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5 Reasons to Travel to Mornington Peninsula Wineries

5 Reasons to Travel to Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Jonas Muthoni


Mornington Peninsula is just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne; it’s a grand escape from the crazy urban world. Stretches of rural sceneries and rolling hills will surely delight the eye and the senses.

However, the Mornington Peninsula is known above all for its wineries, and the wine enthusiast will surely be delighted by what the region has to offer. Mornington Peninsula offers an indulgence like no other as it offers laid back living along with fine wines that can complement any gastronomic feast.

Here are the top five reasons to visit Mornington Peninsula Wineries:

  1. Fine Vineyards

There are plenty of vineyards to visit in the Mornington Peninsula, and it’s worth it to visit them no matter the time of the year. Even if it’s cold, the vineyards keep an open fire inside to keep guests warm. Additionally, most Mornington Peninsula wineries will have a restaurant where guests can enjoy the scenery and views.

Here are some of the finest vineyards in Morning Peninsula:

  • Crittenden Estate Winery

The Crittenden Winery opened in 1982 and was the first to make Italian wine varieties in Australia. Right now, the estate has a wide range of wines from French wines to Moscato, saludo, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, and more.

The Crittenden Winery is committed to sustainable agriculture and maintaining soil health. They avoid using chemicals in their vines. The Crittenden winery also has its wine club membership called the Crittenden wine alliance. Some of the benefits of being a member include wine tastings and exclusive access to their cellar and museum wines when you visit Mornington Peninsula.

  • Montalto

Montalto is located on Red Hill and offers so much more than premium and quality wines. With many amenities it offers, this is truly a tourist destination.

You can walk down on their sculpture lane and enjoy the massive works of art of metal that are displayed on the estate. You can also enjoy the view of 30-acres of rolling hills as you walk along the property.

Of course, you go to Montalto for the wine and the food, which you can indulge in your love for both through wine tasting and having a curated meal at the Piazza or Garden Café. The beautiful outdoors of Montalto also gives you the chance to have a private picnic to better enjoy the views.

  • Tucks

The ambiance at Tucks can give you Instagram worthy shots of rolling hills and tree swings. You can enjoy the terrace, which offers a relaxing way to enjoy your surroundings.

Just like Montalto, Tucks offers wine tasting opportunities, and they offer the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. You can also have a gastronomic feast of share plates and hearty platters. The only problem is where to sit to enjoy the view. Tucks give you the option of enjoying the scenery either on the terrace or on their lawn.

  • Leo Estate

Pt. Leo Estate is spectacular in that it has an ocean view and a sculpture park. The sculpture park hosts work from both national and internationally acclaimed artists.

To begin your journey at Pt. Leo Estate, have a wine tasting adventure at their cellar with wines that have been hand-harvested. Finish up with a meal at Laura’s, which is an award-winning restaurant and has been hailed as the region’s finest.

People who love art, wine, and food will have their desires indulged at Pt. Leo Estate.

  • T’Gallant

If you want a laid back experience, T’Gallant is for you. Their amazing looking piazza lets you take in the sights of the verdant T’Gallant Estate Vineyard.

You can have a wine tasting at their cellar seven days a week. After tasting the wines, you can have your fill of dishes, such as wood-fired pizzas to fully indulge your epicurean desires.

  1. Indulge Yourself in Peninsula Hot Springs

The thermal mineral springs of Peninsula Hot Springs can take away the aches and pains you have accrued from stresses at work. A person needs more than just gastronomic indulgence, right? Your body needs pampering, too.

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  1. Food Festivals

If you’ re a real food lover, Mornington Peninsula also has food festivals. Food, along with the best wines, will be a great attraction.

In case you miss their main event, Mornington Peninsula regularly hosts craft and product markets, so there’s something interesting to see every time you visit this place.

  1. Get an Adrenaline Rush at Enchanted Adventure Garden

If you really want to have an adventure, do it on treetops. Get close to nature and have an adrenaline rush while doing so by going on a zip line, going on canopy tree walks, and walking around in mazes.

  1. Enjoy the Scenery while Horse Riding

Enjoy the scenery while on horseback and really take in the view. Have your horse trot the Gunnamatta Trail and have a relaxing ride seeing the best of mother nature.

Horse riding lessons are being offered to kids below six years old, so you can be assured that your kids will be in safe hands when they ride their ponies.

Final Thoughts

You deserve a break, and you don’t have to travel far to have a great experience. The rustic beauty and tasty offerings of the Mornington Peninsula will delight any connoisseur.

Plus, there are additional activities in the region that’ll pamper and delight you aside from a fine glass of wine.


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