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The Best Cork Cage Wreaths in 2021

The Best Cork Cage Wreaths in 2021

Jonas Muthoni

Best Cork Cage Wreath

Yes, we know it’s not quite the season yet, but there are some great deals on the Best Cork Cage Wreath designs that we couldn’t ignore. These fun decorations are the ideal way to spruce up your decor, not just at Christmas, but any time of the year! To help you navigate your way to the best deals, we’ve bundled some of our favorite products in this one, handy overview.

There are Best Cork Cage Wreath choices for every type of wine enthusiast. If you love the style and want something with a holiday touch, there’s a stylish wrath for that. If you want a ready-made version that instantly adds a decorative touch all year round: we’ve got you covered. And, if you don’t mind a bit of DIY, we’ve also included some suggestions to create your own cork wreath at home.

Get inspired about the decorative possibilities and explore some of the top-rated Best cork Cage Wreath options below:



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Best Cork Cage Wreath



Epic Products Cork Cage Wreath

The Epic Products Cork Cage Wreath is a highly-rated decorative piece, perfect for sprucing up your home decor. The design features an elaborate, ornamental style with various eye-catching details.

This choice in Best Cork Cage Wreath options measures 13.25″ in diameter and is made of quality metal. Though often a holiday-themed decoration, this cage is actually suited for year-round usage. It features a metallic bow accent, enhanced by vines and leaf details all over the cage. That’s not all, the sculpted metal wiring also contains various glass beads. These spheres beautifully catch the light and add a twinkle to your home.

The design is very easy to fill. Simply drop your corks through the top opening and voila: you’re done. If you wish to clean or empty the cage, the bottom hinges open to release the corks instantly. Hang this wreath inside, or outside, and take your wine-themed home decor to the next level.


Other wine enthusiasts rave about the Epic Products Cork Cage Wreath. Praising it for its style, value, durability, and decorative appeal. We think this stylish cage also makes a great gift for another wine lover in your life.

You might think: ‘Wait, do I have to order this product now if I am only planning on using it during the holiday season?’. Well, to be frank: ‘Yes’. Even if you don’t want to hang it on your door yet, now is the time to take advantage of stock availability. We’ve noticed these type of wine decorations tend to sell out when the holiday or gifting season approaches. So, by getting your hands on this affordable Epic Products Cork Cage Wreath now, you avoid the risk of it slipping through your fingers!



TRUE Wine Cork Wreath

The TRUE Wine Cork Wreath is a surprisingly affordable choice in Best Cork Cage Wreath options. Honestly, we don’t often see wine-decor priced this attractively, making this product a real steal. If you’re looking for a budget buy to spruce up your (holiday) decorations, this may be your ideal match.

The design measures approximately 11.5” in diameter and holds up to 70 regular wine corks. Though you can hang it on the wall all throughout the year, we think its slightly more suited to the winter months. The cage features a red bow detailing and also has vined leaves on the frame. It’s a bit smaller and less elaborate than the previous cage on this list, but it is also a lot cheaper. We can’t fault its value-for-money and think its a compact yet stylish way to display your favorite corks inside, or outside your home.

Chic bronze finish

We also like the bronze finish on the metal. This gives the TRUE Wine Cork Wreath a vintage feel, great for those who like a bit of a rustic touch in their decor. Unfortunately, we can’t find any details on how to insert/remove corks, but we assume just like any cork cage it has a hole at the top and a hinged door at the bottom.

Reviews on the design are limited, yet positive. Consumers give the design top marks for its decorative style and gift-appeal. Commenting that it makes a great ‘Secret Santa’ gift during the holiday season, which we couldn’t agree with more.

Our advice? Get your holiday shopping done early and order this very affordable design today if you like its style and pricing. You never know when it might sell out, so if you snooze, you might lose. Cheap and cheerful: you can’t really go wrong with the TRUE Wine Cork Wreath.


