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The Best Outdoor Wine Glass Holders in 2023

The Best Outdoor Wine Glass Holders in 2023

Jonas Muthoni
outdoor wine glass holder

Do you like drinking outside?

Then wouldn’t it be amazing if you had an easy solution to hold your wine glass?

Well, we have the answer to your outdoor drinking needs: an Outdoor Wine Glass Holder. No more spilled wine. No more balancing glasses on unstable picnic tables, uneven surfaces, or awkwardly holding your glass while lounging by the pool.

I Love Wine has created a list of our top picks for the Best Outdoor Wine Glass Holder. There’s something for every budget, type of outdoor drinking, and lifestyle, yet they all share one important characteristic: hands-free wine enjoyment without the hassle!

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Best Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

1. Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine 

Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine – 3 Attachments include Lawn Wine Stake For Picnics, Base For Boats and Hot Tubs, Strap For Patio Chairs – Wine Gift For Her - Purple
  • GREAT GIFT FOR HER: Bella D'Vine is a one of a kind wine glass holder and is the essential wine accessory for every wine lover that has everything
The Outdoor Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine is one of the most popular, best-selling choices on this list. It’s no wonder why this product is highly-rated by consumers, as it combines smart design with a very affordable price-tag.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • The product has patented technology to keep your wine stable.
  • The holder has 2 special ‘prongs’ on the inside which help to secure your glass and give extra stability to ensure you’ll have minimum spillage and maximum wine enjoyment!

We love that the Outdoor Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine comes with 3 attachments included:

  • Lawn stake- Use the lawn stake attachment to stabilize your glass at picnics, in the park, or at the beach.
  • Strap- Easily mount the strap attachment to any chair or deck railing for ultimate control.
  • Suction-cup- You can attach the suction-cup base to any flat surface, such as hot tubs, pool tiles, or even the deck of a boat.

This makes the design compatible with nearly any outdoor occasion, and a true ‘one-holder-fits-all’ favorite.

2. True Wine Alfresco Picnic Stix Set 

True Picnic Stix Wine Glass & Bottle Holders - Chrome Yard Drink Holders Stakes, Outdoor Wine Glass Beer Cup Drink Holder - Set of 3 (Pack of 1), Fits 2 Glasses and 1 Bottle, Metallic
  • OUTDOOR USE: This product features 2 wine glass holders and 1 bottle holder, making it a perfect outdoor cup holder for your picnics or lawn parties. Made of chrome, it adds a classy touch to any...
The True Wine Alfresco Picnic Stix Set is the perfect match for picnics in the park or lounging around at an outdoor festival.

This elegant design allows you to ditch the plastic tumbler and enjoy your wine in style. Ideal for dates, or simply to add a bit of flair to your regular picnic stemware.

Features that make this product worth buying:

  • The set includes 2 wine glass holder and 1 bottle holder.
  • It is super easy to use, all you need to do is jam the chrome spikes into the ground and voila: your wine holder is ready to go. (Though, on a side note: you might want to double check the spot for tree roots or hidden paving. I can tell you from personal experience that trying to stick the spike in one of those, results in some slapstick scenes and a sore back.)
  • The set’s glass and bottle holders are made of durable 18/10 steel with a chrome finish: sturdy enough for repeated use and longevity of the product.
  • The top of the holders features a chic ‘swirled’ curvature that creates a well-balanced, ergonomic hold for your wine essentials.

Affordable, elegant, and super easy to use: it’s a great value set – that also makes an original gift idea for your wine enthusiast friends.

3. Tovolo Outdoor Wine Holder Bamboo Table

Tovolo Bamboo, Holds 2 Collapsible Ground Stake, Wood Table & Wine Glass Holder for Outdoor Entertaining, 1 EA, brown
  • STAKE ANCHORS INTO GRASS & SAND: Pointed stake supports the table in a variety of terrain. Anchor the table and wine glass holder into the sand at the beach or grass in the park, your backyard, or a...
The Tovolo Outdoor Wine Holder Bamboo Table might look expensive, but this handy wine holder is actually very affordable! A budget-buy for wine lovers: this functional, foldable table is ideal for taking your wine enjoyment outdoors.

