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The Best Cocktail Books in 2021

The Best Cocktail Books in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
best cocktail books


best cocktail books

It’s always time for cocktails. Refreshing Sangria in Summer, Moscow Mule in Winter, or even a Mimosa during Sunday brunch all year long: you don’t need an excuse to sip in style. But what you do need is a Best Cocktail Book to help you conjure up the most delicious drinks right at home.

Mixology may seem a bit daunting, but creating your own cocktails is quite easy, as long as you know what steps to take. This is why we’d recommend any cocktail lover to invest in a quality recipe book filled with inspiration, step-by-step guides, and fun facts about mixology.

With so many books on the market, which ones are worth the splurge? Well, we’ve bundled our 5 favorite titles in this Best Cocktail Book overview. Highly-rated by us, and other cocktail enthusiasts, they are filled with tasty inspiration.

These also make original gift-ideas for that cocktail lover in your life and are a fun way to mix things up and take your cocktail game to the next level!


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Best Cocktail Books


Rosé Cocktails: 40 deliciously different pink-wine based drinks

If you love rosé, you’ll love this cocktail recipe book by Julia Charles. This wine and food writer has bundled her favorite recipes into ‘Rosé Cocktails: 40 deliciously different pink-wine based drinks’, a title that will surely thrill those with an affinity for the crisp, refreshing and delicious vino variety.

This Best Cocktail Book option is all about celebrating rosé in many tasty ways. Perfect for any summertime party or outdoor drinking occasion, it is filled with inspiration on how to turn an ordinary rosé into a true cocktail delight. As already mentioned by the title, the book contains 40 recipes for both popular cocktails such as the frosé (frozen rosé), plus some surprising flavor combinations.

Want a taste of what to expect? Well, what about cocktails where rosé get subtly spiked with gin, whiskey, or even tequila? Whilst there are also fruity variations that involve cassis, citrus, and grapefruit. The author has ensured there is a perfect recipe for every occasion. From rosé summer punch for large get-togethers with friends to cocktails with a twist such as the minty ‘Rojito’. From sweet to dry, crisp to lusciously indulgent: there’s a match for every drinker. Whether you want a cocktail to slip slowly, or a refreshing drink to clench your thirst. It’s all here, and more, in Rosé Cocktails: 40 deliciously different pink-wine based drinks.

An expert narrator

The author, Julia Charles, is a seasoned writer and editor with a specialization in food and drink. Julia has traveled all over the globe, sampling international delight including negronis in Naples, and Pisco Sours in Peru. She’s now translated her love for cocktails and rosé in one, fun little book to share her favorites with you: other wine enthusiasts.

Though reviews are limited, they speak highly of the book. Praising it as a fun addition to any bar cart or wine collection, and saying it is a fun guide to experiment with new flavors. Do note that the reviewer also mentioned the book is a very brief introduction to rosé cocktails, so if you’re expecting a big and bulky read: this is not your match. But if you’re looking for an affordable booklet with tasty, simple recipes to entertain you, and your guests this summer, this may be your ideal guide!


Prosecco!: Italy’s Iconic Sparkling Wine, with Cocktail Recipes and Lore

Ah, Prosecco, another one of our personal favorites for sparkling, delicious refreshment. If you share our enthusiasm for this beautiful wine variety, why not indulge yourself with a copy of ‘Prosecco!: Italy’s Iconic Sparkling Wine, with Cocktail Recipes and Lore’. This fantastic choice in Best Cocktail Book options will whisk you away on a delectable adventure to Italy, educating you on 88 unique Prosecco recipes to try at home.

The book by acclaimed restaurateur and food writer Michael Turbuck is a celebration of the beloved Italian classic. Turbuck has scoured the trattorias and enotecas of Italy, discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy the bubbly favorite. This wine variety might be light, but its crisp and acidic character lends itself beautifully to other flavor combinations.

Included in Prosecco!: Italy’s Iconic Sparkling Wine, with Cocktail Recipes and Lore, are 88 recipes to make your prosecco sparkle. From combining it with berries, herbs, bitters, infusions, or even liquors: there are a plethora of step-by-step guides to choose from. Whether you prefer an aperitivo or digestivo, Turbuck has got your taste buds covered.

Classic versus contemporary

We love the fact that the author has chosen to both include classic, regional recipes passed down from generation-to-generation, as well as new and inventive cocktails by the hands of contemporary mixologists. The blend of rich heritage and new, exciting ideas results in a must-read for every cocktail enthusiast. Making it the perfect gift for the prosecco lover in your life, or a handy addition to your own mixology collection.

Other consumers say this choice in Best Cocktail Book options is fun little read. It’s not the most luxurious title, but according to reviews, it still offers plenty of inspiration to get creative and shake things up. Overall, we think for the price listed, you really can’t go wrong. And we’d definitely recommend this title as a must-have for all Prosseco fans.


The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions

The Art of Mixology is one of the best-value titles in this Best Cocktail Book list. The guide, subtitled Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions contains over 200 recipes, which should be more than sufficient for most amateur mixologists.

