15 Unique Wine Stoppers

15 Unique Wine Stoppers


unique wine stoppersIf you’re looking for the best unique wine stoppers, I Love Wine has got you – and your wine – covered! Great for dinner parties and drinking sessions with friends, these stoppers will prevent the oxidation of your wine between pouring; and add a bit of flair to your vino adventures.

Also great for keeping your wine ‘fresh’ up to several days longer, unique wine stoppers are practical accessories for every wine enthusiast. We love that there is such a variation in products. From wonderfully kitsch designs (so wrong, it’s right) to stylish, minimalistic stoppers: there’s a match for every drinker.

We’re convinced that – just like shoes – you can never have enough unique wine stoppers. It’s fun to change things up and most products are affordable enough to collect a bunch. Keep them in a special box or draw, and also have a fun stopper for the right occasion on hand.

To share our love for these fun wine accessories, we’ve created a list of 15 Unique Wine Stoppers: containing many of our personal favorites. Use it as inspiration for your own stopper collection and/or find the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast friend in your life!

Don’t ‘stop’ us now – and check out the top picks below.


Tip: Need even more wine stopper inspiration? Check out our previous posts on the Best Funny Wine Stoppers and The Best Original Wine Bottle Stoppers for other great designs to gift yourself, or the wine lover in your life!



Why you need a unique wine stopper


Before we discuss our favorite options, let’s quickly explain why you need a unique wine stopper:

unique wine stoppersA wine stopper comes with multiple benefits! You probably already know about the risk of oxidation: when a wine is opened, oxygen can cause the vino to lose flavor and aroma.

Though you do need to let wines ‘breathe’ to bring out the full characteristics, too much oxygen can also ruin it. Or, simply put: if you don’t ‘stop’ the oxygen flow, your wine will spoil quickly. A bottle stopper allows you to create an airtight seal, keeping your wine tasting fresh, longer.

That said, a bottle stopper is the most affordable choice in wine preservation. If you really want to extend your wine’s drinkability by weeks, even months, you should invest in a Best Wine Preservation System.

However, if you’re on a budget, or actually plan on finishing the bottle within the next week or so, a unique wine stopper works just as well!

No need to finish the bottle


Another subsequent benefit is that you don’t have to finish a whole bottle in one sitting. A wine stopper gives you the option to switch wine varieties halfway through your drinking fun or put the bottle away when you’ve reached your limit.

We’ve all had a night where we asked ourselves: “Do I really want to open another bottle” because you weren’t sure whether you’d finish it. But with a wine stopper, the answer is simple: yes. As it enables you to finish the bottle a few days, or even a week (depending on the wine variety) later – without things going sour!

And, lastly: a unique wine stopper is fun. If you always choose a pair of shoes to match the outfit, why not choose a different wine stopper to match the occasion? A unique stopper is a perfect accessory to add some flair to dinner parties or wine tastings. If you like dressing up for the night, these designs allow you to also dress up your bottles in style…



15 Best Unique Wine Stoppers

Kate Aspen Geode Bottle Stopper

Kate Aspen 11345NA Geode Bottle Stopper/Wine Preserver/Home Décor Favor, purple, gold
14 Reviews
Kate Aspen 11345NA Geode Bottle Stopper/Wine Preserver/Home Décor Favor, purple, gold
  • Unique & useful - gold metal bottle stopper with purple resin faux druse geode topper; resin druse is painted gold on sides.
The very affordable Kate Aspen Geode Bottle Stopper will definitely add the sparkle to your wine pleasure. This unique wine topper features a chic gold silhouette, enhanced by a purple (faux) geode accent.

The luxurious-looking stopper fits most regular-sized (750ml) wine bottles. The broad rubber ring at the bottom of the design will create an airtight seal, keeping your wine fresher, longer. A real eye-catcher for any dinner party: this is literally a ‘gem’ for any vino enthusiast.

