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The Best Bottle Pourers in 2021

The Best Bottle Pourers in 2021

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Every wine enthusiast should have a bottle pourer in their kitchen drawer. This handy wine accessory allows you to pour your wine safely, and in style. Minimizing the risk of spillage and – for some designs – even aerating your wine instantly. To help you navigate your way towards the top-rated options on the market, we’ve created a handy overview of the Best Bottle Pourers 2019.

This overview contains 10 of our favorite Best Bottle Pourers for every budget. You’ll discover that there’s a big difference in price and style, though all offer great functionality. From budget, basic pourers that simply prevent spillage, to innovative designs that not only pour but also aid in preserving and aerating your wines.

Browse some of the top-rated products below and find a match for your own personal preferences. Less wine spilled, more wine enjoyed – that’s a benefit that should appeal to every wine-lover!


tipTip: If you’re looking for more wine accessories to pour your vino in style, check out our other features on the Best Wine Aerators 2019, and the Best PortoVino Wine Purses (which lets you pour straight from a stylish purse).


Best Bottle Pourers

Prodyne Wine Pourer/Stopper Set

Prodyne Pourer Wine Stopper
  • Set of 2 wine pourers/stoppers for gracefully serving and storing wine
The Prodyne Set includes 2 bottle pourers that also double as useful stoppers. The design allows you to easily serve and re-cork your favorite wines, without having to finish the entire bottle.

The Prodyne pourer is engineered to prevent dripping, spillage, and also provide an air-tight seal when not in use. The product is constructed of a quality chromed metal that offers great durability and is sturdy enough for everyday usage. The sleek spouts enable drip-free pouring, whilst the rubberized base keeps the pourer firmly in place.

When you want to ‘stop’ the drinking fun, insert the stopper into the pourer and voila: your wine will be preserved for days on end thanks to the airtight seal. The stopper part of the design is also easy to remove. A smooth finger loop on the design allows you to swiftly quickly pull it out, no effort needed.

The Prodyne Set is an affordable, budget buy in Best Wine Pourers. For the price listed, you can’t really go wrong. Other consumers rate the set highly for its pouring convenience and value-for-money. A minor downside is that the stopper might not work as conveniently as the pourer. But since you’re here for a wine pourers post, that should not deter you from considering this functional wine accessories set.



Wine Aerator Pourer by Invinety

Wine Aerator Pourer by Invinety | All in one Diffuser, Decanter and Oxygenator | Enhance Wine Flavors with a Smoother Finish | Premium Aerating Decanter Spout (1)
  • DELIGHTFUL GIFT - Perfect for treating yourself or putting a smile on someone's face - Invinety is designed by artists in Canada - Our wine aerator is gently placed in a unique deluxe premium satin...
The Wine Aerator Pourer by Invinety looks very high-end and expensive, yet is surprisingly affordable. The innovative design combines the benefits of drip-free pouring with instant aeration. Bringing out the flavors in your wine, whilst preventing spillage.

How does it work? The magic lies in the sleek shape of the pourer. When you’re pouring the wine, it instantly gets aerated in the long, funneled aeration chamber. Smart vents at the top of the pourer are precisely engineered to let in air, maximizing oxygen intake. Whilst a removable splash-guard prevents any dripping or spillage during this instant aeration process. Smart and sleek: we love the ingenuity of this stylish design.

A rubber stopper at the base of this Invinety’s Wine Pourer also ensures the pourer stays firmly in place during use. The device is also easy to clean and comes highly recommended by other wine enthusiasts.

We also like that the Invinety’s Instant Aerator Wine Pourer includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by the manufacturer. Which means that if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can contact the makers to find a proper solution. Which serves as a testimony of the brand’s confidence in the quality, and functionality of this fancy wine pourer!