We really like the fact that every recipe in The Art of Mixology is illustrated with photography. This shows you what a drink is intended to look like, and also helps you identify cocktails easier. Though the recipes are simple in text, they contain all the relevant information to try your hand at creating your own version. Whilst other cocktail books might contain other facts and trivia, this title gets straight to the point: highlighting the cocktails in a visually appealing way. We’d call it more an encyclopedia of mixed drinks, instead of an entertaining read. But that might be exactly your cup of tea, or should we say ‘cup of Martini’, if you want a great overview of the most popular cocktails.

Another thing we appreciate about this Best Cocktail Book options is that recipes are grouped into handy sections. For example Gin & Vodka, Rum, Bubbles, Mocktails, etc. This makes it easier to find a drink to entertain your taste buds, and also aids in identifying certain cocktails you’ve forgotten the name of, but of which you still recall some of the ingredients.

A great variety

The individual cocktail recipes include some of the most popular choices such as the Cosmopolitan and the Singapore Sling. But also modern variations on classics, including the Baby Bellini. We also like the inclusion of classics like the Highland Fling, a Prohibition Era scotch cocktail that is just as delicious today, as it was all those years ago.

With over 200 different recipes, we dare say there is something for everyone in this fun title. Also, a bonus is that besides being informative, the book itself also looks very fancy and sophisticated. The cover features a retro-style black and gold illustration, which gives off ‘Great Gatsby’ vibes and transports us to an era of indulgence and abundance. Showcase it on a bar cart, bookcase, or your kitchen counter and enjoy its decorative value, whilst having it close at hand when you do decide to mix things up.

Other consumers rate The Art of Mixology highly for its variety in recipes, beautiful photography and cover, and value. A budget buy in cocktail books, we reckon you’ll get plenty of usage out of this stylish title. If you want a lot of inspiration, for a little price: this may be the book for you.


See Also

101 Cocktails To Try Before You Die

101 Cocktails To Try Before You Die is a humorous read that will surely delight all cocktail enthusiast. Author François Monti strikes a joyful balance between informative and entertaining. And takes handy cocktail recipes to the next level with his funny anecdotes and stories.

Bundled in this Best Cocktail Book options are 101 cocktails to try, before you die, as the title already suggests. We like that the author has chosen to include a mix of well-known, and lesser-known cocktails. For example, you’ll read about the popular Manhattan, and Old Fashioned. But will also be educated on more obscure drinks such as the Scofflaw, and the Irish Mermaid. Allowing you to both recreate your favorites and discover new favorites, in one, affordable book.

What we like about 101 Cocktails To Try Before You Die is that it also educates you via fun cocktail trivia. The author takes you on an adventure through the history of mixology. Not only does each cocktail highlighted contain a full recipe, but the author also includes a detailed history, anecdotes, and retellings of cocktail myths and legends on the pages.

Big gift-appeal

We think this title also makes an excellent gift for any cocktail aficionado in your life. Not just a handy guide, but also a fun read, you’re guaranteed to score points with this original choice in gifts. 101 Cocktails To Try Before You Die is even affordable in a Kindle-format, offering you multiple ways to enjoy Monti’s humorous writing style.

Though reviews are limited, one consumer confirmed the book is ideal for easy-to-follow recipes, plus boasts a nice visual layout and cover. Affordable, comprehensive, and entertaining: what more could you ask for of a Best Cocktail Book?


Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

If you love your literature as much as you like your cocktails, Tequila Mockingbird is literally your match made in heaven. This certainly is one of the most unique choices on this Best Cocktail Book overview. And one of our own personal favorites.

We don’t know how the author Tim Federle came up with it, but the idea is certainly out-of-the-box: pairing classic cocktails with beloved novels. Though it might sound a bit vague, the result is surprisingly entertaining, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reader who didn’t enjoy their copy. As is confirmed by the hundreds of 5-star reviews.

The book itself features 65 beloved cocktail recipes paired with humorous commentary on 65 equally beloved novels. All pun-inspired, the combinations will delight literary fans with a knack for double entendres. A sample of the pairings found are The Last of the Mojitos, Romeo and Julep, A Rum of One’s Own, and The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose.

A fan favorite

The title is further enhanced by bar bites suggestions, beautiful illustrations, and even drinking games. Making it the ultimate accessory to a sophisticated dinner party with friends.

Awarded the Goodreads Choice Award (Food & Cookbooks) and listed as Entertainment Weekly’s Great Gifts for Book Lovers, Tequila Mockingbird is praised by experts as one of the most original cocktail guide releases of the past few years. Consumers rave about the title’s unique tone-of-voice, great story-telling, elegant layout, and delicious recipes. It is also recommended by many as a fantastic gift for a cocktail lover in your life.

That said, some reviewers do say that once they gifted it to a friend, they were so jealous, they actually ordered another copy for themselves. So, on the safe side, you might as well order two pieces of this affordable, fun choice in Best Cocktail Book options.



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