8 Tips For Your First Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are fun fabulous outings that can be as simple as an afternoon with your other half, or as exciting as a Bachelorette party. However, before you sign up for your first ever tasting experience, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. Do Wear The Right Clothes

Dress respectful of the sophisticated atmosphere, but comfortable enough to walk around and enjoy yourself. Also remember that weather specific items like umbrellas and hats are always a good idea to have on hand.

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2. Do NOT Wear Too Much Perfume

Perfume and cologne will disturb the your senses and the senses of the people around you. Keep it light, or skip it all together for the best tasting experience.

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3. Do Get The Process Down

When you’re handed a glass to try, hold it by the stem as not to warm your wine. Swirl gently. Inhale before taking a sip to get a full sense of the aromas. Swirl the wine around in your mouth to get the best flavor burst! There you have it, you’re a pro. Just for the love of all things holy, do not act like a snob —no one likes that!

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4. Do Eat The Snacks

If snacks are provided for you, they are there for a reason. Nibble along with the wines and ask pairing questions. This food will be present to accentuate the wine your tasting, so enjoy it!

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5. Do Pay Some Attention To Order

Start with lighter white wines, and then move to heavier reds. Finish off with sweet ones. Think of it as a three course meal. Salad, meat, dessert.  Yum!

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6. Do Keep An Open Mind

Maybe you traditionally do not enjoy Merlot. Perhaps you are no fan of Chardonnay. Ignore that and try them anyways. Wines vary so much that you just may adore this Merlot or want to buy six bottles of that Chardonnay. Either way, we promise not to judge you.

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7. Do NOT Spit

Wine tasting is fun, so let it be fun. Swallow those sips and learn about the grapey goodness that’s going down. That’s what it’s all about!  Now, obvious if your visiting more than one winery, spit… Don’t be the drunken fool.

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8. Buy The Wine!

Some wineries will wave your tasting fee if you buy a couple bottles, so why not bring some home to enjoy?

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Above all else, be courteous, polite, and have a great time. Cheers!