Ready Made Option


Custom Wine Cork Wreath Hand Made 

No products found.

Okay, we’ll admit: this Custom Wine Cork Wreath isn’t a cage. But we still wanted to include it on this list for its decorative value. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wreath, and don’t necessarily need a caged option: this may be the piece for you.

The design by Craft Sass measures 18” in diameter and is hand-made for each order. This means you’ll receive a unique piece of wall art, adding to its decorative appeal. However, it also entitles that the placement of the corks and grapes might vary from the picture. The design is simple to mount on your wall, as the back comes with a wrapped wire hanger.

Real, authentic corks

We really like that the Custom Wine Cork Wreath by Craft Sass only uses authentic, real corks. These aren’t typical craft corks – bought unused and produced merely for DIY products. They actually come from real bottles of wine, and a variety of vineyards. Some corks, therefore, might also have wine staining on them. Which we think adds even more authenticity to the wreath.

We’ll admit: the Custom Wine Cork Wreath by Craft Sass is a bit on the pricey side. Especially compared to other options on this Best Cork Cage Wreath list. However, for this price, you do get an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece of artisan home decor. If you want a product that is ready-to-hang, and you’re looking for something truly unique, this may be your match.


DIY Options


If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can also choose to create your own wine cork wreath. With a bit of DIY magic, you can turn an ordinary wreath into your own piece of art. Below are two types of wreath suitable for creating a wine cork wreath, which might tickle your fancy if you want to unleash your creative side…

See Also



Floracraft Straw Wreath, 24-Inch, Natural

Floracraft Straw Wreath, 24-Inch, Natural
  • FLORACRAFT Floracraft Straw Wreath, 24-Inch, Natural SW24C/10
The Floracraft Straw Wreath is a large straw wreath ideal for DIY projects. The design measures 24” in diameter and is made of naturally bleached straw for an authentic, rustic appeal.

We like the idea of using a straw wreath for your own DIY cork wreath. Use the straw as a base and attach your corks via hot glue, or wired metal framing. By creating your own wreath, you’re able to add as many style accents as you want. Fake grapes, fake vines, or even real flowers: the options are endless.

Though affordably priced, the Floracraft Straw Wreath doesn’t compromise on quality. The wreath is made of quality, firm straw. This may sound like a marketing ploy, but the quality of the straw actually allows the wreath to be firmer and shed less. The natural color of the wreath is achieved by letting the straw bleach naturally, instead of treating it with chemicals or stains.

A large DIY project

Do note that this Floracraft Straw Wreath is on the larger side. Which means more cork will be needed to cover the entire wreath. Our tip: if you are not a big drinker or don’t have access to a large supply of authentic corks, we’d recommend browsing the internet for bulk bundles.

Have you got a knack for DIY-ing and don’t mind putting in the hours? Then this cork wreath base might be the perfect purchase to get you started. If you need some extra advice on how to start your creative venture, check out this handy editorial on How to Make a Wreath Out of Wine Corks.



MTB Wire Wreath Frame 

The MTB Wire Wreath Frame is a crafty choice to create your own cork cage wreath. The green boxed wireframe is an excellent base to get you started, though you might need multiple to create a full cage design.

The design is made of powder coating steel wires that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor hanging. The frame measures 12” in diameter and is durable enough to hold your corks and other decorative accents. You can attach corks with glue, wire, or mesh: whatever has your preference. By attaching two of these wreaths together, with some extra wired framing in between, you can create an instant cork cage type of design.

Budget DIY option

We like the idea that this MTB Wire Wreath Frame is fully customizable to your own imagination. Ideal for affordable DIY projects, it acts as a base on which to build on. Literally and figuratively. And, for the price listed, it is a budget buy to experiment with.

That said, it will still take time and effort to turn this budget wreath into a stunning piece of home decor. But if you like a challenge, this is a great option to see if you can create a (caged) wreath that looks as good, or even better, than the ready-made options on this list!



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