We also love that this sparkly opener is part of a mini collection by Kate Aspen. This means you can also get your hands on matching coasters, a geode bottle opener, and even matching gift-box if you decide to use the Geode Bottle Stopper as a party – or wedding – favor.


Oenophilia Wine Stem Bottle Stoppers

Oenophilia Wine Stem Bottle Stoppers - Set of 2
15 Reviews
The Oenophilia Wine Stem Bottle Stoppers are a humorous choice to prevent your wine from spoiling. The 2-piece set includes a ‘white’ and ‘red’ stopper, both featuring a wine glass silhouette. Simply plug the ‘glass’ into your bottle and create an airtight seal to prevent further oxidation.

These wine-glass inspired stoppers are made of quality silicone and plastic, easy to insert and easy to clean. Silicone is durable and odorless, ensuring the stopper will not affect the taste or aroma of your wine, nor does it disintegrate or harbor bacteria.

The Oenophilia Wine Stem Bottle Stoppers is the perfect way to express your love for wine and double your drinking fun. These quality stoppers are both fun as a novelty purchase, plus functional as solid bottle sealers: the best of both worlds.



Sunbright Wine Stoppers 

Sunbright Wine Stoppers - Cool Gifts for Wine Lover, Holiday Party,Wedding, Birthday, Set of 3
42 Reviews
Sunbright Wine Stoppers - Cool Gifts for Wine Lover, Holiday Party,Wedding, Birthday, Set of 3
  • Wine stoppers set of 3, feature different fancy flower designs each one in glass topper,a great way to help you or your guest spot which bottle is which on the party or gathering
The Sunbright Wine Stoppers Set includes 3 beautiful designs. Each design features a different, flower-inspired pattern and color combination. Yet all share a bohemian-feel and vivid appeal.  

These fancy wine stoppers have a chrome-look silhouette with a rubber gasket, ensuring an airtight seal on your bottles. The top ‘flower’ detailing has a quality glass overlay, ensuring the colors don’t fade and giving the stoppers an extra luxurious aesthetic.

Made of sturdy materials such as durable zinc alloy and reasonably priced, these Sunbright designs are a quality gift to yourself or the bohemian wine enthusiast in your life. FDA approved and food-grade safe: they are suitable for everyday use and are a stylish choice to add a decorative twist to your wine preservation.


Smokeyojos Unicorn Wine Bottle Stopper

Smokeyojos Porcelain Gold Plating Unicorn Wine Bottle Stoppers Decorative Funny Wine Accessories Gift
38 Reviews
Smokeyojos Porcelain Gold Plating Unicorn Wine Bottle Stoppers Decorative Funny Wine Accessories Gift
  • Six popular animal pattern. The animals parts are made of porcelain and the cork part is made of alloy. The material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
The Gold Porcelain Unicorn Wine Bottle Stopper by Smokeyojos is a fabulous addition to your wine accessory collection. The unicorn silhouette is made of delicate porcelain, whilst the bottom part of the stopper is crafted from a sturdy alloy.

This amazing ornamental stopper has great functionality: simply pop it into your bottle and prevent your wine from oxidation or spoiling. On top of that, the artisan design is actually handmade. Carefully hand-painted with enamels for a brilliant finish.

The Unicorn Wine Bottle Stopper by Smokeyojos is compatible with regular-sized wine bottles. To ensure this fancy unicorn gallops to your door safe and sound, the product is shipped in a sturdy, fitted box with styrofoam for maximum protection.

If you want a unique wine stopper that is ‘very extra’ in style, this beauty will no doubt make you neigh with happiness.



Glass Butterfly Wine Bottle Stopper

If you’re looking for a colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching wine stopper, this Glass Butterfly design by PrestigeHaus may be your perfect match. This unique wine stopper comes with a built-in LED light that beautifully illuminates the butterfly-shaped glass ornament.

We love that each butterfly-silhouette is hand-made by expert glass artisans, meaning no piece is identical. This means that you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind design, though still with the same shape and aesthetics as the item pictured of course.