Silicone Wine Pourer Set

Wine Stopper and Pourer 2 Pack – Pink and Black Silicone Wine Accessories to Serve Wine More Easily by Simply Charmed
  • Great for a crowd or a party of two. Pouring and preserving wine just got easier with this silicone gadget that has dual use. Slip it over an open bottle of wine to pour more easily, then gently press...
The Silicone Wine Pourer Set by Simply Charmed is a durable choice in Best Bottle Pourers. This quality set includes 2 silicone sleeves with a dual purpose: pouring, and stopping bottles.

The design itself is made of premium, food-grade silicone. This material is a great alternative to traditional steel, as it doesn’t tarnish, degrade, or harbor any bacteria. As the silicone also has a slight flexibility to use, it makes these pourers compatible with nearly every size bottleneck. Simply slip the silicone cover over the bottle to pour easily. And, when you’re done drinking, press it down further to create a drip-proof seal.

2-in-1 Functionality

This 2-in-1 design is super convenient for every kind of situation. This Simply Charmed product transforms from a pourer to a stopper in seconds, allowing you to ‘seal’ your wines quickly in-between pours. Keeping it safe from spillage, dripping, and spoilage. We also like the idea of using it for outdoor drinking sessions, as it’s quick seal purpose helps keep out flies and bugs that might be attracted to your sweet-smelling vino.

Lightweight, easy to clean by simply washing it with some warm soapy water, and affordable. Oh, and this set also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by the manufacturer. What’s not to love? We also think this product works great as an original gadget-style gift to your wine-loving friends, and – as the set includes 2 pourers  – you can always keep one for yourself…



Stag Head Wine Pourer

The Stag Head Wine Pourer by Freemaster is a fun and original accessory to prevent spillage and dripping. This design might not be the most innovative on this Best Bottle Pourers list, but it certainly makes up for that in charm.

The bottle pourer features a deer head accent. When you pour your wine, it comes through the deer’s mouth. This vintage-looking design makes an eye-catching addition to your dinner parties or drinking sessions, and will certainly get a few laughs from your friends.

Though a bit of novelty design, this wine pourer still offers great functionality. The silhouette is shaped to minimize spillage and ensure pouring is a breeze. The Freemaster product is equipped with a silicone rim to provide a tight seal in almost every kind of wine or liquor bottle. Simply press it down gently to create a sturdy fit without leakage.

Do note that this pourer is hand-wash only, to preserve the shine and quality of the materials. Also good to know: the Stag Head Wine Pourer comes with a 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. The manufacturer states that if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, it will provide a refund – no questions asked.



Rabbit Super Wine Aerator and Pourer

Rabbit W6127 Wine Aerator and Pourer, 1.1 x 1.1 x 5.2 inches, Clear/Stainless Steel
4,937 Reviews
Rabbit W6127 Wine Aerator and Pourer, 1.1 x 1.1 x 5.2 inches, Clear/Stainless Steel
  • QUICKLY AERATES WINE: This wine aerator pours a perfectly aerated glass every time, so you can savor the subtle aromas and flavors of your favorite wines without waiting for your wine to breathe.
The Rabbit Super Wine Aerator and Pourer is ideal for not just preventing spillage during pouring, but also for bringing out maximum flavors in your wine. The design aerates wines during the pouring process, ensuring your wine is instantly ready to be enjoyed in optimum condition.

This highly-rated design is made of premium materials. The silicone base provides a tight fit, the polished stainless steel accents add durability, and the acrylic pouring chamber is easy to clean.

Instant aeration

The silhouette of the Rabbit Super Wine Aerator and Pourer puts an innovative spin on classic aeration. The design tapers out towards the end, with the tip shaped ergonomically for maximum control and minimum spillage. When you pour, the device created ‘gaps’ in the stream of wine, instantly boosting the oxygen levels whilst filling your glass. By aerating during the pouring process, this Rabbit wine accessory contributes to bringing out the full flavor profile of your vino.

Wine enthusiasts rave about the quality and functionality of this Best Bottle Pourer choice. Some commend the sleek style and ease of pouring, whilst others truly do notice a taste-improvement in their wines. Priced very affordable, this design definitely gets our seal of approval. Rabbit, the manufacturer, is an established brand in wine accessories, and the 5-star reviews once again confirm its status as a go-to brand for quality vino essentials.



