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20 Reasons Why Wine Is The Best Kind Of Drunk

20 Reasons Why Wine Is The Best Kind Of Drunk

Jonas Muthoni

Wine and women, women and wine – it’s a match made in heaven.

This relationship is so strong and reliable, you know it’s going to last the distance.

Wine will be with you along the way from the most noteworthy celebrations to the tears and pain of loss or failure. Yes, wine will always be there.

You know exactly where you’re heading, and that’s right towards a bottle of wine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s white or red, sparkling or still, or sweet or dry – wine is wine.

How Much Wine Does It Take To Get Drunk?

This depends on:

  • the person’s weight
  • drinking tolerance
  • how long one has been drinking for

Example, a bottle over wine drunk over 5 hours compared to 20 minutes will have a much different effect.

A 200 pound man is probably not going to get drunk with 1 bottle over wine over an hour or two, while a 120 pound women  may feel quite drunk from just 1 bottle of wine drank in an hour.

Blood Alcohol Chart (Women)

Here is a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) chart for women so you can see just how much wine it will take for you to get drunk.

Bac Chart Female – pertaining to Bac Chart Female – Chart and Template Corner

Drinking wine affects people in different ways, but let’s face it, being drunk on wine is fun, well that is if you forget the morning after effects.

Why Being Wine Drunk is The Best?

So, what is it about our favorite alcoholic beverage that makes it the ultimate drink to get drunk on?

1. It’s All About The Class-

No matter what you’re doing or where you are, wine is classy. You could be wrapped up in blankets and donning your old sweats while drinking a bottle of your favorite chardonnay and it still doesn’t matter. Wine is how classy people get drunk.


2. 5-Fruit-A-Day-

It’s like a fruit salad.

Okay, it’s more like a bunch of grapes.

No, wait, it’s a bunch of grapes squeezed.

Fine, it’s wine – but when you think about it, it’s still technically fruit, right? So, therefore you’re getting some of your 5-Fruit-a-day.


3. You’ll Be Sexy As-

Even with your wine stained teeth, you’re still likely to feel sexy. You’ll feel so comfortable and at ease, you won’t even notice the 50 shades of purple on your teeth.


4. Off Your Face Drunk And Still Classy-

Okay, so you might not look as classy as you feel, but who’s going to notice?

The chances are that everyone else around you is going to be totally sh*t-faced as well. Remember, looks aren’t that important – stay classy.


5. Forget The Bloat-

Beer’s fine, but it leaves you puffy, bloated, and running to the bathroom every few seconds.

Other alcohol is just as bad, but wine is perhaps the only alcoholic beverage that doesn’t make your stomach pop out. Ladies, get ready to slip into that LBD!


6. The Bartender Will Get It Right-

How many times have you been to a bar and been served the wrong mixed drink because the bartender f**ked up your order?

There’s absolutely no way that this can go wrong – you’ll always get the drink you want.


7. It Makes You Sound Smart(er)-

It might even make you sound pretentious, but sometimes this is good, right?

After all, it does make you sound like you know all about wines. Reisling and Chardonnay sound posh – and you could easily impress your peers. You might not have any clue about the cellar temperatures and oak wine storage, but no one really does.

Carrie Underwood talks to the Sunday Mirror's Dean Piper

8. Say Cheese-

Wine’s lush. It’s even lusher when it’s paired with cheese. We’re told from a number of diets that we shouldn’t eat cheese for various reasons so drinking wine is a great excuse for you to indulge further.

And when you eat/serve cheese with wine, it makes you look classy regardless of whether you know to serve Stilton or mature cheddar with your bottle of Australian red.


9. You Can Drink It On A Morning (In A Plane)-

Flying can be stressful. Everyone knows this. If you’re going to get away with drinking wine in the morning and not getting branded an alcoholic, drinking on the plane is the perfect opportunity.

You can also blame the different time zones– it might actually be a respectable time in your destination or the place you just left or anywhere in the world.


10. Your Parents Won’t Care-

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your parents will always have something to say about how much you drink.

However, drinking wine is an exception to the rule. They also think wine is classy, so if you’re drinking it, it means you’ve turned a corner from your college days and finally got some class.


11. Drinking The Bottle Is Acceptable-

With any other alcoholic drink, drinking the whole bottle would be most definitely frowned upon whereas with a bottle of wine, you’re encouraged to do so– after all, wine does go off quicker than other alcoholic drinks. And when you think about it, there are only 4.5 glasses in a bottle, but who’s counting?


12. Red Wine Burns Calories-

Guess what, research shows drinking a glass of red wine is the same as going to the gym for one hour. Now, here’s a good reason to drink more wine and visit the gym less. Don’t believe me? Check out the research.

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13. Wine Ice Cream-

Holy cr@p! Wine ice cream?

This is way too good an opportunity to miss. This is like putting two lovers together for a mind blowing food and drink threesome.


14. Cold Winter’s Night In-

Are you looking for an excuse to stay in under the covers on a cold blustery evening? Going to the club with the girls sounds like a fun idea, but if you stay at home at least you won’t be alone – you’ll still have your wine.


15. It’s Perfect Friend Bait-

Sometimes it takes a bit of convincing to get a friend to stay. They might have other things to do or they might just want to go home. All it takes is you saying “I have wine!”


16. The Cost Doesn’t Matter-

With most things, the cheaper the product, the worse it is. Okay, if we were to be honest there are some horrendous cheap wines out there, but there are also some nasty tasting expensive wines as well. Don’t look at the price tag so much because it doesn’t matter if it costs $5 or $50, it does the same thing at the end of the day.


17. Wine Over Food Binges-

If you’re feeling down, it’s always better to go on a wine bender than a food bender. Wine will leave you feeling good while food will leave you with extra pounds. And food won’t make you dance!


18. It Wards Off Heart Disease-

The newspapers have been saying it for years, so it must be true!


19. Perfect For A Lunchtime Pick-Me-Up-

You can order wine during lunch at work and no one will bat an eyelid. Crack open the vodka and you’ve got the whole office gossiping.


20. Who Needs Sleeping Tablets?

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning at night. These days, it’s more difficult to get a prescription for sleeping tablets. Wine is the perfect answer – it’s non-prescribed, it’s fun, and tastes great. Who cares if you didn’t remember falling over before bed, you’re not going anywhere anyway!

There you have it!

If you aren’t a wine lover already, this should give you plenty of reasons to become one.


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