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The Best PortoVino Wine Purses in 2021

The Best PortoVino Wine Purses in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
Best Portovino Wine Purse


Best Portovino Wine PurseA PortoVino Wine Purse is a stylish choice for taking your wine on the go, wherever – and whenever – you want! These fashionable purses offer discreet storage of your favorite vino. And that’s not all: they also come with ‘hidden’ pouring spouts, offering instant access to your wine. Nobody will know your stylish wine secret!

We personally are big fans of this brand in wine purses. PortoVino really combines chic, sophisticated design with innovative functionality. Some wine purses on the market might look bulky, and a bit outdated, but PortoVino is bang on trend. From classic totes to fun, colorful beach totes: there is a PortoVino Wine Purse for any occasion.

Get inspired by our favorite 5 PortoVino Wine Purse models below. Each design is available in a variety of colors and prints, meaning you should be able to find your perfect style-match with this trendy brand in wine accessories!


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About PortoVino


Best Portovino Wine PursePortoVino was founded by Marisa China and Gunnar Hammerbeck. After backpacking all around the globe for 18 months, the duo founded a business in designing, importing, and distributing accessories for the wine & gourmet food industry in 2001.

Their experience, combined with their passion for travel, made them realize there was still a big gap in the wine market: stylish AND functional, travel-friendly wine purses. So, in 2017, they set out to design a truly fashionable purse that could discretely store, and pour, from a hidden insulated pocket.

The result, the PortoVino wine purse, was an instant success. Their design went viral amongst wine-lovers, and the brand is still rapidly growing by the day.

PortoVino now offers multiple stylish bags, with something for every style preference. From sophisticated totes to fun beach-bags: PortoVino has got you – and your wine – discreetly covered!



PortoVino’s Happiness Guarantee


Best Portovino Wine PurseAll PortoVino designs bought directly from the brand – including those purchased via the official Amazon listings – are covered by a 100% Happiness Guarantee. Or, as PortoVino explains it: “Love it, or we will refund it! It’s that simple! If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!”

This 100% Happiness Guarantee means that you can order a PortoVino purse risk-free. If your item arrives, and you don’t like the look and feel of the purse, simply request a refund or exchange for your (unused) purchase within 30 days of receiving your item.


PortoVino’s Charity Contributions


By buying a PortoVino Wine Purse, you are not just indulging yourself with a stylish, functional carrier: you are also supporting a good cause. The brand wants to make a difference in the world. And not just by supplying wine enthusiast with fashionable bags for drinking on the go. That is why the brand proudly supports the Feed My Starving Children charity.

The Feed My Starving Children organization is committed to providing meals to children in impoverished, third-world countries. For each PortoVino bag sold, the brand donates an amount that is equal to a full meal to the charity. And to date, PortoVino has already helped provide over 100.000 meals to children in need.



Best PortoVino Wine Purse



PortoVino Classic Wine Purse 

The PortoVino Classic Wine Purse is one of the brand’s best-selling models. And it is no surprise why this beauty is so popular amongst wine-lovers….

That’s because the spacious design holds up to 1500 ml of wine (2 regular bottles) in its secret insulated zippered pocket. The purse itself is stylish, and timeless, with a classic silhouette that matches every outfit. The best-selling black design has a contrasting brown handle, with luxurious gold metal detailing to add a touch of bling to your premium wine purse. A hidden flap can reveal, or conceal, the pouring spout. Giving you quick access to your vino in seconds.

The PortoVino Classic Wine Purse is designed to have maximum functionality, not just as a wine carrier. This means that the main compartment also offers plenty of space for your other belongings. A smaller, zippered pocket offers a convenient place to store your wine accessories. Ensuring your corkscrew does not scratch your phone or vice versa!

This fancy wine purse is made of quality vegan leather. The smooth surface is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Whilst the interior ‘party pouch’, where you pour your wines into, can also be re-used by rinsing it with hot soapy water.

Lots of color options

We also like that the PortoVino Classic Wine Purse is available in a large range of colors. This means that there is a stylish match for every preference. You can choose a neutral model in the colors Black, Dove Grey, or Platinum. Or go for something a bit bolder such as Gold, or the very eye-catching Crimson Red version. Whichever color you pick, we’re confident you’ll love the convenience of this highly-rated, spacious PortoVino wine purse.


PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote

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The PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote is a chic, faux-leather design that holds up to 2 regular-sized wine bottles, hidden in its secret pouches. Simply pour your favorite vino in the discreet, leak-proof, concealed compartments, and enjoy your wine anywhere, anytime you want.

What makes this design stand out from the other PortoVino purses, is that it features 2 separate compartments and two pouring spouts. This means that you can carry a red AND a white. This makes it certainly one of the most versatile choices on this Best PortoVino Wine Purse list.

Each of the pouring spouts is discreetly hidden behind a designer flat. When closed, nobody will know your secret! Another bonus is that the PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote doesn’t just hold 2 x 750ml of wine, but also offers enough space for your personal belongings. A separate, main compartment has all the capacity to store your phone, make-up bag, wallet, sunglasses, or anything else you want to take on the road.

Chic style-accents

The PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote also comes with chic style-accents. These include a trendy braided-style handle, a top-zip closure, a stylish interior lining, and a smaller interior zippered pocket for keys, or your phone.

We also like the material of the bag, which is a beautiful vegan leather. We dare to say that this animal-friendly choice looks just as luxurious as the real thing! Because it is made of vegan leather, it’s also more budget-friendly. Yes, we do admit it is not the cheapest wine purse on the market. But for the functionality, design, and capacity: we think it’s very reasonably priced. The PortoVino Vegan Leather Tote is available in two colors: Chardonnay (as pictured) and Merlot Red.



PortoVino Beach Tote

The PortoVino Beach Tote combines two of the best things in the world: wine AND beach. This stylish design is perfect for trips to the seaside, or the pool. Allowing you to sip your drinks discreetly, even if alcohol is frowned upon. Now, we’re not encouraging you to break the law, we would not dare. But, say you did find yourself at a beach with an alcohol ban. This stylish beach tote could prove itself very useful. Just saying…

This PortoVino design features a removable ‘party pouch’ that holds up to 2 bottles of wine (1500ml). Fill the party pouch with a wine (or liquid) of your choice and place it back in the zippered, insulated compartment to start the fun! When you’re ready to drink, simply use the special pouring spout for easy access.

The PortoVino Beach Tote is also roomy enough to hold the secret wine pouch, plus some of your personal essentials. The bag has a separate compartment for any other belongings such as your phone, sunscreen, keys, and more. And you can even use it as a regular wine tote by simply leaving the ‘secret wine pouch’ empty, making it versatile for all beach or pool trips.

A nautical delight

We like that this PortoVino model has very beachy-feel. The striped print and rope handle adhere to a nautical-theme and are a classic, yet trendy choice for any fashionista. The light-weight PortoVino Beach Tote is made of 100% cotton canvas and comes with a soft polyester interior. A top zipper also allows for secure storage of all your items.

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If you love going to the beach, pool, or simply love the nautical-look: this may be the perfect purse for you. Spacious, beach-proof, and one of the most affordable PortoVino designs, we definitely give it our expert seal of wine approval.


PortoVino City Wine Tote

PortoVino City Tote Bag - Canvas Wine Purse with Hidden Spout and Dispenser Flask for Wine Lovers that Holds and Pours 2 bottles of Wine! Perfect for Traveling, Concerts, Bachelorette Party - Pink
  • Stylish, fashionable & truly discreet - Holds and pours 2 bottles of Wine 1.5L (50oz) from a removable, easy to use, BPA-free pouch as drink purses for alcohol. Material: Cotton | Size: 17x 6x15 in
The PortoVino City Wine Tote is a chic, sophisticated design with a contemporary look and feel. This cute tote bag offers plenty of wine storage for vino fun on the go. The tote’s secret insulated zippered pocket holds up to 1500ml (2 regular bottles) of wine. As the pocket is insulated, any white or rosé will stay chilled for hours. Ideal for picknicks in the park, festivals, or outdoor concerts. Thanks to its discreet tote silhouette, nobody will have a clue you’re actually carrying around wine. Discreet, sleek, and super convenient for wine-loving fashionistas!

We really like the style of this PortoVino City Wine Tote. The bag’s exterior is made of 100% textured polyester. A soft polyester lining ensures the inside is just as pretty as the outside. The contrasting handle of the bag is looped through chic metallic rings and makes the tote comfortably, and sturdy to carry. Even when it is loaded up with your favorite vino!

