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The Best Champagne Flutes in 2021

The Best Champagne Flutes in 2021

iLoveWine Staff
Best Champagne Glasses


Best Champagne GlassesNot only do we think every vino enthusiast should invest in some quality wine glasses, but we’re also big advocates of investing in some fancy champagne flutes! Not only do they make any occasion feel more festive, but their elegant, elongated silhouettes truly bring out maximum flavor and crispness of Champagne. That is exactly why we’ve compiled an overview of the Best Champagne Flutes choices!

This list has something for every toaster. From affordable, plastic stemware that is ideal for larger get-togethers on a budget, to luxurious crystal glasses reserved for special occasions, weddings, or fancy dinners. Whether you want to splurge or save: there’s a flute for you!

Discover our favorite, highly-rated Best Champagne Flutes products below, and expand your stemware collection with one of these lovely sets to raise the glass in style!


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Best Champagne Flutes

Eparé Champagne Flutes

Eparé Stemless Champagne Flutes Glass - Set of 2 Double Wall Mimosa Glasses - Lightweight & Easy to Hold Bridesmaid Champagne Flute - Prosecco Glasses for Bridal Shower
  • 🥂 Upscale Design for Every Occasion: The double-walled borosilicate glass makes these champagne flutes glass condensation resistant & perfectly proportioned. Entertain your guests in style & enjoy...
The Eparé Champagne Flutes are a stylish, stemless choice in glassware. The double-walled 5oz flutes allow for maximum temperature control and offer great insulation for your drinks.

The set includes 2 flutes. The designs are made of durable borosilicate glass, with a premium grade quality. This means that although the flutes are thin and delicate on the eye, they’re actually very strong and ideal for everyday usage.

Not only is borosilicate glass durable, but it can also withstand very low or high temperatures. This makes the flutes dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and even freezer-safe. We really like this functionality, as it means you can chill glasses in the fridge or freezer before popping the champagne. Keeping your champagne cool and crisp for extended periods of time.

Style and function

We also like that the Eparé Champagne Flutes are the product of a family-owned business. The brand was created from the vision to create the best contemporary kitchen accessories possible and was founded in 2012 by family bundling forces and taking the leap to start their own glassware company. We’re all about supporting the underdog, as these smaller artisan companies are big on innovation, style, and pushing boundaries to create new and unique designs on the market. This beautiful set of flutes demonstrates that sometimes it pays to think outside of the box, or should we say: flute, and we can’t help but love the sleek stemless silhouette.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, other consumers share our enthusiasm about this great value set. Reviewing it highly for its stylish appeal, quality, durability, and their ideal stemless balance without the risk of tipping.



TOSSWARE Plastic Flute Set

TOSSWARE POP 9oz Flute, Premium Quality, Recyclable, Unbreakable & Crystal Clear Plastic Champagne Glasses,Flute , 12 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Perfect for your next birthday party, bridal shower, outdoor celebration and any occasion. Toast and clink to your heart’s content — No Glass ,no chips, no cracks, just cheers.
The TOSSWARE Plastic Flute Set includes 12 stemless, plastic flutes that are perfect for outdoor drinking occasions or parties. These stylish designs might look like the real deal, but their plastic silhouettes mean they are much shatterproof than their glass counterparts.

The set by TOSSWARE is made of 100% BPA-free, recycled PET polymer. By using a premium quality plastic, the manufacturer has ensured the flutes have a crystal-like clarity. You’ll only notice they are actually polymer when you get up-close and lift the lightweight design. The stemless flutes have a classic shape with a smooth, rounded rim for easy drinking.

Though most consumers will use the flutes once and toss them in the recycling bin, you can actually re-use them. Simply rinse them by hand with some warm water and soap, and voila: you’re ready to go again. Though, for the very affordable price listed, you might feel more inclined to choose the quickest clean-up option available and just bin them.

Interlock Stack Feature

Each of the TOSSWARE plastic flutes holds up to 9oz of champagne and has a special interlock stack feature. This means that you can securely click glass vertically together. Saving counter space or making them more easy to carry around. A simple, yet effective solution that adds even more functional appeal to this budget set.

