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7 Adult Slushies That Are to Wine For

7 Adult Slushies That Are to Wine For

Jonas Muthoni

Ahhh, wine slushies.

The refreshing, icy drink of our youth. Turns out, they’re back for adulthood, and they’ve gotten boozy. The recipes we list below bring some extra creative and cool twists, too.

Get your wine bottles ready, you’re in for a treat!

7 Wine Slushies

1. Blueberry Cream Wine Slushie


This fantastic recipe by Anita Schecter is closer to a smoothie than a slushie. With a blend of ice cream, white wine, and blueberries, this treat is a delectable combination.

2. Raspberry Red Wine Slushy with Chocolate Whipped Cream


The title tells you exactly what you’re in for. This recipe is customizable in that you choose your own “sweet red wine”. Add some chocolate whipped cream and cocoa powder and your raspberry red wine slushie becomes even yummier.

3. Watermelon Wine Slush


The best and coolest part (no pun intended) of this recipe is frozen watermelon pieces for ice cubes. Super cute! Your choice of very chilled white wine, lemon juice, and a dash of sugar completes this simple, but colorful and tasty, recipe.

4. Moscato Slush


The absolute easiest recipe on our list, this Moscato slush, courtesy of Jordan Hansen’s blog, Jordan’s Onion, would make a great sidekick to an afternoon cookout with friends or a lazy evening inside with pizza. Moscato and ice in a blender–boom, you’re done!

5. Riesling Strawberry Slushies


This treat as being spoon-worthy, but you can easily drink it, if you prefer. A dry Riesling meets strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice in a blender for a heavenly combination of dry, tart, and sweet.

6. Frozen Sangria Slushies


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This mouth-watering slushie is a true DIY drink. Follow this awesome, detailed recipe and you’ll be making your own flavorful brand of Sangria, complete with a variety of fruits and spirits. The delectable combination is such a perfect mixture, you’ll be so proud. It feels way more authentic to create your own brew anyway.

7. Pink Champagne Granita with Pomegranate


This beautiful Granita requires the most prep work of anything on this list. But it’s well worth it. The Pink Champagne Granita can double as an alcoholic beverage and a dessert for your next party or special night in with the girls.

Using a dry champagne of your choice, you make your own pomegranate syrup, and let it freeze overnight along with some martini glasses or other glassware of your choice. The next day, you’ll have a cute, delicious treat for your guests.

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