5 Hidden benefits of Wine For Anti-aging

 A versatile drink like wine has a lot of amazing benefits to its credit apart from being a fine way to cherish any moment. The soft evening sky is a view worth enjoying with a lovely glass of wine and a piece of your best collection from the cigar humidor cabinet.

Studies to understand the benefit of wine for skin has been extensively conducted around the world. The wine has been especially popular among women not just because of its bold but aromatic flavors but also for its wonderful benefits to the skin. Here are 5 ways in which wine delivers anti-aging properties to our skin.

What about wine makes it deliver effective anti-aging property?

 A study by the University of Wisconsin demonstrates the effectiveness of wine as an anti-aging aid. A component called resveratrol is present in wine which when fed to mice was observed to slower aging process. Resveratrol has also been linked to reducing fat-cell formations and helping in managing weight. It is present in the seeds and skin of grapes and moderate consumption of wine delivers the necessary amount for our body to stay youthful. This magic ingredient present in wine makes it very special and beneficial to skin health. Polyphenols are antioxidants which also play an important role in keeping your skin healthy and young.

  1. Protection from Sun’s UV rays: Most of the damage caused to the skin is because of the sun. The strong UV rays due to sun exposure combined with pollution damages our skin. UV rays also tend to cause damage that causes the skin to age twice the natural pace. While Sunscreens can help with the damage- the best way to prevent, treat and protect from sun damage is to use red wine. Red wine is rich in amino acids that are helpful ingredients to protect against sun damage. They also enhance the skin renewal process and make the skin resistant to damage.


  1. Keeps your skin well hydrated: Dry and rough skin reflects badly on the skin health as well as makes the person look much older. Leaving dry skin unattended will cause damage to the skin which is why keeping your skin well moisturized and hydrated is important. Consuming red wine helps in hydrating and enhanced skin cell renewal. Properly hydrated skin will look youthful and supple along with a glow. A glass of wine every day will make your skin look well nourished and young. If you would like a change, skip a day and enjoy a glass of Johnnie Walker black label instead.


  1. Eliminates age skins: Dark spots and wrinkles are the early sign of skin damage and aging. While various creams available in the market can help you keep these under control, red wine is the best way to get rid of the problem from the root. The tannins, flavonoids, and resveratrol present in red wine will plump up your skin and eliminate the wrinkle lines. It will also ensure that they do not come back. By restoring the skin elasticity of your face red wine ensures your skin does not look saggy or old. Red wine also effectively fights free radical damage and restores collagen which leads to a young and healthy skin. Red wine face masks can also be used regularly to lighten dark spots on the skin.


  1. Reduces pore size: Regular use of makeup sometimes causes the skin pores to get enlarged. The problem with large pores is that it makes the skin excessively oily attracting dirt and dust. And by adding products to cover it we do more damage than repair. Also, large pores will never shrink back to size unless attended to immediately. A natural toner can be the best way to reduce pores to their original size and this is exactly what red wine does. When applied to the skin, it will naturally reduce pore size and decrease possibilities of breakouts. Red wine like a drop of the best scotch is also an effective ingredient for the skin.


  1. It soothes and rejuvenates your skin: The presence of vitamin C and A apart from the antioxidants is the reason behind wine being effective against various skin problems such as redness, breakouts etc. Red wine can be used for its therapeutic properties that help reverse skin damage and help keep the skin healthy and refreshed. The facials remove blemishes from the skin and enhance the texture to make it shinier and richer.

Which wines are best for anti-aging? 

Organic wines are best if you are trying to not only enjoy a bottle of wine but reap all of the anti-aging benefits from it. 100% Organic wine contains no added sulphites and there are no chemical herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides used in the grape-growing process.



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