This set includes 12 flutes, but the design is also available in a 48-pack or even a 252-pack. Meaning that if you need large quantities for special occasions such as weddings, company outings, or large parties: this may be your perfect match. Affordable, functional, and with nearly a 1000 5-star reviews… You can’t really go wrong with this shatterproof choice in Best Champagne Flutes.




Hand Blown Crystal Flutes

The Hand Blown Crystal Flutes by Bella Vino is a stylish set of 2 elegant glasses. This chic 7oz design features a rounded, traditional shape that maximizes the fizz of your champagne. Allowing more delicious bubbles and pops of crispness to reach your lips…

The fancy Bella Vino flutes are made of lightweight, yet durable crystal. Not only does the crystal used have a high-quality standard, but it’s also lead-free, ensuring maximum clarity of the glass. The manufacturer also states the flutes are very scratch-resistant, guaranteeing long-term enjoyment out of your purchase. Though the flutes are also dishwasher-safe, it is recommended to hand wash them to keep them in optimum condition.

Handblown appeal

Another bonus is that the Bella Vino flutes have a shorter stem that keeps them perfectly balanced on a flat service, or in your hand. We also appreciate that the designs are individually handblown. This adds an extra touch of craftsmanship to their appeal. And it does mean you’ll receive a unique, one-of-a-kind flute created especially for you! Though, a word of warning. Handblown glasses might have some minor irregularities and won’t be a carbon copy of each other. So, if you’re big on uniformity, you might want to choose a machine-manufactured option instead.

Overall, this affordably priced Best Champagne Flutes set offers excellent value-for-money. Praised by other drinks enthusiasts for its chic style and durability, it has very impressive user-ratings.

The flutes also come with a ‘Broken Glass Replacement Guarantee’, where the manufacturer offers to issue a refund or replacement if you’re not happy with the quality of the product. Which serves as a testimony of how confident the makers are that you will love this traditional set of chic crystal flutes.



Chambong Champagne Shooters

Chambong - Champagne Flutes, Womens Gifts for Christmas, Stocking Stuffers for Adults, White Elephant Gift for Adults, Holiday Gifts for Women Who Have Everything (2 Pcs, 6oz Glass with Gift Box)
  • CHAMPAGNE, PROSECCO, AND MORE: Whether Champagne, Prosecco, or your favorite sparkling beverage, Chambong is the only accessory you need to enjoy them in style. Designed for a fizz-free, mess-free,...
Yes, we know the Chambong Champagne Shooters don’t fit the bill of traditional flutes, but we simply had to include them on this list for their unique appeal. This design is all about quick consumption, a.k.a. the shooting of champagne. A playful addition to parties or a novelty gift for friends, the product by Chambong will no doubt liven up any occasion!

The design features an elongated silhouette, with a large, hollow stem attached. Simply place the tip of the stem in your mouth, hold the design upwards, and pour in as much champagne as you can handle! The glass has an approximate 6oz capacity, but as long as you keep drinking, you can keep pouring…

Great quality novelty

Though it might seem like a novelty product, the Chambong Champagne Shooter actually boasts quite an impressive quality. The design is handcrafted using premium borosilicate glass. The material is extra sturdy and can withstand both low and high temperatures for maximum durability.

This set includes 2 champagne shooters, packaged in a stylish white box with gold lettering. This adds to its gift-appeal and makes it a luxurious choice to indulge the party-loving, champagne-loving friends in your life. According to other consumers, the set definitely sets tongues wagging, and alcohol-levels rising. Priced a bit higher than other glasses on this set, it might set you back a bit more, but we think it is original, fun usage is definitely worth the extravaganze.



