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The Best Moscow Mule Mugs in 2021

The Best Moscow Mule Mugs in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
Best Moscow Mule Mugs


Best Moscow Mule MugsAt I Love Wine we’re not just passionate about vino, our team also loves other alcoholic indulgences such as cocktails. A firm favorite on our cocktail list is a Moscow Mule. Simple and refreshing; it’s a great example of less is more…

Just a few core ingredients, vodka, ginger beer, and lime, create something quite special. However, another reason we love a Moscow Mules lies in its presentation. Served in an elegant copper mug, it instantly makes you feel like a sophisticated cocktail connoisseur.

This is why we’ve created a list of some Best Moscow Mule Mugs options on the market. From elaborate, embossed mugs to sleek polished designs: there’s something for every cocktail lover.

Discover our favorites below and indulge yourself with some Best Moscow Mule Mugs today!


tipTip: Want to make an awesome Moscow Mule that you can serve in these stylish mugs? We’ve included a super easy, super delicious Best Moscow Mule Recipe at the bottom of this article. With just a few simple steps and ingredients, you’ll create a classic Moscow Mule that is guaranteed to thrill your taste buds! You’re welcome!

A quick history lesson on the Moscow Mule


Best Moscow Mule MugsBefore we reveal our top picks for the Best Moscow Mule Mugs, let’s give you a quick history lesson on the origin of this classic long drink:

The Moscow Mule, one of the classic cocktails that never fails to impress. Though its name conjures up an image of Russian Tsars sipping away in a grand palace, the long-drink was actually born in New York’s Chatham Hotel!

It is credited as the creation of Wes Price, head bartender of the hotel. According to Price, he “was trying to get rid of dead stock”, while clearing out the bar’s cellar.

Price came across Smirnoff vodka and ginger beer and decided to mix the two together, adding a dash of lime for freshness.

It is reported he served his creation, then dubbed the Moscow Mule, to actor Broderick Crawford, who loved it. And the rest is (drunk) history…


Best Moscow Mule Mugs

Embossed Moscow Mule Mugs by Kamojo


Kamojo Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 2 - Premium Unique Embossed Design & Anti-Tarnish, Food-Grade Coating - Copper Cups Gift Set with 2 Copper Straws & Recipe E-Book, 16 oz
1,134 Reviews
Kamojo Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 2 - Premium Unique Embossed Design & Anti-Tarnish, Food-Grade Coating - Copper Cups Gift Set with 2 Copper Straws & Recipe E-Book, 16 oz
  • ★ IMPRESS FAMILY & FRIENDS with Stunning Craftsmanship – These exclusive copper mugs are embossed with gorgeous flower & filigree in an 8 day process with every line handcrafted by an artisan with...
 The Embossed Moscow Mule Mugs by Kamojo is one of the decadent sets on this list. These beautiful copper mugs are embossed with a delicate flower pattern. Further enhanced by elegant filigree-style, ornamental swirls – these mugs truly evoke a feeling of luxury.

Best moscow Mule MugsWe were amazed to learn that every line on the mugs is hand-crafted by a real artisan. Using only a hammer and small tools, it’s a process that can take up to 8 days to complete!

Normally, you’d pay big bucks for something hand-crafted, yet these mugs are surprisingly affordable. Their current list price is simply a steal for the quality, authenticity, and style you’ll get to enjoy.

Each of the Moscow Mule mugs is made of pure copper and has a protective coating to prevent staining or oxidation. The 16oz mugs are also nickel-free and will keep their brilliant shine for many drinking session to come.

The Embossed Moscow Mule set by Kamojo also includes 2 pure copper drinking/mixing straws and a free 35-page e-book with 20 special Moscow Mule recipes. The brand also offers a 1-year warranty on its products, plus offers gift-style packaging for special occasions.


Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs


  The quality Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Mugs set is another hand-made favorite on this list. These chic mugs are made of a 100% handcrafted copper, wrought and polished by an expert master craftsman.

The set by Advanced Mixology includes 2 copper mugs, 2 matching wooden coasters and a classy white gift-box: perfect for any festive occasion. The sleek packaging makes them instantly ready to give, no wrapping paper needed! It’s ideal as a luxurious present for the Moscow Mule lover in your life.

These designs are a superior choice in Best Moscow Mule Mugs. Each mug is crafted from pure copper. The copper is heated, tempered, and polished by hand: creating a beautiful finish that glisters and shines in your hand. Advanced Mixology has chosen a rounded, classic shape for the mugs. The designs also come with welded, not riveted, handles to allow for easy cleaning and extra durability.

Found in high-end restaurants and fancy bars: this professional-grade, artisan set by Advanced Mixology is an excellent choice for all your Moscow Mule serving needs!



Moscow Mule Set by Krown Kitchen


Krown Kitchen - Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set of 4 | Stainless Steel Lining | 16 oz
  • UPGRADED HANDLE - new and improved ergonomic handle provides an effortless grip while maintaining its elegance and beauty^Amazing Value - Complete 4 pack set with 4 coasters
 This kit by Krown Kitchen includes 4 copper mugs, 4 matching coasters, a soft cleaning cloth, and a free recipe E-book. The 100% copper mugs feature a special double-wall construction and stainless-steel interior coating to keep your drink cooler, longer.

