The 6 Best Sweet Wines You’ve Simply Got to Try

sweet wines

If you are looking for sweet wines that will give you a refreshing feeling while also delighting your taste buds, we have the 6 best sweet wines you simply must try! It’s no wonder that shopping for sweet wines (or wine in general) can be overwhelming to the common person. With many varieties and types of wines lining the shelves, you may find it hard to know which one is the best choice for you.


How to Choose the Best Sweet Wine for You

Choosing the perfect wine from the numerous sweet wines on the market depends on a few factors. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider before purchasing:

  1. What food (if any) will you be pairing your sweet wines with?
  2. Do prefer your sweet wines chilled or room temperature?
  3. Would you rather your sweet wine be white or rose based?

Once you answer those three questions, you can start your search for sweet wines. Having these answers in your back pocket will give you the best chance of finding something that will match your needs and wants perfectly.


What types of sweet wines are there?


Pink or Rose Sweet Wines

These sweet wines use the skin contact method to create the delicious tasting wine. Known as one of the oldest types of wine, rose/pink sweet wines get their pink coloring from the grape itself. When the grape is crushed, the skin is allowed to stay in contact with the pressed juices for up to twenty hours. This is what gives the wine the pink coloring. The long the skin of the grape stays in contact with the juice, the darker the coloring will be. After the allotted skin contact time, the skins are discarded.

These sweet wines can actually be made from any grape in any region of the world. This is highly uncommon when it comes to winemaking since many wines require specific grapes and often times specific regions. Sommeliers also say that the sooner the rose/pink wine is made, the sooner you should drink it! Vintage rose is not the best rose.

Be sure to look for sweet rose/pink wine. This variety can come in dry varieties, but this is not what you’re looking for if you want sweet wines!

The top choices for rose/pink sweet wines are White Zinfandel or Pink Moscato. These two types of rose/pink sweet wines will give you the sweetness you’re looking for! And the best part about these sweet wines? They are not expensive to purchase!


Top Choices:

Franzia White Zinfandel


White Zinfandel is perfect for giving you sweet flavors such as berry and melon. These sweet wines are typically much sweeter than many other rose wines and do not have the typical dryness factor that some pink wines have. If you love fruity flavors, White Zinfandel is perfect for you.


Andre Pink Moscato

Pink Moscato such as Andre Pink Moscato is the perfect sweet wine for dessert! They have a slightly bubbly effect that gives you just enough oomph to finish off your sweet treat the right way. When you pair a pink Moscato such as this one with fruit or light desserts, you will find that your taste buds come alive. It’s not recommended to pair a pink Moscato with something heavy like chocolate cake or anything too rich. You may even like this sweet wine with heavy foods like oysters or clams.


Red Wines

You may have lived your entire life believing that red wines cannot be sweet wines. In fact, many people think that red wines are dry or acidic. This is not always the case, however. Sweet wines come in red wine varieties and give you a sweet taste that you can pair many delectable foods.

Red wine is made from the red or black grapes from the vineyards. The fermentation process occurs with the grape skins in the juices, which gives the wine the red coloring. Deep red colors come from the grape’s skin being in the juice for a longer period of time.

Some of the best red wines come from France and Italy with Spain and The United States ranking close behind. Let’s take a look at some of the red wines that are considered sweet wines to give you a better idea of which ones will be the best fit for you.


Top Choices:

Shenandoah Black Muscat

Black Muscat is a medium-bodied sweet red wine that has a very earthy flavor. Even though it is a red wine, it pairs nicely with chocolates such as milk and dark. Shenandoah Black Muscat is a great choice for a red wine that is sweet in flavor! It is also budget-friendly.


Elena Walch Schiava 2016

Schiava is another red wine that is a great sweet wine choice. When you first taste a Schiava such as Elena Walch Schiava 2016, you may taste a bit of dryness. However, once the sweet wine has had a chance to sit for a second on your taste buds, you will quickly get a taste of the cotton candy flavor as well as a hint of cinnamon. This makes this red wine the perfect pairing with meats like ham or sharp cheeses.



White Wines

When you think of sweet wines, you may automatically think of white wines. You would not be entirely incorrect in your thinking, but you must also be careful! Some white wines are very sweet while others are dry.

In order to pick the best sweet wines in the white wine family, you must know what you’re looking for.

White wine is made either using white or red grapes (surprising, right). White wine is made through fermentation without the grape skins. When the skin is kept in the juices for a certain amount of time, the color of the skin bleeds into the juice and creates the darker colors you find in red and pink wine.

Some of the most popular white sweet wines are Moscato and Riesling. These sweet wines are great for giving you the refreshing, sweet taste that will kick your taste buds into action.

Moscato is a sweet wine that is also known as a sparkling wine that comes from Italy. It is very light and refreshing, which makes it the perfect blend for the summer. Moscato is actually low in alcohol content and is great for an after dinner beverage with dessert. You may even enjoy some Moscato with spicier foods or chicken and seafood! It really is a versatile wine.

Riesling is one of the most common white wines that many people turn to for the sweet wine flavor. This wine is made in Germany and ranges from floral to fruity perfumes and flavors. One of the most interesting facts about Riesling is that it is easily influenced by the soil it is grown in. The soil can actually influence the flavor of the wine itself.

These sweet wines are great with Asian dishes as well as other spicy foods. It cleanses the palate and gives you a refresher during bites.

Here are our top choices for Moscato and Riesling sweet wines we recommend you try!


Stella Rosa Platinum

This sparkling white wine is great for bringing the taste of Northern Italy to your palate. This full-bodied wine has the perfect sweetness to give you the refreshing flavor you’ve been desiring. It is also great for your budget!


Kendall Jackson Riesling

Kendall Jackson Riesling is the perfect sweet wine for you if you like fruity flavors such as peach and orange blossom. This Riesling brings those flavors to the forefront and gives you a sweet finish to your sip! It is crisp and refreshing, which is ideal for the hot summer months.



Sweet wines such as Moscato and White Zinfandel will give you the sweet flavors you’ve been looking for in a wine! Take a chance on a sweet white wine and watch how pleasantly surprised you’ll be with their full flavors and refreshing effects.