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7 Reasons Why Wine Is The Best Boyfriend

7 Reasons Why Wine Is The Best Boyfriend

Jonas Muthoni

In life, there are a lot of uncertainties; jobs, friends, and love interests can change in the blink of an eye. That’s why a girl’s got to invest in those rare relationships that are strong, stable, and reliable. You need connections you can depend on. Ones that will stand the test of time and won’t ever let you down. Ladies, I give you…wine.


Did you expect anything else? But seriously, let’s think about it. Has wine ever comforted you when times were tough? Has it ever missed celebrating your accomplishments? Has it ever turned down a mid-week invitation to girl’s night? I didn’t think so.

Now let’s all cheers to our most beloved vino, and reminisce about why wine will always be our favorite, boozy drink.


1.  It Pairs with Our Favorite Foods

Wine is, hands down, the number one dinner date. No matter the occasion, restaurant, or meal, you’ll be able to find a variety that pairs perfectly. The best part? Wine will never make you feel bad for how much cheese you’ve eaten or for ditching the salad in lieu of fries.

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2.  It Won’t Make Us Bloat

After a night of drinking, the last thing you need is to wiggle into your skinny jeans, only to find that you’re too bloated to button them up. While beer and other alcohols will leave you feeling puffy, your favorite bottle of wine will keep your stomach flat enough to slip on a dress for round two.

3.  It Can Make Us Healthier

One sure sign you’re in a great relationship is if you push each other to be better, healthier versions of yourselves. A glass of vino is packed with antioxidants and compounds that can aide in weight loss, make your skin brighter, preserve your memory, and even help fight diseases.


4.  There Are So Many Types to Try

We all like to switch things up from time to time, and wine completely gets our need for change. There are too many types and varieties to count – bubbly, brut, red, white, or rosé. With all of the available choices, you’ll never find yourself bored and turned off.

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5.  It’s Super Affordable

You don’t need to break the bank to show up with wine on your arm, you can find something sippable no matter your budget. You’d be hard pressed to buy a friend a meal for $5, but that’s all you need to when it comes to wine.

6.  It’s Always Wine Time!

Whether it be 6 pm on a Wednesday night or just turned 11 Saturday morning, wine will always be there for you. Mix in a little OJ and you have the perfect brunch companion, or save your bottle for the evening and it’ll make sure you’re feeling good all night long.

7.  It Makes the Perfect Date for Family Functions

When facing a family reunion or a holiday dinner, it’s always a good idea to bring backup. You’ll find no better date to face the parents with than a nice bottle of vino. It’ll help take the sting out of Grandma’s criticisms and make Uncle Bob’s dad jokes almost bearable.


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