The bottom part of the PrestigeHaus stopper is also made of quality metal with a rubber gasket, ensuring an airtight seal.

For the price listed, you really can’t deny this is a great value-for-money buy. Normally, artisan and hand-crafted wine accessories will set you back a pretty penny, but this delicate butterfly won’t make your wallet flutter away in panic.

Affordable AND one-of-a-kind: it’s a real steal if you like this type of decorative style.


Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper Set

Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper by LouisChoice, Cute, Fun, Decorative (Assorted Color, Set of 6)
208 Reviews
Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper by LouisChoice, Cute, Fun, Decorative (Assorted Color, Set of 6)
  • Ideal wine accessories, replacement for wine cork. Great set as wine stopper gift.
The Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper Set includes 6 unique wine stoppers. The set is one of the most highly-rated choices in wine stoppers, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. And that’s no surprise, as the Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper Set combines excellent functionality, with super cute aesthetics.

When you order this set, you’ll receive the same wine stopper silhouette in 6 different, vivid colors. The plug itself is made of smooth, flexible silicone: easy to insert, easy to rinse, and perfect for creating an airtight seal. The top part of the silhouette features a cute bird-shaped detail.

We love that the topper is quite compact, making it easier to place bottles in the fridge when inserted. Unlike other, larger toppers, that sometimes can be a bit of a hassle if you want to keep your wines chilled.

The Little Bird Wine Bottle Stoppers by LouisChoice fit most regular-sized wine bottles and come with a very budget price-tag, making their cute appeal and airtight seal affordable to all.



SILIVO Sunflower Wine Stopper

Wine Stoppers, SILIVO Silicone Bottle Stopper Sunflower Shape Wine Plug for Champagne, Beverage, Beer, Wine Saver (3 PCS)
70 Reviews
Wine Stoppers, SILIVO Silicone Bottle Stopper Sunflower Shape Wine Plug for Champagne, Beverage, Beer, Wine Saver (3 PCS)
  • The wine stoppers prevent leaks and oxidation of the wine, creates a sealed space to keeps wine fresh.
The SILIVO Sunflower Set contains 3 multi-purpose stoppers that fit bottles with a diameter within 0.65-0.9 inches. This means that not only do they create an airtight seal on regular wines, but it can also preserve your champagne and sparkling labels.

The very affordable stopper set includes 3 differently colored designs, all with a cute flower-shape at the top of the silhouette. Each stopper is made of premium, food-grade silicone. This makes them FDA-approved, easy to clean, and durable for long-term usage.

Even better: you don’t even need to wash them by hand, as their quality silicone material is also fully dishwasher-proof.

This cute 3-piece set by SILIVO is cheap, cheerful, and get the job done: preventing your bottles from spoiling, allowing your wine pleasure to blossom!



GODINGER Airplane Bottle Stopper

GODINGER SILVER ART Airplane Bottle Stopper
59 Reviews
The GODINGER Airplane Bottle Stopper is an original find for wine enthusiasts that love to travel. The quality design allows your wine preservation to truly take flight, preventing your vino from oxidation and spoiling.

This unique bottle stopper features a detailed airplane silhouette, attached to a solid plug with a sturdy rubber gasket. The airplane top part of the stopper is made of nickel plate, ensuring it doesn’t tarnish or love its shine.

According to consumer ratings, the propeller on the front of the plane also spins (even before you’ve drunk all the wine), adding another fun dimension to its decorative appeal.

Express your love for traveling and exploring with this fancy GODINGER Airplane Bottle Stopper. It also makes a great gift for your adventurous friends, or perhaps a loved one that works in aviation; keeping wines fresh, ready for take-off.



STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Sealer

Fred STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper
292 Reviews
Fred STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper
  • Fred and friends stop kitty is a hilarious wine bottle preserver; preserves left over wine for next time
If you love cats, we’re pretty sure you’ll like the STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Sealer by Fred & Friends. This humorous bottle stopper is a fun choice for all the crazy cat ladies (and men) out there. It keeps your wine fresh, plus adds the laughs to any dinner party or get-together with friends.