Elixer Cylindrical Champagne Flutes

ELIXIR GLASSWARE Champagne Flutes - 6 oz - Set of 4 Crystal Glass Flutes, Hand Blown Edge Champagne Glasses - Premium Crystal Champagne Glasses - Sparkling Wine Glasses, Crystal Champagne Flutes
  • CRYSTAL CHAMPAGNE GLASSES: Our crystal wine glasses are designed to make every champagne sip extraordinary. From housewarming gifts and engagement gift set to wedding champagne flutes - these premium...
The Elixer Cylindrical Champagne Flutes are a contemporary choice to sip your champagne with class. These elegant cylindrical glasses add a touch of sophistication to any celebratory occasion, but when a flute looks this pretty, we reckon you don’t even need a special reason to enjoy them.

These 6oz designs by Elixer might have a slightly smaller capacity than other options on this Best Champagne Flutes list, but they make up with their big stylish appeal. The flutes are made of 100% lead-free crystal, ensuring an ultra-clarity and beautiful shine.

We like that the set is handmade, profiting from outstanding craftsmanship to create a sleek silhouette. Their elongated, ergonomic shape brings out maximum fizz in your champagne.

This set includes 4 crystal flutes, packaged in a modern black box. This elegant box has big gift-appeal and makes the set instantly gift-worthy for your champagne-loving friends.

Light as air

Consumers rave about the set’s delicate style and contemporary look and feel. They agree the ‘light as air’ flutes are perfect for dinner parties, impressing guests with their cylindrical silhouettes.

The only minor downside is that the set can be quite fragile, as the glass is relatively thin and definitely not shatterproof. But if you handwash and handle it with care, it should give you lots of stylish enjoyment. If you’re still in doubt, the set also comes with an Elixir 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, which should give you an extra piece of mind about splurging on this premium choice in glassware.



Marquis by Waterford Flute Set


The Marquis by Waterford Flute Set is a premium choice in champagne serveware and includes 4 flutes with a 10oz capacity. The set by renowned brand Waterford is crafted with the finest crystal, resulting in eye-catching clarity and a hefty, well-balanced weight.

That does means that these glasses are not the most light-weight of choices on this Best Champagne Flutes list. However, if you want something that looks and feels luxurious, this set may be your perfect match.

We like that the flutes in this set have a larger 10oz capacity, meaning less refilling and more bubbles per pour. The silhouette is crafted to allow for maximum crispness and fizz of champagne, whilst catching the light beautifully with its unique diamond-pattern at the base of the glass.

This amazing value-for-money set combines the traditional style cutting from the much more pricey Markham Collection by Waterford, with the affordable appeal of the Marquis range by the brand. Made in Italy using hand-crafted crystal, it oozes sophistication but doesn’t require you to drain your bank account. When we first discovered the set, we were pleasantly surprised by the price-tag. We had expected this Italian favorite to be out of our price range, but it is actually affordable!

Mix and match

Another bonus is that the Marquis by Waterford Flute Set comes in a beautiful Marquis Gift Box. Ideal for every celebratory occasion. Just add some wrapping paper and surprise your champagne-loving friends with a touch of Italian style! Also good to know: the Marquis range by Waterford also offers matching decanters, goblets, wine glasses, and more. Allowing you to mix and match your diamond-patterned crystal favorites in one, very fancy glassware collection that will surely make every drink taste more luxurious than ever before.






Though all the options on this Best Champagne Flutes list are highly-rated by other consumers, we can’t help but favor the Marquis by Waterford Markham Flute Set . The brand is a renowned name in glassware and these flutes look so much more expensive than they actually are. If you want premium quality, an eye-catching silhouette, and a fancy flute to truly impress your friends: this may be your match.

That said, for outdoor drinking occasions and larger parties, we love the idea of the TOSSWARE 9oz Plastic Flute Set. Not only do they offer the quickest clean-up (chuck them in the recycling bin), but their crystal-like appearance means they truly look like the real deal. Disposable and chic, those aren’t words we often combine. However, this set does achieve exactly that.

Overall, each item on this list will allow you to raise the glass, or flute, in style. Some of you might prefer a classic stemmed silhouette, whilst others will lean more towards the stemless, contemporary flutes. You can’t really go wrong with any, so pick your favorite, place your order, and get prepared to propose a toast to you, and your great taste in serveware!

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