Wine Pourer with Built-in Filter Set

Franmara Wine Pourer with Built-in Filter, Set of 4, Black
  • Fitted with an ultra fine screen mesh around a hollow core.
The Wine Pourer with Built-in Filter Set by Franmara is a state-of-the-art choice to filter out any cork particles, residue, and sediment in your wine. Which comes in very handy for vintage port drinkers, or homemade wines lovers.

The set by Franmara includes 4 pourers with built-in filters. Each design contains an ultra-fine screen mesh around a hollow core. So that when you pour, any larger particles will remain firmly in the bottle. Keeping your glass free of any unwanted residue. Though this isn’t a big issue for most wine varieties, it can come in very handy for a vino that does contain dregs or sediment. For example, a vintage port.

Also, if you’re one of those wine enthusiasts that hates any trace of sediment on your taste buds, this filter might be the answer to eliminating that risk.

The downside is that the design does not feature a special pouring spout or nozzle. This means that its main aim is to filter wines during serving, not necessarily minimizing spillage. Though the plastic lid does help with dripping and can be closed with a cap to easy stores, it’s not the most ergonomic.

That said, if you’re looking for a pourer that keeps your glass free of residue, this may be your perfect match. Priced affordably, and with great user-reviews, this Best Bottle Pourer option can be a handy accessory in any wine enthusiasts collection.



4-IN-1 Bottle Cooler/Pourer

The 4-IN-1 Bottle Cooler/Pourer by DeVine is a multifunctional wine accessory that chills, aerates, pours, and stops bottles. This ingenious design is an excellent value-for-money choice and might be the sleek, versatile, and stylish wine essential you’ve been looking for.

The design consists of various quality parts, each with its own function. The long cooling rod contains a special gel and, when the gel is chilled, will keep your wines cool for hours. Simply place the rod in the freezer for about 60 minutes, or until the gel is sufficiently chilled, and re-insert the rod into the aerator/pourer. Then, move the product to your wine bottle, carefully insert and press down on the aerator part to create a tight seal.

Bring out more flavor

The aerator/pourer part of the 4-IN-1 design by DeVine features a flared-out funnel, with an ergonomic tip to prevent spillage. Whilst your pour wine, the aerator part will expose your vino to oxygen, bringing out more flavors.

The stopper is a separate accessory that can be easily inserted in the aerator/pourer spout, creating a leak-proof seal and keeping your wine safe from any unwanted oxidation.

If you want to keep your chill, bring our more flavor in wine, prevent spillage during serving, AND stop further oxidation when not pouring: this 4-IN-1 product by DeVine ticks all the boxes. Yes, it might be priced a bit higher than other options on this Best Bottle Pourers list, but for that money, you actually get multiple wine accessories in one, dishwasher-safe set.



Pourist Gourmet Glass Pourer 

Soireehome Pourist Pair of Gourmet Glass and Cork Stopper Spouts with Silicone Gasket - 2-pack, 4 Pieces - Clean Pours for Cooking, Measuring, Bartending - Fits Most Bottles
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Our Pourist cork tops make your bottles more aesthetically pleasing once opened. Made from silicone and glass, our cork bottle stopper and server spouts work fantastically to...
The Pourist Gourmet Glass Pourer Sets is simple, sleek, and beautiful in design. This quality set is made of premium materials, combined in a functional, chic silhouette. The set includes 2 pourers, and 2 cork caps, to ensure minimal spillage and maximum wine enjoyment.

The Pourist Gourmet set makes wine luxury affordable to all. The brand has elected to use high-end materials, such as borosilicate glass in the creation of these chic pourers. Borosilicate is temperature-resistant and dishwasher-safe, adding durability and making the pourer easy to clean.

