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The Best Liquor Dispensers in 2023

The Best Liquor Dispensers in 2023

Jonas Muthoni
Best Liquor Dispenser

If you like to entertain guests, and love not only wine but also spirits and cocktails, you need a Best Liquor Dispenser in your home! These devices allow you to mount multiple bottles in one, handy station. Giving instant access and the perfect pouring quantity in one, single pump.

To help you navigate your way towards some of the top-rated, value-for-money options, we’ve created an overview of some of the Best Liquor Dispenser products.

Choose between 4-bottle or 6-bottles stations. And freestanding or wall-mounted options. All designed to make your liquor enjoyment quicker, and easier.

Browse our favorites below and see if this nifty accessory might be the perfect new addition to your drinking pleasure:



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Best Liquor Dispenser

1. Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser

Price- $167.33

Final Touch 6 Bottle Rotating Liquor Dispenser/Bar Caddy (FTA1816)
741 Reviews
The Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser is one of the most popular choices for the at-home bar area and kitchen counters. The best-seller is highly-rated for its convenience, value-for-money, and sleek mirror finish.



  • The design holds up to 6 liquor bottles.
  • Do note that it is designed for bottles with a 1-liter capacity, so anything larger will be difficult to place.
  • The silhouette of the dispenser features a sturdy aluminum base with a rounded shape.
  • The bottle holders are made of plastic, meaning they won’t rust or tarnish.
  • When mounted, a single ‘push and pour’ motion will release a 1.5 ounce shot of liquor from your bottle.
  • The Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser has a special leak-proof, spring-loaded dispenser to minimize spillage and maximize your comfort.

Our View

  • We like that though this design is very functional, the manufacturer has also ensured it hits the marks on decorative appeal. This dispenser makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any home, and blends in seamlessly to any decor thanks to its classic yet also sleek style.
  • Overall, reviews for the Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser are very positive. Consumers like its style and functionality, and say it is a great deal at the price listed. A minor downside is that the bottles are mounted slightly ‘low’ to the surface.
  • This means that some of your long-drink glasses or stemmed glassware might not fit underneath the dispenser.
  • That said, the general consensus is that this is a great choice in Best Liquor Dispenser products, offers a large bottle capacity combined with a beautiful mirror finish. And, based on what we’ve seen and read, we fully agree with that!

2. Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser

Price- $52.95

Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser, Accessory for Any Home Bar or Man Cave
  • IMPROVES EVERY HOME BAR: It’s easy to step up the party by adding the 4-station liquor dispenser to your home bar, serving station, or man cave. Your guests will love filling their own glasses with...
The Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser is one of the most affordable choices in Best Liquor Dispenser products.


  • This design holds up to 4 liquor bottles and offers instant pouring with the simple twist of a valve.

  • The functional serving station features 4 liquor release stations, which can be rotated for extra convenience.
  • Ribbed rubber inserts and rubber suction cups keep your labels firmly mounted in place. Minimizing the risk of spillage and leaks, whilst displaying your liquor bottles in style.
  • The design’s base and center column are made of steel with a polished chrome finish.
  • The dispensing valves and holders are made of plastic. Though sturdy enough for everyday usage, some consumers have commented on the device not being the most stable. And recommend a bit of extra care when mounting the bottles to ensure the weight is evenly distributed to keep the device in place.
  • That said, according to consumers, the device does do exactly what it is supposed to: distribute exactly the right amount of liquor in your glass. The dispensing mechanism is easy to use thanks to the push-release valves. Push and pour: it really is that simple.

Our View

Overall we think this handy Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser makes a great serving station for your liquor needs. It may not be the most solid or premium quality, but it gets the job done and won’t require you to break the bank. It is affordable, functional, and basic, but even without the bells and whistles, you’ll get plenty of usage from this entertaining essential!

3. LED Illuminated Bar Caddy

Price- $84.99

The LED Illuminated Bar Caddy is one of the more fancy choices in Best Liquor Dispenser options.


  • This sleek design holds up to 4 liquor bottles and comes with built-in LED lights to illuminate your pouring actions with a beautiful blue glow.
  • This design is super easy to use. Simply push the valve to instantly pour yourself a 1.5oz shot. The freestanding unit is made of a quality aluminum frame, enhanced by a weighted chrome base to give it extra stability.
  • Each dispensing valve is made of hygienic plastic and comes with a built-in blue LED light. When the valve is activated (by pushing) it automatically lights up. Futuristic and fancy!
  • LED lights work on battery, so you don’t have to worry about placing the dispenser near a power source.
  • The design of the LED-light valves is also leakproof, minimizing the risk of spilling your previous liquors. A spring-loaded mechanism makes mounting bottles easy, whilst ensuring they stay firmly in place during the pouring process.