Spacious and stylish!

A top zipper provides extra security during your travels. Whilst the smaller interior zipped compartment is ideal for storing wine accessories such as stoppers or corkscrews. The main compartment of the bag still is roomy enough for your personal items, and can easily store your daily essentials such as your phone, keys, make-up pouch, or even books and magazines.

A designer flap on the back hides the pouring spout until you are ready to use it. The flap is held in place with a simple button, meaning the spout will stay securely concealed when you’re on the go.

The trendy PortoVino City Wine Tote is available in multiple, must-have colors, including Ash, Black, and Brown. It’s also ready to order in vividly hued variations, such as Pink (as pictured), Royal Blue, Burgundy, and Arabesque. Discover all the style options today and enjoy your wine in style with the PortoVino City Wine Tote.


PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag 

PortoVino Wine Dispenser HandBag - Vegan Leather Wine Bag with Hidden Insulated Compartment and Dispenser that Holds and Pours 2 Bottles Ideal for Traveling, Concerts, Bachelorette Party - Slate
  • MATERIAL & DIMENSIONS - Made of brushed vegan leather and lined with a soft polyester interior. This 14" x 4" x 12" wine messenger bag is endowed with durable performance and rugged style.
Don’t think PortoVino is only a brand for women! The PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag is a great example of a unisex bag that offers wine pleasure on the go for ALL wine enthusiasts. This stylish messenger bag can take you from the boardroom to after-work drinks in seconds. Use the hidden flap to reveal the pouring spout and voila: your happy hour has started!

We like the PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag as a gift option for any wine-loving man in your life. No, we’re not suggesting it is not suitable for women. We are simply pointing out that stylish wine purse options for regular men are quite limited. Actually, most ‘male’ wine bags are simply backpacks, so this trendy PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag does really offer a whole new way of enjoying wine for male vino enthusiasts.

A refined, spacious design

Not only does the secret insulated zippered pocket holds up to 1500ml (2 regular sized bottles) of wine. But this refined crossbody bag also has the capacity to store your MacBook, phone, papers, keys, and other personal essentials. Making it a versatile, fun, and fashionable choice for the wine-loving professional. The bag’s main compartment is lined with a soft polyester interior. Whilst the exterior is made of durable vegan leather with a brushed finish. The sturdy rope crossbody strap also comes with a vegan-leather sleeve. Which, when placed on the shoulder, provides extra comfort when on the go.

The PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag is available in two, neutral colors: Camel and Slate. Ideal as a gift for the wine-loving professional in your life, or as a functional crossbody bag for drinking fun on the go. This might be your perfect match if you’re looking for a refined, discreet, and stylish alternative to traditional wine backpacks or carrying cases.




Every PortoVino Wine Purse on this list makes a stylish, convenient, and functional choice to take your wine with you, anywhere you go. The easy pouring spout gives you instant access to vino. Whilst the discreet, hidden flap keeps your drinking a secret in situations where discretion is advised. Ideal for festivals, the beach, or simply drinks with friends in the park: these fashionable bags are suited to all occasions.

Do note that you will be required to clean the ‘party pouch’ after each use. These plastic bags, which you fill with a wine of your choice, need to be rinsed thoroughly to avoid residue from remaining, which can be a bit of a hassle. However, you also have the option to buy addition plastic pouches if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Overall, the cleaning aspects is a small price to pay for the big convenience a PortoVino Wine Purse offers. Not only does it hold your wine, but all models are large enough to also provide space for your personal belongings. Making it a multi-functional choice for all wine enthusiasts.

A match for every wine-lover

Which model fits your style best, is completely up to you. The PortoVino Beach Wine Tote is perfect for trips to the seaside or the pool. Whilst the PortoVino Classic Wine Purse is ideal for city gals who want a classic design that won’t raise eyebrows. And for men, the PortoVino Wine Messenger Bag makes an excellent choice for discreet wine pleasure on the go.

Priced very reasonable, and with high consumer ratings, PortoVino is a great brand to indulge in. Plus, by spoiling yourself with a fancy bag, you’re also supporting a good cause. As PortoVino makes a donation for every product sold to the Feed The Children Charity.

So, why not do a good deed, and gift yourself, or the wine-lover in your life, with one of these stylish PortoVino Wine Purse options?

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