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The Best Decorative Wine Bottles in 2021

The Best Decorative Wine Bottles in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
Best Decorative Wine Bottles


Best Decorative Wine BottlesIf you love wine, why not showcase your adoration for vino with some unique wine-inspired decor choices? It’s a fun way to instantly add a touch of style to your home. And you don’t have to break the bank to find some original decor options. For example, decorative wine bottles. Yes, you can turn an empty bottle into a real work of art if you’re a DIY enthusiast. But – if like us you’re not that handy – simply buy a ready-made decorative bottle.

To help you get inspired about the decorative possibilities, we’ve created an overview of 5 Best Decorative Wine Bottle options. From trendy bottles with LED-lights that add a warm glow to your room. To fancy wine bottle planters to bring out your green thumb. There is something for every type of interior and every budget.

Let your love for wine reflect in your home, and discover our favorite decorative wine bottle ideas below:


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Best Decorative Wine Bottles



Bright Zeal 12″ LED Wine Bottle

Bright Zeal 12" LED Wine Bottles with Lights Inside Them (Blue Glass Bottle, 6hr Timer) - Cork Lights for Wine Bottles with Timer - Decorative Glass Bottles for Wedding - Lighted Wine Bottle Decor
  • 12" TALL FAIRY BORDEAUX GLASS BOTTLE LIGHT - 12" tall blue glass wine bottle makes a dazzling centerpiece or tabletop display - 10 LED bulbs on the silver string glow: pinpoints of light emerge like...
The Bright Zeal 12″ LED Wine Bottle is a cheap and cheerful choice in home decor. This decorative wine bottle is a great choice to add a soft blue glow to your interior.

The design is made of a 12 inch, Bordeaux-style glass bottle. The interior of the bottle features 10 LED-bulbs on a silver string. When lit, the pinpoint light effect mimics the feeling of twinkling stars. And as the lights are suspended mid-air, the entire bottle silhouette will be illuminated.

One thing we really like about the Bright Zeal 12″ LED Wine Bottle is that it comes with a timer option. The 6-hour cycle means that you can choose to light it up automatically for 6 hours at a time. And the design automatically switches off for the next 18 hours. Only to light up again the next night. No fiddling with small buttons to turn it on every evening: we like it.

Gift appeal

The Bright Zeal 12″ LED Wine Bottle uses two AA-batteries, which come included with the product. As LED-light bottles can drain batteries quite quickly when you light them up every night, we’d advise investing in some rechargeable AA-batteries. Not only will they save you money in the long-term. But it’s also a more environmentally-friendly choice for your home decor.

Another bonus is that the design comes in a stylish gift-box: instantly ready to be gifted. With an affordable price-tag and high-ratings, you can’t really go wrong with this stylish, ‘budget buy’ in decorative wine bottle products.



Style Setter Colored Glass Bottles Set

The Style Setter Colored Glass Bottles Set includes 4 colorful bottles that can be used for a multitude of styling ideas. Yes, we know these are technically not wine bottles… But we still wanted to include them because of their decorative appeal.

When you order the Style Setter Colored Glass Bottles Set, you’ll receive 4 bottles with the same design, yet in different colors. We love the ornate style accents on each bottle, which give the set a luxurious (and expensive!) look and feel.

Each of the 11.8 oz bottles in the set measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 9.5 inches and can also be used as serveware for your wines, or other drinks. Do keep in mind that if you intend to use them as actual glassware instead of mere decoration, they are not dishwasher-safe and require a rinse by hand to clean them properly.

Multi-purpose decor

You can use these decorative bottles in a variety of decorative way. Add some LED-fairy lights or wine bottle lights to illuminate them with a soft glow. Or insert a few (fake) flowers to turn them into a fancy vase. Or even add a candle to the top to make them an eye-catching centerpiece on your dinner table. However you decide to use it, this Style Setter Set will no doubt add a splash of vivid color to your interior design!