About this outdoor wine holder:

  • The table is made of natural bamboo and measures a compact 8 x 16 x 14 inches.
  • The design has two cut-outs on either side to securely hold your stemmed wine glasses or champagne flutes.
  • The table is spacious enough to hold your favorite cheeses and crackers, small desserts, or yummy appetizers. (We would not recommend trying to fit a full 3-course meal on it, but it is the ideal sizing for snacking.)
  • This light-weight wine holder is easy to assemble: simply screw the leg to the table and pin it in the ground. To disassemble, unscrew the leg and attach it to the holder. This will create a flat surface that can easily be carried or transported.

We love that this table doubles as a luxurious cheese board: inviting you to sample food pairings at any outdoor location of your choice. All you need to use it is a soft soil surface. For example the park, the beach, your backyard, a romantic picnic in the dunes…

Fun, affordable, and functional: the Tovolo Outdoor Wine Holder Bamboo Table is a great choice to keep your wine safe and secure, and your cheese and crackers within easy reach!

4. Zarcor Wine Glass Holder

The Zarcor Wine Glass Holder is a universal drink holder that is designed to be attached to any rail, pole, tube, or frame.

You might wonder what this exactly entitles, so let us clarify its purpose. This means that the wine holder can be mounted to the side of armchairs, patio furniture, boats, pool fences, and more.

Product details:

  • This wine glass holder is affordable, that means it won’t hurt your wallet.
  • It measures from 5/8 inch to 1¼ inch.
  • This holder provides a secure, sturdy hold for your stemmed wine glasses. However, thanks to its universal design, you can also use it with coffee cups, cans, or beer bottles.
  • It features a gimbaled support (where pivots help stabilize your wine), which keeps it balanced during movement. Ideal for when you’ve attached it to a boat railing. It also has a wing-nut clamp for maximum grip and extra stability.
  • According to consumers, this outdoor wine glass holder is easy to install.
  • The clamp comes with additional adhesive (included), which can be placed behind the clamp for extra grip, and to minimize scratching.

A smart, functional, and affordable choice: the Zarcor Wine Glass Holder definitely get our seal of approval.

5. Beautyflier Wine Glass Holder

Okay, we know what you might be thinking, but bear with us for a moment.

Though it might look like a silly gag present, the Beautyflies Wine Glass Holder is actually a very convenient choice when you want to keep your wine close, and your hands free.

This neoprene wine glass sleeve keeps your wine safe, stable, and within reaching distance – no matter where you roam. You might wonder when you would need it but just think about the possibilities…

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For example, an outdoor party where you’re manning the grill. Smoke, raw meat, utensils: where are you going to put your glass of wine. Wouldn’t it be great to hang it around your next, allowing you to use both hands for the barbequing part?

Well, at least that’s what we think the thought process of the manufacturer was. And though we’ll agree that it’s not the most stylish accessory, we can see the appeal of this hands-free wine holder.

Customer Reviews

The Beautyflier Wine Glass Holder has an excellent user-rating, scoring top marks for its:

  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Comfort

Other wine lovers commented they bought it as a novelty gift, yet discovered it was quite practical for all kinds of occasions, including festivals, wine events, and camping.

Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeve

When you order the Beautyflier Wine Glass Holder, you’ll receive a neoprene wine glass sleeve with a separate lanyard.

  • The adjustable lanyard measures 38 inches.
  • It can be attached to the sleeve with two universal hooks – allowing for safe, sturdy carrying.
  • A bonus is that the neoprene sleeve is also insulated, keeping your wine chill when you’re enjoying the outdoor sunshine.

With humorous gift-appeal, this outdoor wine glass holder is a fun way to keep your hands free, wine chilled, and friends laughing.

But, we promise: once your friends see the convenience of your ‘wine necklace’, you’ll have the last laugh when they beg you to tell where you bought it.


The Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine is a solid choice because of following reasons:

  • Compact
  • Easy to mount
  • Super convenient to use

All in all it offers great value-for-money.

That said, we can’t deny the appeal of the Tovolo Outdoor Wine Holder Bamboo Table, as this beauty is a wine holder AND a cheese board in one, affordable design. Double the value, double the taste bud indulgence!

Mount these holders in/or to the surface of your choice (deck chairs, tables, or even plunk them into the grass) and you’re good to go.

Super quick to assemble, super convenient for any outdoor occasion: they are affordable must-haves for any wine enthusiast!

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