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90+ Cellars Wine Club Review in 2021

90+ Cellars Wine Club Review in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
90+ Cellars Wine Club Review

90+ Cellars Wine Club Review Summary


Verdict about the 90+ Cellars Wine Club

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club is a great value for money choice for those that want to try a wine club without blowing their budget. As a négociant, the club is able to secure high-quality wines at a lower price. The result: you get to enjoy premium varieties for only a fraction of the cost. If you don’t care about labels, and simply want to enjoy great wine, this could be the wine club for you.

What this Wine Club does right

Being a négociant, 90+ Cellars sources grapes and wines at all stages of production. It then turns them into quality wines and, in addition, puts its own label on it. This method allows a wine merchant to use premium grape varieties at only a fraction of the cost. Though the négociant process itself might be a bit confusing for wine drinkers, the outcome is exactly what you want. Quality wines that you can afford. 90+ Cellars has managed to create a curated network of vineyards and partners that allow you to drink superb wines, without spending hundreds of dollars. You can’t fault anything about that!


What this Wine Club could improve

Though 90+ Cellars has some stellar white, rosé, and sparkling wines in its selection, it does not offer an ‘all white’ or ‘mixed white and rosé’ subscription box. You do have the option of a ‘red-only’ delivery with the 6-bottle or 12-bottle subscription. So, it would be a definite improvement if they could offer the same for whites and rosés.

Frequency of delivery

As a member of the 90+ Cellars Wine Club, you’ll receive a box quarterly. This box is a special seasonal selection. The delivery schedule is March (spring), June (summer), September (fall), and December (winter).


The 90+ Cellars Wine Club has a 3-bottle, 6-bottle, and 12-bottle subscription service. Prices start at $50 for the 3-bottle box, $95 for the 6-bottle box and $180 for the 12-bottle box. Meaning you’ll pay around $15 to $17 dollars a wine, depending on which subscription you choose…


The 90+ Cellars Wine Club currently has a very good promotional offer where new subscribers receive 15% off their first order. This promo offer makes trying this wine club even more attractive, so if you’re interested in joining, do click the banner below to profit from your 15% off welcome offer. 

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90+ Cellars Wine Club Review Details


What is the 90+ Cellars Wine Club?


90+ Cellars Wine Club Review90+ Cellars is a wine club for those that want great value wines without paying for ‘the name’ itself. To put it simply: 90+ Cellars is a negociant: a French term for a wine merchant who produces wines, or procures wines, under its own label.

A negociant typically does not own its own vineyards. Instead they grapes or wines and put their own name on it. The advantage is that you don’t pay for specific branding or labels.

For example:

There are big wine estates in California that own dozens of vineyards. Yes, they only have the capacity to produce a certain number of bottles. If a harvest is bountiful, there are excess grapes left-over from the yield. These grapes may then be bought by a negociant like 90+ Cellars, who then bottle them and slap their own logo on it.

The result? You can get an exclusive wine variety that would normally set you back hundreds of dollar, for a lot, lot less. Instead of paying a premium for a ‘renowned label’, you’ll enjoy the same quality grapes without the price hike.


Why is 90+ Cellars a negociant?


As we just explained: a wine merchant that acts as a negociant is able to procure great quality wine varieties at just a fraction of the price. It allows the 90+ Cellars wine club to offer fantastic value-for-money blends, as the middlemen are eliminated from the process.

This wine club has already established itself as a fine negotiate: with an impressive portfolio of budget-friendly, high-quality bottles.


The 90+ Cellars Wine Club portfolio


15% OffThe 90+ Cellars Wine Club has an impressive portfolio of curated wines. This quarterly wine subscription service sends you a selection of quality bottles every 3 months. Your first order will be shipped according to their seasonal schedule.

The cycle means you’ll receive a box every March, June, September, and December. An additional perk of the 90+ Cellars Wine Club is that members always benefit from free shipping on their orders.

The Mixed Wine Club box by 90+ Cellars is curated specifically for the season. This meany that the contents are curated to match the weather and drinking occasions of spring, summer, fall, and winter. For example, summer shipments tend to contain more rosé and white wines. And fall and winter include more red varieties.

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club subscription options


The 90+ Cellars Wine Club offers a 3-bottle, 6-bottle, and 12-bottle subscription service. In the 3-bottle subscription, you are not able to select a preference for white, red or rosé. The 6-bottle and 12-bottle subscriptions do offer a ‘red wine only’ or ‘mixed’ option.

Prices start at $50 for the 3-bottle box, $95 for the 6-bottle box and $180 for the 12-bottle box. Meaning you’ll pay around $15 to $17 dollars a wine, depending on which subscription you choose.

Value for money


As each box varies, so does the value-for-money of each selection. In general, the 90+ Cellars Wine Club does offer great value for the price you pay. All subscription boxes cost less than the combined individual retail price of the included wines. This means it’s always a good deal. But, if you’re lucky, you might even get a fantastic deal.

For example:

Past shipments have included a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon that normally retails for $49.99 and a $29.99 priced 2015 Super Curvée from one of the best Merlot-producers in the Napa Valley.

As 90+ Cellars Wine Club is a negociant, these wines are already great deals. You’d pay upwards to a hundred dollars for one of these highly-rated bottles if they were branded by the original vineyard.

However, as a member of the wine club, you’ll profit even more when you find one of these wines in your box. Because you’ll only pay a fraction of the standard 90+ Cellars retail price.

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Premium wine regions


The 90+ Cellars Wine Club uses a variety of vineyards and wine regions all over the globe to source its grapes. As a negociant, the brand has managed to source its wines from some of the most renowned growing regions. These include:

90+ Cellars Wine Club ReviewInternational

Shiraz from the McLaren Vale wine region, Australia

Prosecco from Veneto, Italy

Nascetta from Piedmont, Italy

Reserve Rosé from Cotes de Provence, France

Chénas from Cru du Beaujolais, France

Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand



Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley, California

Pinot Noir from Monterey, California

Cabernet Sauvignon from Rutherford, California



15% Off

Profit from our special Promo Code today and start your 90+ Cellars subscription with 15% off your first order!


Great value for money. Try excellent blends at just a fraction of the regular retail price thanks to 90+ Cellars Wine Club’s role as a wine negociant.


You don’t have the option to select an ‘all white’ box. Also, 90+ Cellars works with seasonal selections, which might work great for climates with distinct seasons – but are less exciting for those in States where the weather is sunny and warm nearly all year round.

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