The design features the curved silhouette of a cat. When inserted, it looks like the cat is sipping your wine, with its head stuck down the bottle. Or, as the manufacturer says, “Kitty has a way of getting into everything, even the cabernet.”

This unique wine bottle stopper is not just funny, but also functional. Made of quality, food-grade silicone, it ensures an airtight seal and is easy to insert, remove, and clean.

The STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Sealer has big gift-appeal for all cat enthusiasts and will be an instant conversation-starter at any festive occasion. Keep your wine ‘purrrfectly’ fresh and order yours today!



Star Wars Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper

Star Wars fans pay attention: there is actually a Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper available. Yes, we do realize this design might be a bit geeky for the average wine drinkers, but for Star Wars enthusiasts it’s simply a must-have.

This unique wine stopper features an intricately molded top; perfectly resembling the famous Death Star battle station. It’s beautifully detailed and is ideal for adding a bit of geek chic to your drinking sessions.

The Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper is made of quality aluminum and comes with a rubber gasket to create an airtight seal. It’s compatible with most regular-sized (750ml) wine bottles, easy to insert, and easy to clean.

We like that though this stopper looks like an expensive collector’s item, it’s actually very reasonably priced; ideal as a budget gift-idea for the Jedi or Yoda in your life. Indulge them with this nerdy must-have, and ‘May the wine be with you!’


The Owltoppers Bottle Stoppers Set

184 Reviews
  • BEST WINE BOTTLE STOPPERS SET ON AMAZON...HERE'S WHY ---> . The only custom stoppers that are twice the size & three times the weight of everything else! Two sizes ensuring that perfect fit! For less than the cost of a night out, perfectly seal your wine, sparkling juice, champagne, oil, vinegar, & soda.
The Owltoppers Bottle Stoppers Set is one of the most versatile choices on this unique wine stoppers list. The set includes 4 stoppers: 2 x small-medium, and 2 x medium-large. This means that you can mix and match to your heart’s delight: with the right dimension opener for nearly every kind of bottle.

These toppers all feature an adorable owl-silhouette detailing. You’ll receive 4 different colors in each pack: ‘dining room red’, ‘decadent purple’, ‘peacock blue’, and ‘olive green’.

Now, we don’t know how much wine the makers had to drink when they named these colors (‘dining room red’ – really?) but we can assure you: their weird color definitions is the only thing slightly funky about these toppers…

We can’t really fault them on anything else. The Owltoppers Bottle Stoppers Set is simply an excellent choice for everyday wine accessories. It’s made of premium, hygienic silicone and even comes with a 60-Day Manufacturer Guarantee.

This guarantee means that if you’re not satisfied with your owls, you can simply request a full refund, no questions asked. This shows that the makers stand firmly behind the authenticity and functionality of the wine stopper design, and ensures you’ll receive a genuine product that adheres to high-quality standards. And if not: return it and get your money back, it’s a risk-free buy.



Peacock Wine Bottle Stopper by CLYDD

Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper and Preserver with Peacock Novelty Design Party Gift (Green)
8 Reviews
The pretty Peacock Wine Bottle Stopper might look like a delicate glass ornament, but this quality design is actually made of flexible silicone. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking or cracking it, even when you might be a bit wobbly after a night of wine fun.

We really like the elaborate peacock-detailing, where each feather is well-defined. This detail makes the stopper look, and feel, a lot more expensive than its actual, budget pricing. The chic peacock is designed to fit standard-sized wine bottles (750ml) and ensures a firm, airtight seal to keep vino tasting fresh, longer.

The swanky Peacock Wine Bottle Stopper by CLYDD is also available in 5 different colors: Green, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Allowing you to pick the one that matches your style/decor best.



Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper

Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper, Copper
9 Reviews
Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper, Copper
  • Easy to push in and remove from bottles
The Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper is a futuristic-looking choice to keep your wine fresh, longer. The minimalistic stopper has a coned, streamlined silhouette: perfect for wine drinkers that love contemporary style.

This sleek wine stopper fits nearly all regular-sized wine bottles and is easy to insert by simply pushing it down a bottleneck. The bottom part of the Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper is made of rubber, to help create an airtight, secure seal. The top part of this modern design has a beautiful copper sheen and is made of brass, ensuring it doesn’t tarnish and retains its shine.

Designer appeal


We love the simple, modern appeal of this unique wine stoppers option. Its stylish aesthetics make it look like a designer-piece. None of your dinner guests or friends will suspect you bought it for a few bucks online…

Though, we’ll admit: whenever we score a cheap deal that looks expensive, the first thing we do is enthuse about it to others. When they say “That stopper looks fancy,” our instant response is, “IT WAS ONLY TEN DOLLARS”. So, you can either impress your friends with the illusion of high-end taste or impress than with your amazing eye for a great deal. But this beautiful wine stopper by Cork Pops is a steal regardless!

Another bonus is that the Cork Pops Royal Bottle Stopper comes in a ‘lovely gift box’ according to the manufacturer, which would mean it’s instantly ready-to-gift to your design-loving friends.

Stylish, cheap, and functional: it’s a minimalistic stopper with maximum value!


Corki Wine Beverage Bottle Stopper

TrueZoo 4179 Corki Bottle Stopper, 2.85', Orange
219 Reviews
TrueZoo 4179 Corki Bottle Stopper, 2.85", Orange
  • AIR-TIGHT SEAL to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine.
As we’ve already included a unique wine stopper for cat lovers on this list, we couldn’t complete it without a design for dog lovers. The Corki Wine Beverage Bottle Stopper by True is a fun, functional, and affordable wine preserver for all pooch enthusiasts.

This bottle stopper is fully made of food-grade silicone: flexible for easy insertion, dishwasher-safe, and durable for long-term enjoyment. The silhouette is that of a Corgi dog; the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth.

The mid-section of the Corgi features a ribbed detailing that helps create an airtight seal, whilst its paws dangle over the bottleneck’s edge.

This affordable, and adorable, corgi-inspired design also makes an original gift; and ensures you’ll never make the ‘faux paw’ of letting your wine spoil or go sour again!


Sir Perky Wine Bottle Stopper

Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper
440 Reviews
Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper
  • Great for a party or a hilarious gift
We know this wine stopper might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or should we say ‘vino’), but we had to include the Sir Perky Wine Bottle Stopper on this list. Why? Because it’s actually one of the best-selling wine stoppers with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Yes, it might be more suited as a novelty gift than an everyday wine stopper – but you can’t deny Sir Perky is certainly unique!

This wine stopper is also happy to stop your wine from spoiling. The humorous silhouette is made of quality plastic, with two rubber rings around Perky’s naughty bits. When you want to create an airtight seal, simply put Sir Perky to work and insert his stopper into the bottle.

The design is also freestanding, meaning that when not in use, you can still display his prowess to your dinner or party guests.

The Sir Perky Wine Bottle Stopper makes a cheeky gift-idea to the wine lover in your life and will certainly get the conversation started. It’s certainly not the best, or highest quality, wine stopper on this list, but definitely one of the most entertaining.

Though, a word of warning: ‘Only use Happy Man for intended purposes only’, the manufacturer states. We wonder if they added that out of a negative consumer complaint, or as a precaution…






You can never have enough unique wine stoppers, as these designs are a fun way to accessorize your bottles, whilst preserving the quality of your vino. We can’t really determine which stopper is best for you, as it all depends on your style, budget, and needs.

However, if we had to pick a personal favorite, we’d have to include the Kate Aspen Geode Bottle Stopper because of its brilliant sparkle, and the Little Bird Wine Bottle Stopper Set for its outstanding value. But, you can’t really go wrong with any of these affordable, fun, and decorative designs!