The makers of the design even promise that this mug will keep the ice in your drink frozen for up to 2 hours: ideal for those that like sipping their Moscow Mule slowly and sensually! The special stainless-steel interior also prevents oxidation, ensuring your mugs will remain in tip-top shape for many cocktail hours to come.

The Krown Kitchen Moscow Mule Mugs have a smooth, polished finish. Unlike other ‘hammered-style’ exterior, these have a beautiful reflective sheen for those drinkers that want something sleeker.

This set is a great value-for-money choice and makes a budget-friendly, quality addition to your cocktail accessories collection. Simply add the ingredients and enjoy your Moscow Mule in decadent style.



His & Hers Moscow Mule Set


G GOODYGOODS Moscow Mule Copper Mugs: Make Any Drink Taste Much Bettter! 100% Pure Solid Copper His & Hers Gift Set- 2 Hammered 18 OZ Copper Cups 2 Unique Straws, Jigger & Recipe Booklet!
1,070 Reviews
G GOODYGOODS Moscow Mule Copper Mugs: Make Any Drink Taste Much Bettter! 100% Pure Solid Copper His & Hers Gift Set- 2 Hammered 18 OZ Copper Cups 2 Unique Straws, Jigger & Recipe Booklet!
  • UPGRADE 'PLANE NORMAL' TO 'SUPER FUN' - Doing things in a unique out-of-the-box manner doesn't have to involve rocket science ideas. The art of good living is taking something as ordinary as iced...
 The His & Hers Set by GoodyGoods is a fun alternative for traditional-style Moscow Mule mugs. This unique set puts its own trendy spin on the copper mug, with a special His & Hers design. The set is perfect for couples that like to sip their Moscow Mules together. And makes an original gift-option for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.

The set by GoodyGoods includes 2 Moscow Mule mugs made of pure, quality copper. The ‘His’ mug features a tie embossed design, the ‘Hers’ mug a delicate bow embossed print. The kit also comes with 2 luxurious copper straws, a jigger, a soft cleaning cloth, a ring bottle opener, and a free recipe E-book. Everything you need to create your own delicious Moscow Mule creations (expect the ingredients of course, that would be too good of a deal).

Still, even without the alcohol, this fun set offering outstanding value-for-money. You’ll receive an all-inclusive kit with an original, authentic design that stands-out from other mugs on the market.

GoodyGoods’ His & Hers Moscow Mule Mugs Set also has a 12-month Money Back Guarantee, making it a solid, genuine choice in cocktail essentials!



Smooth Finish Moscow Mule Mugs


See Also

Moscow Mule PURE Copper Mugs Set of 2 by Copper Mules - Handcrafted of 100% Pure THICK Copper - Straight Smooth Finish - EasyCare Copper Interior - Strong Authentic Riveted Handle - Holds 16 ounces
374 Reviews
Moscow Mule PURE Copper Mugs Set of 2 by Copper Mules - Handcrafted of 100% Pure THICK Copper - Straight Smooth Finish - EasyCare Copper Interior - Strong Authentic Riveted Handle - Holds 16 ounces
  • STURDY RIVETED HANDLES - If not done properly, welded handles are far less durable. We craft our mugs to withstand the test of time. We make our mugs the old fashioned way, to last and last.
 The Smooth Finish Moscow Mule Mugs is the perfect choice for cocktail lovers that like minimal design, yet maximum function. The hand-crafted set by Copper Mules contains 2 pure copper mugs with a smooth, polished finish.

Whilst other brands choose to line their mugs with stainless steel, Copper Mules has elected to keep its design as pure as possible and only uses premium copper, crafted to withstand the test of time. That said, the company has treated the copper with a food-grade lacquer on the inside and outside to prevent tarnishing and help the mugs retain their brilliance. Instead of welding the handles, the makers have also used sturdy, riveted handles for maximum durability.

To enhance your cocktail experience, Copper Mules has also included 2 copper straws, 2 wooden coasters and a free recipe E-book in its set.

The brand also adheres to a special ‘No Questions Asked Refund Policy’. This means that if you don’t like your Moscow Mule Mug set, it will happily replace your items or provide a full refund. No questions asked!

A risk-free, affordable, and contemporary choice on this Best Moscow Mule Mugs list, this sleek set by Copper Mules will definitely take your cocktail fun to the next level!


Bonus choice


Moscow Mule Pitcher by Copperveda

 A bonus pick that we simply had to include in this article is the Copper Pitcher by Copperveda. This Moscow Mule-style jug is perfect for mixing up large quantities of your favorite cocktail.

The pure copper design helps keep your cocktail cool for hours. This functional, super-elegant design is also an instant statement piece in your kitchen decor.

Take your Moscow Mule game to the next level with this sophisticated 50.7oz pitcher and impress your guests with its beautiful appeal!



How to make the Best Moscow Mule Cocktail


Best Moscow Mule Mugs

A Moscow Mule is one of the easiest cocktails to create. The original recipe only asks for 3 ingredients:

  • 2oz of vodka
  • 3oz of ginger beer
  • The juice of half a lime

Add a few ice cubes to your copper Moscow Mule mug. Pour in the 3 ingredients. Stir. Garnish with a slice of lime. And you’re done!

It literally is that simple. Enjoy!



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