The design also comes with a food-grade silicone gasket that fits all regular-sized wine bottles and provides a tight, sturdy seal. The separate cork stopper can easily be slipped over the pouring spout, protecting your wine from aeration, spillage, or even bugs when you’re drinking al-fresco in your garden. Minimalistic design, maximum functionality for everyday wine enjoyment.

We also rate this set highly for its gift-appeal. If your friends love wine, minimalistic design, and wine gadgets, why not surprise them with this affordable, stylish bottle pourer set, instead of a standard bottle of wine?



Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Pourer

Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Server Set of 2 - Wine Aerator and Strainer, Pourer and Preserver - Perfect Fit for Every Wine Bottle - Convenient and Portable - Crafted with Excellence in the Netherlands
274 Reviews
Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Server Set of 2 - Wine Aerator and Strainer, Pourer and Preserver - Perfect Fit for Every Wine Bottle - Convenient and Portable - Crafted with Excellence in the Netherlands
  • PRESERVE YOUR WINE'S FLAVOR - Keep your wine fresh until the last drop with this Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Server Set of 2, developed and made in the Netherlands with excellence
The Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Pourer is a contemporary design that lets you pour your wine in style, without the risk of spillage or dripping. The set includes 2 black-colored wine serves, allowing you to enjoy red and white without having to switch the pourer.

This design is compatible with all regular-sized wine bottles. Simply insert the pourer into your bottleneck and push down gently. The rubberized band around the bottom of the design creates a tight seal and keeps the device firmly in place during serving. The special, double-flared lip at the top of the silhouette is ideal for preventing unwanted drips.

European Design

The Vacu Vin pourer is a Dutch design, created by a family-owned business that has a core focus on producing elegant, functional, and durable wine accessories. The in-house European design team is constantly looking for new ways to enhance your wine drinking comfort, resulting in stylish solutions such as this product on the Best Bottle Pourer list. Found in over 35 million households, the brand is a trusted name in vino essentials, and makes a reliable, genuine choice for your own personal wine accessory collection.

With over a hundred 5-star reviews, the Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Pourer is one of the best-selling choices in bottle pourers. Though, we do want to mention that it’s not actually crystal glass. Yes, the product name is a bit misleading, as the pouring spout is actually made of durable plastic. So, if you’re looking for a glass pourer, don’t get fooled. However, if you’re simply in the market for a stylish, effective, and affordable design that gets the job done without spillage or dripping: this may be the pourer for you.



AeraWine Wine Pourer

AeraWine Bottle-top Wine Aerator and Pourer - 100% Made in the USA - Patented Tilt Aeration Control
  • Enhance the Taste of your Wine - Aerawine will instantly produce the same benefits associated with aerating by decantin
The AeraWine Wine Pourer is a stylish wine accessory that offers instant aeration and leak-free pouring from every angle. The sleek design is slightly longer in length than other options on this Best Bottle Pourer list, but this elongation is actually key to the aeration process.

To use, simply insert it in a bottle with a slight twist to create an airtight seal. The part of the pourer inserted has a special air inlet, to start the aeration process even before you’ve started pouring. A further aeration point halfway through the silhouette allows for optimum airflow and oxygen exposure, further enhancing flavors before the wine has even reached the pouring spout. The spout itself is low-profile and curved, enabling drip-free pouring without the risk of spillage.

We like that the manufacturer has focussed on daily convenience, and, therefore, has ensured the device is easy to clean without having to fiddle with small holes or air inlets. Simply pull apart the bottom part and top part, and rinse with warm soapy water.

Rave Reviews

The AeraWine Wine Pourer is designed and made in the USA, adhering to high-quality standards for wine accessories. The design has glowing user-reviews, with lots of 5-star ratings. Praised for its compact silhouette, ease of usage, and excellent aeration skills – wine enthusiasts agree that this is a must-have for all vino-lovers.

The AeraWine Wine Pourer is available in a single, or 2-pack packaging. Our tip: go for the 2-piece set, as it offers much better value-for-money. Plus, you can always gift the second pourer to a friend. More bang for your buck: this quality accessory has got you, and your wine, covered.





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