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6 Ways Wine Can Actually Make You Healthier

6 Ways Wine Can Actually Make You Healthier

iLoveWine Staff

Raise your hand if you’ve been lectured into believing that your nightly habit of knocking back a (few!) glass of vino isn’t healthy. Keep your hand raised if you regard your too-full glass as a guilty-worthy indulgence. Don’t feel bad – mine is up, too.


But I’ve got some good news for you: there are countless ways that your glass of vino is good for you and actually helping your health rather than hindering it. From weight loss and brighter skin to memory preservation and disease-fighting properties, I’ve rounded up the top 6 health benefits that give you the perfect excuse to drink. You’re welcome.


What are you waiting for? Fill up that glass and drink to your health! Cheers!


1. It brightens your skin
I’d do almost anything for the secret for healthy, glowing skin but, as it turns out, the fountain of youth may be no farther than your nearest liquor store. The antioxidant resveratrol, found in red wines, actually works to cleanse and nourish our skin while we sip. Studies have also shown that those who drink moderately for years see less signs of ageing than those who don’t.


2. It might actually be comparable to an hour at the gym
That resveratrol that makes your skin glow might also help your body in ways that mimic your gym sesh. Some researchers argue that the red wine chemical amps up muscle performance and boosts your heart rate without your body having to work up a sweat. If “lifting” now means raising your glass to your lips, then count me in!


3. It aids in sleep
If you find it difficult to unplug in the evening and you rarely experience a good night’s sleep, then try drinking a full-bodied red as a nightcap. Red wine contains melatonin which is the chemical that kick-starts your internal clock and helps you drift away into a deep sleep. Sip your way to sweet dreams!


4. It can preserve your memory
If you indulge a bit too much, you’ll likely not remember all too clearly the next morning. But, as it turns out, sipping wine regularly can have the opposite long-term effect. Certain compounds in wine have been shown to preserve memory and slow the decline of brain functions. Just try not to overdo it or the only effect it’ll have on your head is a painful pounding sensation the day after.


5. Helps fight diseases
There is study after study showing that moderately drinking wine can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. Red wine tannins can protect against heart disease and prevent strokes, while most other wines can boost your body’s defenses and strengthen your immune system. Women who drink up to two glasses per day are 40 percent less likely to develop diabetes, all while building stronger bones and reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.


6. Can help you lose weight
If you step up your wine game you might be able to leave your scale in the corner, as natural compounds in your glass may speed up your metabolism. It turns out that, for up to 90 minutes after drinking, the alcohol encourages your body to burn more calories. Just try to stay away from sweet wines that are packed with sugar and you may be drinking your way to a smaller waist.


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