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The Famous Blue Bottle of Bartenura Moscato

The Famous Blue Bottle of Bartenura Moscato


Nowadays it’s not so unusual to see a blue bottle of wine on the shelf, but back in 1969, when Bartenura Moscato hit American markets, it was unheard of. The blue bottle was hand-blown and was an instant hit!

Now, fifty years later, this sweet white wine is still a favorite of many. With its sparkling clear color and sweet taste, you can’t go wrong. Unwind from a long day with a glass of Bartenura Moscato. Let’s find out more about this wine.

Variants of Blue Bottle of Bartenura Moscato

Moscato grape is naturally rich in perfumes. The production of this wine is attentive towards preserving these fragrances in the finished wine. In Bartenura Moscato wines, only the best grapes are used, and fermentation takes place at a low temperature in order to craft a wine with fresh, lightly grapey fruit. Bartenura Moscato pairs perfectly with whatever you like. You can enjoy it with close friends and family.

1. Bartenura Moscato

4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5) 

Price – $12-$14

Alcohol Level– 5%

Bartenura Moscato is a sweet and slightly sparkling Italian wine made from Moscato grapes. It is characterized by its deep, golden yellow color and an intense muscat flavor. This wine is renowned as the richest and most classic blue bottle wine. It is one of the best-reviewed wines on Amazon and otherwise.


  1. This is a sweet wine with a low alcohol level. It has just 5.5% alcohol by volume.
  2.  The average number of calories in this wine is 102 calories.

Blue Bottle of Bartenura Moscato is a dessert wine with its own unique taste and a cult following. If you’re looking for an excellent beverage that’s worth the price tag, it’s worth a try.

2. Blue Bartenura Moscato Cans

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Basrtenura Moscato has released a new variant – 250 ml Blue Can of Moscato Wine. So get this small can today, serve chilled, and drink young this elegant blue can of Moscato wine.

Price – $99.99 for 24 cans

Alcohol Level – 5.5%



4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Price – $11.98
Alcohol Level -7.5%

This amazing sparkling blue bottle of Moscato wine is rich in powerful fragrances of honey, flowers, and fresh grapes. The reviews say it all about this stunning bottle of wine

“Lively, playful bubbles, with a balanced sweetness and intense citrus notes.”


  1. Type – Sparkling  Wine
  2. Varietal- Moscato
  3. Style – Sweet

More about Bartenura Moscato Wine

Bartenura Moscato wines are prepared from the finest grapes grown throughout Italy’s eminent wine provinces. Made with absolute love in Italy, from the “Blue Bottle Moscato” to the classic Sangiovese “Rosso d’Italia,” Moscato Wines are made by Italy’s centuries-old traditional methods. The traditional wines were made with passion and dedication to ensure the best in every bottle to pair perfectly with your meal.

Typically, the color of the wine indicated wine’s origin; in the old times, brown meant Rheingau, and green meant Mosel. Later in the late 20th century, some German Riesling makers started moving to blue bottles; the idea was to distinguish them from the rest. Therefore, blue bottles of Moscato wine became the new elegant sought-after variety.

Blue Moscato Is the Best Sweet Wine

People around the globe love the sweet and bubbly taste of this Moscato Wine in a Blue Bottle. Classically Moscato Wine is sweet. If you are a person who likes sweetness more, then go for Spumante ( the sparkling wine), which is much sweeter and bubbly like champagne.

Bartenura Moscato, the blue bottle wine, is very light with only 5% alcohol – low for many wines. It is a little effervescent; it feels like trying champagne – which works perfectly for any little merriment.

What makes this Blue Bottle of Bartenura Moscato so Famous?

The Bartenura Moscato is an Italian wine that has become a huge hit in the U.S. It’s one of the most popular wines at parties and gatherings, and it’s often served with cheese, fruit, and desserts because of its sweet taste.

Think about it for a second – how many times have you been to a party or family gathering and seen this blue bottle of wine sitting on the table? Chances are that you’ve seen it more than once! It’s also the best-selling kosher wine in the United States and one of the most recognizable brands of kosher wine in the world.

The Bartenura Moscato is so famous because it’s affordable, delicious, and easy to drink. You don’t need to be a wine expert to enjoy this particular drink!

The Perfect Food Pairings

You might have seen the Bartenura Moscato before and wondered what it tastes like and what should it be paired with. The answer is that this drink, with its light and sweet taste, is best enjoyed when paired with a meal or other foods.

Moscato can be paired with many different foods. The following dishes are some of our favorite pairings:

1. Pasta –

A dry red or white wine is usually paired with pasta so why not try a sweet wine instead? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well this pairing works!

2. Pizza –

What else goes great with pizza? We love serving this Moscato at parties because it goes well with almost any kind of pizza you put out on the table

3. Cheeseboards –

Whether you’re making a cheese board for your friends or yourself, Moscato makes for an excellent addition to any spread! Pairing it up with some honeycomb will make this even sweeter than before.

4. Desserts

The Blue Bottle of Moscato Wine also pairs well with fruits. It pairs well with sweet desserts such as fruit pies, chocolate cake, pastries, vanilla ice cream, and more.

Parting Notes

I hope this article provides a well-rounded look at Moscato wine and helps you find your favorite wine that best pairs for your celebration with friends and loved ones. Bartenura Moscato has an enticing floral aroma and irresistible fruit flavors, making it great booze for any occasion! It is proved to be one of the best choices for those who like light and easy-drinking wines.

There are a lot of fantastic Moscato wines out there, and in this article, I have mentioned all the blue bottles of Moscato wines. Try all of them and pick up your favorites. If you haven’t tried this delicious wine yet, give it try!

Also, check the difference between Riesling and Moscato.

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