Our View

  • Yes, this choice in Best Liquor Dispenser products is slightly more expensive than the other freestanding units on this list. However, for those extra dollars, you do get a brilliant light-up feature that will surely impress your guests. Making it a slightly more extravagant, but still very functional choice in liquor accessories.
  • Other liquor enthusiasts praise the LED Illuminated Bar Caddy for its fun, stylish appeal. Commenting on the LED-light function as one of the product’s stand-out selling points. Others are positive about the convenience and ease of usage.
  • Do note that some are a little less charmed by the quality of the design, mentioning that it is not as sturdy, or durable, as they would have liked.
  • Overall we think the LED Illuminated Bar Caddy is a fun choice for any home. It has big decorative appeal, a chic LED-light function, and minimizes spillage whilst pouring the perfect amount of liquor.

4. Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser

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Price- $35.99

Wyndham House Liquor Dispenser - 4-Bottle Drinks, Alcohol Station - Wall-Mounted Cocktail Tap, Push-Release Valves, Rubber Suction Cups, Home Bar, Man Cave, Bartender Accessories
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR MINI BAR - Serve your favorite shots, beverages, and liquor like a pro. This wall-mounted beverage and drink dispenser is all about keeping your drinks flowing in style


  • Unlike the previous 3 items on this Best Liquor Dispenser list, the Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser is wall-mounted, not freestanding. This means it takes up less space and can be placed on any flat wall or surface in your home. Hang it in a bar area, above your kitchen counters, or perhaps in a man cave? The choice is yours!
  • The Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser holds up to 4 liquor bottles. The horizontal liquor rack has a chrome base and plastic dispenser valves.
  • To help you mount bottles securely and firmly, the design comes with ribbed rubber bottle inserts and rubber suction cups. These keep your favorite liquors solidly in place, even whilst pouring.

Our View

This liquor dispenser features push-release valves for instant pouring, whilst reducing the risk of spillage. Other consumers rave about the design’s functionality, value, ease of usage, and simple yet effective construction.

  • We think the Wyndham House 4-Bottle Liquor Dispenser is indeed great value-for-money, considering its high-ratings and low pricing.
  • Do note that some reviewers mention that the device is not a top-quality product and may not be the most durable.
  • However, considering its affordable pricing, we think you can’t really go wrong. Yes, it will not be the same professional-grade quality as you find in bars and restaurants, but for at-home usage and entertainment, it should definitely be good enough to get the alcohol flowing!

5. Final Touch Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser


No products found.

The Final Touch Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser is another product to hang your bottles, instead of presenting them in a freestanding unit.


  •  The liquor dispenser rack is easy to mount on any flat surface in your home and holds up to 4 32oz bottles.
  • If you’re looking for a basic drink dispensing station with an affordable price-tag, this may be your match.
  • The Final Touch Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser is cheap and quite cheerful.
  • The dispenser allows you to push and pour 1.5oz shots every time with just one, simple motion. Press the spring loaded valve up to pour and voila: instant satisfaction.

Our View

  • This budget choice in Best Liquor Dispenser products features a chrome-look rack and plastic valves. It also comes with the required hardware to mount it.
  • However, be advised that any (plastic) wall anchors are not included and need to be bought separately. These are not absolutely necessary, but we would advise you to consider some extra supports to keep the drink dispenser fully stable.
  • Overall, the Final Touch Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser has decent user reviews. It is not rated as highly as other options on this list, but it also is more affordable than others. Meaning the value-for-money ratio is comparable.
  • As long as you know not to expect outstanding quality and simply want a budget dispenser for easy pouring: you won’t be disappointed.


Whichever design is the Best Liquor Dispenser for your home, depends on your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer freestanding or wall-mounted. A 4-Bottle or 6-Bottle design. And how much you’re willing to splurge.

That said, our personal favorite is the Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser.

This very affordable design is a real steal at the price listed and has great user reviews. Yes, it might not be the most fancy, but it gets the job done in style. Its 4-bottle capacity should be sufficient for most at-home bar stations, whilst its chrome-look adds a touch of contemporary appeal. Simple, yet functional, we reckon it is the best deal of all the products on this list.

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