AceLife LED Wine Bottle Kit

The AceLife LED Wine Bottle is another example of how LED-lights can transform empty bottles into beautiful home decor. The product includes a chic ‘gold spark’ glass bottle, 10 small LED-bulbs on a copper wire on the interior, and a sturdy wooden wine cork closure. The bottle has a simple on/off switch at the bottom. And uses 2 AA-batteries (not included.)

The difference between this product and the Bright Zeal 12″ LED Wine Bottle earlier on this list is the style of the bottle. The AceLife LED Wine Bottle comes with a golden finish that kind of reminds us of artistic paint splattering. When lit up, this unique print creates a mesmerizing, and glamorous effect. As reported by wine enthusiasts who own the bottle. Be warned though that when not in use, some report the bottle to have more of a copper color, which turns golden when lit.

Manufacturer Warranty

There are multiple things we like about the AceLife LED Wine Bottle. Firstly, it’s listed at a very affordable price, making it affordable to all. Secondly, the wooden cork makes it suitable for both indoor, and outdoor usage. Meaning it can also light up your picnics and patio area in style. Thirdly, consumers report that the product is shipped in durable, sturdy packaging, ensuring it arrives safely – and in one piece – at your front door. Lastly, this decorative wine bottle also comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty. And that serves as a testimony of how confident the makers are that you will love their product.

Light up your vino drinking fun with the AceLife LED Bottle and sip your wines illuminated by its fancy glow.


Meraki Designs Wine Bottle Wall Vases

The Meraki Designs Wine Bottle Wall Vases is one of the most stylish choices on this decorative wine bottles list. The elegant design will spruce up your interior, or exterior, with a unique, wine-inspired appeal.

See Also

Be warned though: this set only included the panels and holders, not the actual bottles. But, since you’re on a blog that is called I Love Wine, we suspect you have a few empty bottles lying around somewhere.

We actually quite like the fact this product requires you to pick your own bottles to mount. As it allows you to either display bottles that have a special meaning. For example, ones that you opened on an anniversary or birthday. It also means you can switch up bottles if you want a different color scheme, or simply get tired of looking at the same ones for months on end…

Compatible with all wine bottles

Each of the included wall boards is handmade with quality pine wood, stained in a chic light walnut color. The galvanized hardware attached fits all standard sized bottlenecks up to 3/4″ wide. This makes it compatible with regular-sized wine bottles, but also liquor labels, etc. The wall vases themselves measures roughly 6″ wide x 16″ tall (each) and any mounted bottles will hang approximately 2-3″ from the wall when installed.

The Meraki Designs Wine Bottle Wall Vases Set is easy to install and comes with ready-to-hang hardware on the back. Making mounting it on the wall simple and straightforward. Fill your chosen bottles with a bit of water to display freshly-cut flowers. Or cheat the system and add some artificial flowers for a no-maintenance choice in wine-inspired decor.



Indoor Wine Bottle Planter 

The Indoor Wine Bottle Planter by Salome Idea is a stylish, original way to add a bit of greenery to your home. The product is an empty wine bottle, cut horizontally, turned into a modern planter. The bottle comes included with a (removable) rope hanger, meaning it is suited for both freestanding and hanging, display.

The design allows for many creative decor ideas. We’re big fans of the idea of using it as a planter for succulents or other greenery. But the bottle can also be used as storage for wine accessories such as your corkscrew, double as a fancy snack tray, or even hold your pens in a home office.

9 different colors

We like that the Indoor Wine Bottle Planter by Salome Idea is available in 9 different colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your interior. These colors include traditional Wine Green, but also more contemporary options such as Cream Tan, White Coffee, and Transparent.

This budget-friendly choice in decorative wine bottles also makes a great gift idea for the wine enthusiast in your life. Next time you have a festive occasion, why not show up with a wine planter, instead of a regular wine bottle or flowers? This product combines the two in one, stylish addition to your decor.

PS: If you love the Indoor Wine Bottle Planter by Salome Idea so much that you’re thinking of ordering multiple, you might want to consider buying your own wine bottle cutter instead. Check out our list of the Best Wine Bottle Cutters here and get DIY-ing to create your own version of this trendy wine planter.


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