, whilst Zwiesel is an internationally-noted name in quality drinkware accessories.

However, if you don’t mind the brand, and simply want an excellent value-for-money set, ideal for everyday usage, we’d go for the Epure Cremona Collection Set. You can’t beat the price, and though marketed as water goblets, these glasses double perfectly as sangria serveware.

And, for gift-appeal and uniqueness, the ‘Sangria Too’ Glass by Lolita is top of our list. Not the most functional, but definitely the most decorative. This glass makes a stylish, one-of-a-kind present for the sangria-lover in your life!

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