The Best Danby Wine Fridge in 2021

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Best Danby Wine Fridge


Best Danby Wine FridgeInv in a quality wine fridge has many benefits. Not only does the device keeps your bottles stored in style, but optimum temperature conditions also help preserve the quality, and flavors of your bottles. If you’re browsing the internet, you’ve probably encountered quite a few brands. Which are worth the splurge, and which fail to deliver? Today we’re taking a closer look at Danby Wine Fridge options, exploring what this brand has to offer.

Danby is one of the leaders in refrigeration appliances. The company was founded over 65 years ago and is still a family-owned business. Its vision is ‘to create truly innovative products that would offer big product features for small spaces.’ An ambition that reflects in their streamlined, functional designs. These are our favorite Danby Wine Fridge products:



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Top Picks: Danby Wine Fridge



Danby 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

The quality cooler features a staggered shelf, plus two vinyl-coated wire storage shelves for durable, secure placement of your bottles. Interior blue LED lighting also illuminates your wines with a soft glow.

The temperature range of the Danby 16 Bottle Wine Cooler is 43° to 57° Fahrenheit. This makes it suitable to store both reds and whites. We have to admit: it is not the largest margin we’ve seen in wine coolers, but the temperature range should be sufficient for most wine varieties.

As Danby is confident you will like its products, the brand also extends a 12-month warranty on parts and labor for this model. This means that if you have any issues, the manufacturer will find a suitable solution. We like this promise, as it serves as a testimony that the brand stands behind the quality and integrity of its designs.

Setting the temperature

A minor downside is that this design does not come with exterior LED temperature control pad. A LED display with touch-buttons, as often found in products by other brands, would be more convenient and stylish. Instead, you’ll need to set the temperature using a thermostat control knob on the back of the unit. This seems a bit of a hassle and not the most effective option. And it is something to be aware of when shopping for a wine fridge.

That said, the Danby 16 Bottle Wine Cooler still makes a great choice for amateur wine enthusiasts with modest storage needs. If you simply want a sleek, streamlined, basic fridge that helps you and your bottles, keep your chill in style. This might be your Danby Wine Fridge match!


Danby 35 Bottle Wine Cooler 

Danby DWC350BLPA 35 Bottle Wine Cooler - Platinum
  • Free-standing application only (35-bottle capacity)
The Danby 35 Bottle Wine Cooler is a spacious fridge with premium features. The device holds up to 35 regular-sized wine bottles, which is plenty of space for a moderate wine collection.

The sleek design is for freestanding use only. So if you’re looking for a unit that is built-in compatible: this is not for you. That said, it works really well as a freestanding fridge thanks to its clever design and contemporary aesthetics. For example, the reversible door hinge allows you to customize the design to your liking, opening either to the left or right-hand side.

This Danby wine fridge comes with a tinted, tempered-glass door that offers maximum protection against sunlight and UV-rays. Not only that, but the glass is also shatter-resistant and lined for a stylish platinum trim for maximum durability, and style! Its magnetic door gasket retains cooling power and humidity levels by providing a tight seal. Ensuring this design isn’t just stylish and chill, but also energy-efficient.

Sufficient temperature range

The Danby 35 Bottle Wine Cooler also comes with an auto-cycle defrost function, a bright interior LED-light for chic illumination of your bottles, and steel storage shelves. The design comes with a 42.8° to 57.2° Fahrenheit temperature range, which is sufficient for nearly all wine varieties.

So far, so good. Now, let’s move on to what we don’t like: the settings of the temperature. Just like the previously discussed 16 Bottle model, the 35 Bottle fridge does not have an exterior LED control pad. This means that it does not display the interior temperature clearly, and also means there are no one-touch buttons to quickly adjust the settings. Instead, you’ll have to use to externally mounted rear wall thermostat. We personally would have preferred the control unit on the front of the fridge, and with one-touch buttons.

Overall, for the price listed, this is a good value-for-money choice in wine coolers. It might not be the most futuristic design in regards to temperature control, but it still gets the job done in style. A spacious fridge with plenty of capacity, great user-ratings, and good energy-efficiency: this model is definitely one of the top contenders in Danby’s assortment.


Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is a stylish, high capacity fridge with quality functions to preserve your wines in optimum conditions. The design stores up to 36 regular-sized wine bottles and is available in stainless steel or all-black finish. The design is freestanding use only, meaning it is not compatible as a built-in unit.

This Danby wine fridge features plastic coated, black wire shelves. These shelves are odor resistant, rustproof, and removable for easy cleaning. A tempered glass door helps protect your wines from harmful UV-rays and sunshine.

Your stored bottles will also be beautifully illuminated by the interior blue LED lighting, elegantly showcasing your wine. The manufacturers have chosen to use LED lighting instead of an incandescent bulb, as this type of bulb might interfere with the chilling process. This is another example of smart design, making the fridge extra energy-efficient.

The temperature range of the Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is 43° to 57° Fahrenheit. For your reference, it is recommended to store whites and rosés at 46°. And reds at 60° Fahrenheit or a few degrees lower. This means that this Danby model just about covers the most important temperatures for wine storage. However, we would have liked to see the fridge have a slighter larger temperature range, as found in other brands.

Basic, but functional

Once again, just like the previous models on this list, this Danby wine fridge does not come with a control pad or LED display on the front of the fridge. Instead, it requires you to use a thermostat dial, mounted on the rear wall of the fridge, to adjust the temperature inside. Not the most desirable option.

Temperature range and controls aside, we do like this Danby 36 Bottle’s capacity and style. The design has a stylish recessed pocket-style handle and reversible door swing. Which enables you to use it from the left or right-hand side, whichever is more convenient for the location you place the unit. This model also comes with Magnetic Door Gaskets. These provide a tight-fitting seal on the door to retain all the cooling power, whilst keeping humidity levels stable.

Overall, the Danby 36 Wine Cooler is a spacious choice for effective, energy-efficient cooling. It is a great choice if you want maximum storage from a compact, streamlined silhouette. Though, if you want a fridge with some fancy extra’s: this might be too basic for your needs.


Danby 50 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Danby 50 Bottle Wine Cooler is the largest dedicated wine fridge by the brand. This high-capacity design offers space for up to 50 regular-sized wine bottles. Making it a modern-day, sleek alternative to a traditional wine cellar.

Now, as the most pricey model in the Dandy wine fridge collection, it is not the most budget-friendly cooler. However, compared to the brand’s other designs, it does reign supreme when it comes to temperature range, premium features, and versatility.

If you’ve read our comments on the previously listed Danby models, you’ve probably heard us complain a few times about lack of temperature range and flimsy temperature control knobs. We’re happy to report that this Danby 50 Bottle Wine Cooler has neither of those issues. In fact, it ticks all our boxes when it comes to the functions a wine fridge needs to have. Let us explain:

Firstly, the Danby 50 Bottle Cooler has an impressive temperature range of 39.20° to 64.40° Fahrenheit. Which is quite outstanding compared to other appliance brands. And it allows for optimum wine storage conditions, for all your wine varieties. You can keep your whites super crisp in the low 40°’s or ensure your reds are stored at the sweet spot of around 60°.

Secondly, the Danby 50 Bottle Cooler comes with a LED display unit. Allowing you to instantly check the status of the digital thermostat. And quickly program and monitor the conditions inside. This is a definite improvement on the previously mentioned Danby models, which only offer a thermostat knob control.

High-end finishes

Other high-end features of the Danby 50 Bottle Wine Cooler include a tempered glass door to block out sunlight and UV-rays. Sleek interior lighting. A stainless steel handle and frame. And a reversible hinge to allow you to make the fridge either left-hand or right-hand opening.

This premium Danby wine fridge is also suitable for both built-in and freestanding usage. Offering you extra placement possibilities in your home.

See Also

The downside is that some wine enthusiasts report the design to be a bit noisy. Though opinions vary, it is worth noting that some consumers agree it is not the quietest of fridges.

That said, this Danby wine fridge does take the top position on our list for its functions, value, and premium finishes. It comes with all the bells and whistles you might desire, plus is listed for a price comparable to other high-capacity wine fridges. If you have the money to splurge and want to take your wine collection to the next level, this may the design you’re looking for.



Danby Beverage Center 

Danby DBC514BLS 5.3 Cu. Ft. Silhouette Beverage Center - Black/Stainless
  • 5.3 cu. ft. capacity holds up to 112 beverage cans and 11 bottles of wine
The Danby Beverage Center is not your typical wine fridge, but we still wanted to include it on this list. The design is a multi-functional choice in chillers. As it can store both beverage cans and wine bottles in one, sleek silhouette.

This Danby model is big on the capacity for all your drinking needs. If you like beer AND wine, this may be the versatile design you’re looking for. The Danby Beverage Center has a capacity for 112 beverage cans and 11 regular-sized wine bottles. However, you can use it to chill anything you want, including food and other liquor. We like the idea of chilling your wine, and your cheese and party platters for when you’re hosting a vino tasting or dinner party. All in one, sleek compartment: instead of having to spread your supplies over different fridges.

Professional-grade design

The design is big and spacious but still has a streamlined look and feel. The fridge features tempered glass shelving with a chrome trim. A quality paned glass door with a steel trim. A digital LED temperature display and digital thermostat to easily check or program the temperature of the fridge. And a cool blue, interior LED lighting to showcase your cans and bottles.

Perfect for at-home bar area’s or kitchen, this professional grade beverage system is ideal for wine enthusiasts that like to entertain.

The Danby Beverage Center has a temperature range of 39º to 64º Fahrenheit. One thing to be aware of: this design might not be ideal for red wines. As reds need to be stored at around 60º Fahrenheit, it means that your other items – such as beer cans or food – might not be chilled correctly. So, if you’re a big red drinker, you might want to consider a dedicated Danby Wine Fridge instead of a Beverage Center. However, if you want a fridge that offers maximum choice to mix and match your favorite drink types: this may be an option to consider.






Danby is an established brand in electrical appliances, making it a reliable, authentic choice in wine fridges. Each appliance comes with in-depth user manuals, dedicated customer support, and online resources to make the most out of your purchase.

That said, some of the brand’s products might lack a few high-end features that are found in comparable models by other brands, such as digital LED controls or a large temperature range. However, what they like in futuristic details, they do makeup in capacity and streamlined design.

If we had to recommend a Danby wine fridge, the Danby 50 Bottle Wine Cooler would be our preferred option. Yes, it might be one of the larger, more expensive models. But it does come with all the functions we rate highly in wine fridges. Including an LED-control pad, an impressive temperature range, and a tempered glass door. Also, it’s listed price makes it a great-value deal for what you get: lots of space, and a stylish silhouette.

However, if you’re looking for the perfect wine fridge to enhance your drinking pleasure. We would recommend researching some other brands before you buy, such as EdgeStar, Vinotemp, Waring Pro, and EuroCave. The better you are informed, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of the product you decide on.



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